Are competitors Driving you Crazy?

No. Absolutely not because I’m not going to allow the competitors to get the best of me=Tanikka Paulk. Having to deal with the competition is difficult but there are so many ways to obtain the “peacefulness.” Competitors seem to be unable to compete properly. If a person is great at their craft then there won’t be any need to sabotage. Good competitors will know just how to compete. Imagine competition supplying falsehoods to the public. Claiming that their competition is or isn’t what they’ve claimed. Invaders, some competitors demonstrate insanity, why does some competitors go to extreme measures to harass their competition?

Some do so because they’re feeling inadequate or perhaps need help from the competition. Whatever the reasons are some competitors risk their freedom because they’ve indulged in insanely competition. Ignoring the competition could help but there are some so “determined” to agitate their competition that they’ll continue displaying aggressive behaviors. “Competition incurs risks and some competitors seem to be continuously demonstrating insanity.” (Tanikka Paulk).

There are some proving that their envious of their competition. They’ll either say or project the actions to alert to their competition that they’re envious. If they’re trying to pull down there the person is higher. If they can’t resist annoying their competition then the competition is above. I’ve faced many challenges related to competition. It seems as though there are some perceiving that they can defeat “love conquering.” They’ve “perceived” wrongly because what they thought isn’t so.

My skills have outweighed what they’ve perceived. The challenges have actually build strength. It seems as though there are so many feeling inadequate there should be more confidence related to their craft. The attitudes of so many have brought what appears to be disconnections amongst a race of People. “What will the competition try to do next?” by: Tanikka Paulk. They’ve done enough already but if they’re insane then they probably will try to use some other form of tactics. The weapon forms but won’t prosper. There should be completeness.

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“There is the Open Door to Success and Reaching the Heights.” By: Tanikka Paulk

My Movements are Continuing Through God’s Orders

God already designed my path and although mankind may try to disconnect the pathway. The Father of Jesus Christ will see that I’m continuing to reach goals in which incurs a destination. We may not be sure all of the time where we’ll land but if we’re determined enough then we’ll make headway. There is hope even when some may say there isn’t. There is joy in knowing that eventually there will be solutions and effects. “There’s the Cause and Effect and the Movements in Which so Many may Come up Against.” By: (Tanikka Paulk). What God Ordains Mankind can choose and have chosen to come up against. He’ll see that the journey is complete.

Too many believe that they’re so powerful that they’re able to stop what has been declared. God has all power meaning God the Father of Jesus Christ. Yes God will allow a lot of situations to occur just take a look at Job. Job had to overcome many challenges. Job remained faithful to God. No matter how Job was attacked Job prospered. What occurs can either make us stronger or weaker depending on the state of mind. So many think backwards and refuse to consider the good points. There should be victory when persons are trying to do good deeds. The main individuals who continue to try and discourage others from prospering are the ones who refused to go further.

There will come a time when the challenges will cease. They’ll recognize that there’s anointing occurring and the person or persons they’re trying  to come after is on the right path. Mankind can never do what God can do. Mankind was created by God. They’re busy thinking that they’re able to be above God. They’re line of thinking is so far off base. When the person or persons reach their destination some will want to be where the person or persons are. Not all should be apart of the journey. There are some who really need to be left behind. Of course we’ll face the competitors. Some are so determined to get their competition down that they’re refusing to think clearly and are running the risk of losing their freedom.

“There is freedom within the mind.” by: (Tanikka Paulk) To experience the joy of obtaining what can be used for good. There’s goodness when it may appear as if there’s lots of darkness. “When one has been lied on and criticized they’re in the process of further advancement.” (Tanikka Paulk). They’re not after the mediocre, it’s the ones who are headed so far up they’re trying to prevent from getting to their destination, there are some who to insist on controlling individuals lives. There will be light so therefore no person should feel hopelessness. There will be times when we;ll feel the fatigue but the rest can allow persons to proceed once again.

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Get up and Feel Alive

Another day allows us to improve on something. We have another opportunity to experience something we’ve never experienced. A bleak day can turn good. We have to believe thar life gets better. There’s no doubt that it’s rough but if we go through situations that are difficult we will generate strength as well as growth.

Sadness will come but it can be quickly wiped away. We should look towards the heavens and give thanks. There’s a lot to be “grateful” for. Some are here but they’re not really living. A gigantic smile could run those blues away or it could make someone’s day. When we put on some nice clothing we feel better. We don’t have to be consumed with all the pressures in the world.

We’re here for a reason. Another opportunity to tell our story and to “shine.” We don’t have to allow others to dim our light. With confidence we can be filled with life. We should live our own lives and do what makes us happy. A no could be a yes and a closed door can turn into an open one. Feel joy because we’re here to serve a purpose.

Even when the days seem rough. Those rough days could turn into some very good opportunities. We never know that’s why we should remain hopeful. Enjoy those precious moments with our children or someone dear. Life is given to us so that we can enjoy it. We may spend more time dragging around when we could’ve placed that energy into building.

There’s a reason why something did or did not happen. Even if things don’t seem to be going our way, that shouldn’tstop us from filling alive, we should keep moving forward and expect the great. There’s a chance to prosper when we’re given another day. We should think about something positive happening even when it seems negativity has made its way in our lives. Smile. It will be alright. Those troubles will fade. Believe it and live your purpose.

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