Family Events and More

It’s a blessing to be able to have a grand old time with the family. We really enjoyed dinner at the Golden Corral. The food was about a 7 out of 10. The service was excellent and the wait wasn’t long at all. Mom, Dad, and kids enjoyed hanging out with one another. Of course my second oldest was intuned with his phone conversation.

There was plenty to choose from and the atmosphere was a pleasant one. It felt great to have all the kids there and doung family things. They were a didn’t want to take pictures at first but then quickly pepped up. We had to get it right and I’m glad they were patient. I suppose they wanted to make me happy and it brought a “smile” to my face. We spent a good amount of time in the restaurant.

We should try our best to be with our loved ones. We never know what tomorrow holds. We may go through ups and downs but there’s lots of “love” there. It felt good for all of us to get out and see the Christmas decorations in so many areas. There’s not too many homes around here with the Christmas setup. I think it’s because the neighbors are older and it would be difficult for them to put up the decorations.

We just have to keep praying and be hopeful. If yesterday was filled with pain. We must make today better. We will go through the storm but if we believe then a “breakthrough” will occur. Love one another and shed some tears. Crying doesn’t make us weak in fact, some of the strongest people let it all out, crying is a release. Enjoy the upcoming holidays with your family and don’t forget to tell them that you love them. Everybody needs love no matter how they put on. Have a blessed Christmas.

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Enjoy the Quiet Time

When you’ve heard so much noise. You will want to appreciate the quietness. It’s good to enjoy what life offers. There’s so much to see and so many things to do. It’s a blessing to be able to enjoy that “family time.” Having the second oldest home and hanging out with his brothers is such a “joy” to witness. They’re happy he’s home on break. We all our. He’s trying to relax a bit and he certainly deserves it. Taking the time to breath in and out. Sometimes you have to go in “silent mode.” It can be a bit irritating having to deal with chaos and noise.

We’re chilling out for now. Perhaps watch a good movie later and see what happens after that. We did get to laugh a play around a bit. Spent time with the “King.” The road may be rough but when there’s a whole lot of time invested. It’s best to see what kinks can be eliminated. There will be those days when you don’t feel like saying too much but that doesn’t mean that one is in a bad mood. It’s just that we all need some downtime. Who doesn’t want to enjoy that “quiet time?” I certainly can appreciate and I thank God for it.

This would’ve been a good day for a movie but watching one on television will do. I’m thankful for the communication that took place and decisions to try to improve things a but. A little reading later on. Getting some of that word in me. That will help bring things to where they need to be. There’s nothing wrong with sharing our “testimonies” but sometimes we just want stand on the other side of the crowd. We’ll especially feel that way when there’s been a whole lot of head banging.

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He’s Coming Home

On the way. It’s his break from school and it’s time to get more business done. He will relax but he has a lot of things to take care. Soon there will be another in college. Time sure flies. I was so excited to see my second oldest. He certainly transformed. He has more hair on his head and more facial.

He deserves to have a break. All of that studying and being trapped in a dorm. He needs a change of scenery. I wonder how long it will take for him to meet up with his friends.? There should be those downtimes. He has a pretty long break. We will see what other business venture we can get a hold of.

I wonder how his brothers will react when they see him. I just can’t believe how much he’s matured. They can’t stay small forever but I must admit that it’s nice seeing him blossom more and more. The ride up was quick and we’re doing a bit of sightseeing. It makes a difference to hash out differences with a loved one and continue to get things done.

I think so many of us are under stress and we haven’t handled it very well. That happens but once we get back on track. It’s all good. It feels good when we hear that our children are making a difference or trying to improve. Of course not all of them will give their best but they still have time to improve. I pray that my younger ones will get back on task.

Hopefully another “breakthrough” will occur. I pray it will. We can use all the “hope” we can get. We shouldn’t feel hopeless but there will be times that we just want to scream. That’s another story.

It’s a rewarding feeling seeing so many young African American men going to college and trying to get ahead. We need more trying to pave the way. There’s so many out there feeling lost. We need to find effective ways to bring them to where they need to be.

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Time can Slip Away

If we’re not careful, time can get from other us, we could miss out on some big opportunities. We’re not living if we’re not enjoying our loved ones, those who mean so much to us, and if we’re not enjoying the scenery. We should cherish the ones who stand by us no matter what. Those who stay near us even when there’s fire. We’ve wasted time. I’m sure everyone has wasted precious time. That time that is gone forever but there’s the right now time. Time to do something that can change our lives for the better.

We may waste time thinking about things that really aren’t important. Wasted time on arguments that should’ve and could’ve been avoided. All that wasted time is gone, it could have been used to love, to make a difference. As long as there’s breathe in our bodies then there’s time to say something, do something, even if it means blinking our eyes. Just because we’ve lost time. That doesn’t mean that we’re defeated.

Time won’t stand still and we shouldn’t stand still either. A lot of people have stopped or haven’t started living their dreams because they’re afraid of time. How many times have we put off things because we’ve said, “I can can do it later,” and find out that later never comes? The later turned into forgetting about it. That tasks never received completion. Wasting time can be devastating.

Time belongs to each and everyone of us. We could choose to use it wisely or we could give it away. Giving it away can hinder us but it doesn’t mean that it will stop us. Enjoy time on this earth. Enjoy the sun, the rain, the moon and the stars. time is so precious and so many have lost it for good. We should appreciate every second, minute, and hour. Time won’t wait for us so we have to cherish it and thank God for our time. We never know when our time will be up. Hold that loved one tight. Savor the time.

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Chilling With the Family Watching Football

We should appreciate family time. Times sitting, laughing, and watching some good old football. What a blessing. The boys going back and forth about who has the best team. If I’m rooting for Miami and my other son thinks Florida is the best. Florida Gators that is. What does he know? It’s nice to sit and relax, it creates bonding, Another win for the “U.” Oh yes. The youngest wants to talk nonstop.

We won, and that’s all that matters, we’re on a roll. Football takes the load off. Coach Scott seems do being a pretty good job. He’s filling in until they find a permanent replacement since Coach al. Golden’s firing. What’s next for today? Hmmm. Don’t know but the University of Miami should be happy with another win.

One of my son’s is saying, “Bye Felicia.” I don’t if anyone remembers that line from Friday.It appears to be late but it’s really not. Perhaps we’ll find a good movie to watch. I suppose that movie will come later because the Clemson game is on. Family time shouldn’t be taken lightly. There has to be a set time to spend time with one another. It seems as if our lives are filled with being busy.

Saturdays are a time to relax, although it was really set up for Church, until it was changed to Sundays. We try to spend that quality time and get some laighs in. My youngest son seems to think he’s a comedian so he has to put on a show. This is the times we get the chance to view what colleges have to offer. It makes sense, college football should equal advertising the academics, well enjoyed. Soon another one will be going off to college. Unbelievable but thank God for that. Well, some more talk because a touchdown occured. Of course I’m not so into this game. Clemson and Florida State but a Florida team is playing. Too nthe “U” game is over.

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