The Tests, Trials, and Adversity

We can not avoid trials or adversity. Everyone goes through something. Whatever you’re going through always remember that others are through more than you’re going through. As we look around us. We should be thankful for open our eyes each day. Our faith will be tested. We will be tested in every area. The more we go tbrough the more we’ll learn how to deal with those trials.

When we go through we should consider the benefits. Looking at the bad will only make us feel sad. We should look at the growth. Each trial will offer us something that we need. We may not see it at first but once we’ve been through numerous trials. We will develop the way we’re suppose to. Some may become angry because certain things to have to endure. That’s because they’re without understanding. Once we understand those tests, trials, and adversity will become easier to deal with. So when they come rolling in. Think about how you’ll get through them. We can “overcome.” We have to put our minds in a place where we’re able to withstand those things that will challenge us. Unfortunately life will have bumps, in fact there will be many bumps, once we understand that we will find ourselves handling situations better.

How do you handle adversity?

Adversity can creep in at anytime. Sometimes we can see it coming and other times we can not. Whether we know that adversity will meet us today or tomorrow. We should accept it and find a way to get through it. There’s always a way. We shouldn’t feel despaired because adversity doesn’t have to be handled alone. It’s up to us how we want to deal with the adversity and if we want or need to deal with it alone. Sometimes a test is thrown our way to see if we will pass or not. Even if we fail a test. We shouldn’t be bent out of shape about it. We will face numerous tests and each time there’s opportunities for development. Be thankful because those tests, trials, and adversity will offer a life filled with substance.

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How to get Ahead

Anyone who’s ever tried to do something out of the norm knows the difficulties that can enter into their life goals. We can find ourselves feeling a bit worn out due to resistance from those who aren’t too pleased with the path we’ve chosen to take. We simply have to find ways that will work for us. If we don’t then we won’t be able to accomplish any goals.

The resistance will come. It doesn’t matter who you are. We have to go around it. If one way didn’t work then try the other way. The best way to get ahead is to remove toxicity. Toxins will create havoc and will slow one down tremendously. Blocking out the negatives is necessary. Our productivity will be lowered if we’re focused on the negatives.

We have to put in maximum effort and avoid those things that won’t help us elevate. If we stick to those things then we will make some headway. It really doesn’t matter who wants us to stop what we’re doing. We shouldn’t give in to it. We can’t expect growth to occur when we listen to naysayers. We will be challenged and we have the capability to “overcome” those challenges.

Our mindsets have to change. Thinking about positive events will help us stay focused so that we can elevate. Sometimes we’ll need to shut off everything but the lights and whatever source we’re using to work with. There will be times where we are extremely productive and there will be other times when we’re not as productive.

The key is to keep moving as some may say, “grinding.” We can’t allow the worldly things to prevent us from creating a future for our families. Getting ahead means putting somethings aside or away. We will have to let some people off the train. For those who are willing to assist us. We should keep them aboard. Whatever we decide. We should make sure that it’s something that will offer us “growth.”

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Make it Happen Despite the Twists and Turns

Life will challenge you. There will be times where you’ll have to push a little harder. No matter how hard things seem don’t feel defeated. Our thoughts may try to dicourage us from meeting our full potential. The ups and downs will come along and the ins and outs. We will have to duck and sometimes dodge.

The harder it is the more accomplished we’ll be. We must face the hardships but with determination we can get through them. Strength is generated through continuous action. When we’re in the war zone. We need to think of ways of coming out of it in one piece. Our abilities are great. Sometimes we become a bit fearful when we hit with lots of challenges at one time. If we don’t go through the mess then we won’t grow the way that we should.

We can surpass the hard stuff. We can overcome the negatives. Some will tell us that we’re not capable of doing this task or that task because they refused to withstand it. Be bold and jump over those hurdles. We’re built strong but because we allow our minds to get the best of us. We end up slipping. There’s nothing that we can not bare. We may think that we won’t do well with the challenges that come before us.

Don’t settle for anything less than excellent. If we don’t face adversity then we won’t reach excellence. Everyone won’t go through the same obstacles. We’re different and we’ll start different we may finish in different manner. Whatever we face, we’re built to face it, we shouldn’t feel as if we won’t come through it. There may be some scrapes and bruises but they will heal. Our mindset will determine whether we come through it like soilders. The troubles are somewhere waiting but we have the armor to defeat troubles. Be brave and get through it somehow.

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Just Hold on and it Shall Pass

One of my sons received a message from one of his friends stating how he wanted to commit suicide. I was shocked as well as my son. He received the message late but was able to speak with a school official and help arrived for the young man. Thank God. We never know what someone is going through and it doesn’t help when people come in contact with cruel people. We should consider others. No matter what we go through. It will pass but we must have “faith” that it will.

Everyone goes through something. The days won’t always be filled with sunshine. It gets tough but we must remain hopeful. We’ll shed tears, we’ll become upset, with all the emotions that may plague us. We’re able to pass through it. At some point we will need someone yo hold our hand. We may need some embracing but we can heal from whatever troubles us.

Day by day and hour by hour the unsettling situations can cease. As long as we’re here we will face adversity. As we grow we will learn how to deal with it better. If you’re in a position to listen, to assist, and to give then do so. Someone needs to hear our comforting words. Someone may need a hug. We will want someone to be there for us so we should be there for others.

There’s hurt, pain, and despair and someone is feeling one of those emotions right now. We can reach out our hand and help someone in need. Someone somewhere is suffering deeply and needs to hear some kind words. We have so much going on and we also need some comfort. There’s the pressures in the world that may enter our minds and our homes. We need an embrace and care. Everyone wants to feel appreciated and loved. Love yourself and love others.

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Getting Over the Adversity

Everyone goes through something. Some face more challenges than others. What we go through could either make us stronger or could take a lot out of us. We will shed those tears and we may allow doubt to make its way in but we shouldn’t allow it to have a permanent residence. Although we must face trials. Trials are meant to teach us something and we should go through them with stride. Just because we weep that doesn’t mean that we’re weak.

It takes a lot of strength to endure a lot of the things we have to endure in this world. We’ll come in contact with people who will teach us lessons and they’ll even cheer us on. We shouldn’t forget those people who help us along the way. We shouldn’t forget those who add value to our lives. Everyone needs help and for those who think that they don’t. They will soon find out that they’re wrong.

“Encouragement” helps us get through those tough times. Even if there’s only one person to encourage us to do better. That makes a world of difference but we shouldn’t refrain from encouraging ourselves. We should be our biggest fans. It’s not easy dealing with the situations and circumstances that’s handed to us but we’re able to come through them. We can stand up tall and claim “survivor.” Surviving is the most rewarded experience.

Some people suffer tragedy after tragedy and they show strength by continuing to tell their story. We end up further when we go through those complexities. When we face those long days, we should be thankful for them, those days add something that we really need. We can rise above it all but we must have the mindset to do so. Sometimes we have a pity party. The Why me syndrome. That could cause us to suffer a decline if we don’t quickly release it from our thoughts.

Making progress is something we should want. Being able to get over those things that have created setbacks for us is truly a blessing. Forgiving those who have hurt us deeply will release a lot of pressure off our hearts and minds. Taking steps to get to the next level is apart of the process. I’ve cried many nights and worry invaded my territory but I’m getting better. The more I pray the better it gets. Don’t despair when you have to face adversity. Adversity builds us up. Take it and allow it to create a better you.

“Allow Adversity to Build and Create a new you”

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The Full Armor is Needed

Prayer helps and it is our protection. We face battles that we can’t fight alone. The only way to win the battle is to “put on the full armor of God.” He will lead the way but we must also follow Christ. There’s attacks againsr anyone who believes in God and Jesus. Satan isn’t pleased when we’re happy.

He wants us depressed, angry, and hopeless. When we get deeper in the word. Satan will send his adversaries to attack us more. The battle isn’t easy but we shouldn’t stop praying and believing that Jesus loves us and will walk with us every step of the way.

When the attacks come. We should pray harder. Sometimes we will go into seclusion for long periods of time. Our minds should be focused on the word of God. We live in a world filled with dysfunctions. Everyday we hear about horrific stories. People are suffering from mental illness which Jesus can cure but we must allow him in. Depression continues to rise because that’s what Satan wants.

If we stray away from the word then we will become weak and that when we’re vulnerable to a sinful nature. Each day should be filled with the word of God. Deep meditation on the Lord is necessary. We can not defeat Satan on our own. We’re not fighting against flesh and blood but against principalities.

There will be times where our minds will want to take us away from prayer but we shouldn’t allow it. Satan attacks those who work for God. He doesn’t need to attack those who are on his side. When we face all sorts of attacks. We need to pray and pray some more. Our prayer life is our protection.

Don’t be afraid when you’re attacked. As long as you believe God and Jesus and put on that armor. You will overcome it. There’s hope even when we go through trial after trial. God conquers so there’s no need to worry.

