Still Blessed in it all

Don’t worry about the storms, the chaos around you, and who’s trying to do what. We can find calmness through our thoughts. We can generate peace where there seems as if there’s none in the atmosphere. We can smile and make someone’s day. Even when trouble finds us. We can still say, “I am blessed,” that’s right. There’s no need to sit in a corner with our heads hanging down.

There’s too much to live for. There’s good in every bad situation. There’s peace even when there’s noise surrounding us. It doesn’t matter what people say, what they do, and what they want to do. God has the final say. We should ferl good about giving and encouraging others to do better. Be hopeful and be happy. Consider ourselves blessed because there’s people going through something awful. Think about mother’s who have to hold tgeir dying child in their arms. If you’re in a position to help someone then do it.

We may complain about the smalkest things and not consider ourselves blessed. If you have a bed to lay in and water to drink and bathe in tgen you’re blessed. There’s people who would love to have a clean cup of water. When people come up against you consider yourself blessed. May soubd strange but if you didn’t have something within you. They wouldn’t bother. Greatness can either draw people together or it can make them irritated. Envy exist.

Call yourself “Blessed” because there’s favor. We can do some remarkable things. We have to believe that we can accomplish a lot of things through “faith.” It’s all good. Those troubles will leave and even through troubled times. We can bless someone. Through the chaos and the tirbulance be blessed. Be cheetful givers. Someone needs you today. We can make this world a better place. Believe and be blessed.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially