Getting Over the Adversity

Everyone goes through something. Some face more challenges than others. What we go through could either make us stronger or could take a lot out of us. We will shed those tears and we may allow doubt to make its way in but we shouldn’t allow it to have a permanent residence. Although we must face trials. Trials are meant to teach us something and we should go through them with stride. Just because we weep that doesn’t mean that we’re weak.

It takes a lot of strength to endure a lot of the things we have to endure in this world. We’ll come in contact with people who will teach us lessons and they’ll even cheer us on. We shouldn’t forget those people who help us along the way. We shouldn’t forget those who add value to our lives. Everyone needs help and for those who think that they don’t. They will soon find out that they’re wrong.

“Encouragement” helps us get through those tough times. Even if there’s only one person to encourage us to do better. That makes a world of difference but we shouldn’t refrain from encouraging ourselves. We should be our biggest fans. It’s not easy dealing with the situations and circumstances that’s handed to us but we’re able to come through them. We can stand up tall and claim “survivor.” Surviving is the most rewarded experience.

Some people suffer tragedy after tragedy and they show strength by continuing to tell their story. We end up further when we go through those complexities. When we face those long days, we should be thankful for them, those days add something that we really need. We can rise above it all but we must have the mindset to do so. Sometimes we have a pity party. The Why me syndrome. That could cause us to suffer a decline if we don’t quickly release it from our thoughts.

Making progress is something we should want. Being able to get over those things that have created setbacks for us is truly a blessing. Forgiving those who have hurt us deeply will release a lot of pressure off our hearts and minds. Taking steps to get to the next level is apart of the process. I’ve cried many nights and worry invaded my territory but I’m getting better. The more I pray the better it gets. Don’t despair when you have to face adversity. Adversity builds us up. Take it and allow it to create a better you.

“Allow Adversity to Build and Create a new you”

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Focus on the Things That Will Lead you to Your Destination

There will be times of trouble and there’s no getting around that but we can get through it quicker by the way we handle the troubles. Many of us have chosen to do something out of the norm and when that happens people won’t understand it and they may give you a bit of trouble for it. That falls in align with adversity. It won’t come easy but if we keep on minds on the things that won’t lead us to where we need to be then we will stay in the same position. We should want to move forward, move higher, we should want to focus on greatness.

Sometimes we’ll have people around us who are in no position to encourage us because they’re not confident themselves. We shouldn’t allow what they say or do to stop us from traveling on the path that will build us. Some people will be very persistent and they will try to knock you down again and again. They can only achieve their goals to stop you if you allow them to do so. If they’re unwilling to support you then put them to the side. Yes, that’s right, you don’t have to give your attention to those who won’t help you get to where you should be.

Sometimes we put our thoughts on things that will harm us instead of helping us. We become distracted with what others think we should receive or not receive. It’s not up to people what we will have.It’s up to God so they can say and do whatever they want to do. Don’t allow it to get you rattled up. If we place positive thoughts in our mind then we won’t constantly focus on those negative things that arrive at our door. A negative situation can turn into a positive situation but we must believe that it can occur.

People will try to discourage. They will test you to see if you will give up. It’s better to prove them wrong then to prove them right. Most people try to discourage people from following their dreams because they’re afraid to do so. It’s best to limit your time with people like that. We should encourage one another. Although we won’t always feel good or feel positive. We shouldn’t stay in a bad mood or feeling defeated. Focus on the good that will help you become a better person.It will help you to arrive to a position of “greatness.” We all have the abilities to do great things but unfortunately not everyone will take the opportunities to achieve it.

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On to the Next one

We can do lots of things at the same time. As long as it doesn’t burn us out then we should accomplish as many “goals” as we can. Some may be afraid to attempt goals because they fear that they’ll be unable to complete them and in their minds they believe they will be defeated. If you start start something you won’t knew what you can accomplish. Don’t listen to people who try to stop you for completing goals and following your passion. They will try to do that because they’re afraid to make efforts to their dreams.

Sometimes you have to learn the hard way. Oh yes, you may be excited about your ideas, you may want to tell the world but wait a minuet. The world won’t be happy that you’re trying to be “creative.” Oh no, a lot of people want to see you fail, not everyone enjoys watching people “shine.” Sad but true. You can’t tell all your moves because there’s always someone waiting to steal them. You will learn how to be silent and just do your thing. “make it Happen without having to give away all the secrets.

Never give up and in. It may take longer than you expected it to but as long as you’re moving in the right direction that’s what matters. Trying to get multiple things done won’t be easy but it can be done. Just remember that everything can’t be revealed. You will have to hide something and you’ll know which ones you have to hide them from. Your goals won’t be pleasing to everyone and that’s alright. Keep up with the creativity and enjoy the journey.

A lot of people decided to give up on their dreams because they were impatient. You have to be patient when traveling on a long road. It won’t happen overnight but keep going. You don’t have to stop pursuing whatever it is you want to pursue. There will be chatter, laughs, and insults but that doesn’t matter. What truly matters is doing what you love and making the best of it.

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