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Give it Your Best Shot

The going gets tough but that doesn’t mean that you should stop pursuing your aspirations. We shouldn’t give up and in when we’re challenged. If a break is needed then take it but you wouldn’t be satisfied if you gave up. We all have to go through something. Sometimes we’re hit with force. That could have something to do with needing to become fierce.

Are strength is built through adversity. We learn better problem solving. It doesn’t how hard you’re hit. You should get back up and do it again. Make improvements while traveling the journey. It’s a live in a learn situation. Be determined even when you’re challenged.

Who hasn’t been challenged? We all have at some point. Some of us may face continuous challenges but we learn how to dissect them. Sometimes you have to uplift yourself and tell yourself that you’re capable of completing those goals. Not everyone will have the support system that will encourage  us to aim higher.

Don’t feel despaired when you have to face difficulties when you’re trying to accomplish something. Easy won’t produce growth but the toughness will. We have to be challenged in order to learn what we need to learn and to make our way to greatness.

Be encouraged and keep moving. There’s always someone wants to see us “succeed.” There’s also those who would rather see us fail. Not everyone will want see you aim high but not shouldn’t stop you from doing so. If you’re being pulled down then find a way to climb back up.

Challenges shouldn’t prevent you from doing what you love. They are there to help you advance. We’re all capable of living our dreams but we have to be prepared to come across some rough spots. If we think we won’t face problems while pursuing our dreams then we’ve fooling ourselves.

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We can Avoid Somethings

Somethings are avoidable while others are not. Somethings we should avoid and others we need to face head on. Everything that seems damaging isn’t. Some issues are presented to build us. Mold us and etc. We need to face those life builders. They could be very beneficial when traveling on our journey.

Of course we may not want to take it all in but we need that toughness without we caold crumble. One area could be more challenging than another but we must accept the challenges. Life is filled with them and when you’re traveling on your journey. You will definitely have to deal with them.

Avoidance is necessary sometimes but it isn’t all bad if we didn’t avoid certain situations. Some of those challenges are lessons we need to learn in order to advance to the next level. We’re not effective until we learn whatever it is we need to learn. Sometimes this will occur right away and other times it will take longer.

It’s alright if we don’t get it at first. That happens. Getting it at some point is what really matters. We can’t declare ourselves as stupid if we didn’t pick on a lesson or two. That’s why we’re constantly learning. Some are too afraid to face certain challenges and it would be difficult to earn that way.

We all have to go through something in order to get somewhere. There’s no easy roads but there’s some beautiful moments that can be apart of a story. The difficulties could help others get to where you’ve already traveled. It could encourage some to face the adversity and become a better person and a “survivor.” We’ve all survived something. We can’t live in this world without troubles.

The difficult roads are paved in order to develop something greater. Bigger and brighter than before. The light becomes brighter every time we pass a level. Yes, it’s hard, and in some instances thoughts of leaving it incomplete may enter. Quickly get rid of it so it doesn’t stay embedded in your mind.

“If you Want to get Better and Stronger Than you Will Need to Face Adversity.”  (Tiki33 T. Paulk)

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Challenges Generate Improvement

Could you imagine if we never faced challenges? We would probably stay in the same position, there would be no changes within us, and we would be miserable. Why? Because we wouldn’t be fulfilled. People are sent to us to challenge us. To motive us. We would slack off if no one or nothing challenged us.

Without struggles there would be no “growth.” There’s a lot of people who have been through the fire. Without that fire, they would stop moving, they would settle for less instead of “greatness.” We can’t go through life taking easy routes. Of course we need to take breaks but we shouldn’t ever consider giving up.

Sometimes you have to start from A to get to Z. There’s no silver spoons, no easy way outs, there’s challenges. We have to be brave and face them. Life is full of adversities. We may feel weary when facing challenge after challenge but that weariness wears off. When we think about how far we’ve come. We won’t mind being tired. Accomplishments don’t happen overnight or should I say, “greatness doesn’t happen over night,” it takes time. Sometimes we become disappointed because we expect things to happen right away. It doesn’t always work that way.

There’s always room for improvement. We may not want to hear others criticizing us but not all critics are uncaring people. Some are there to make sure we live up to our potential. If we didn’t have them then we would probably do the minimum. Why settle for less when we can have the best? We should be thankful for those challenges. They make us better.

Some people may want to give up and in because they’ve faced toughness. They may not consider that the challenges won’t last always. We will reach a destination. One must be willing to accept that the road won’t be easy but it will be worth it.

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