Envy Destroys Relationships

When envy presents itself, it can really create an end to any relationship, it can cause deep pain. If one chooses to be envious of another’s accomplishments or whatever they have in their lives then they risk losing whatever friendship or relationship there is. People who are envious will intentionally hurt the persons their envious of.

They either want what they have or they want them to stop shinning. Once a person displays that they have an envious nature then it’s best to eliminate time spent with them. Sometimes we may find that the people closest to us are the ones who display envious character. We may feel pain because we didn’t expect them to make us feel this way. The best thing to do when dealing with envy is to acknowledge that it exist but refuse to allow it in our space.

People who are envious will be on the attack. They may not be suited for friendship or if they’re a relative then one may have to distance themselves from their relatives. We don’t have to accept being attackedin anyway and we certainly don’t have to accept envious attacks.

It’s unfortunate when people can’t be happy for people who are trying to advance. It’s something we will have to deal with and understand that envious people exist. Just like evil exist. We may feel disappointined and sad when we come in contact with people who are envious towards us but time will allow healing.

We can choose to remain cordial with those individuals who chose to attack us but we don’t have to tolerate their behavior. Envy destroys and it disconnects. Some people may not ever stop being envious. Some may perceive their envious ways as being good but they are so wrong. Protect yourselves against envious people. They don’t deserve to be apart of your life. Instead of displaying envy. People should choose to display love.

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Envy Destroys

Have you ever came in contact with an envious person or people? They’re like a disease that has no cure. They cause pain, destruction, and they try to destroy those who they feel threatened by. It’s a shame because there’s some very talented people and they’ve allowed their talents to go to waste because they felt envious. Those who are filled with envy aren’t secure with themselves. If they were they would have no need to be envious of another they would “love” to see others grow.

Some may want to receive all the attention and when they feel that it’s not happening they will try to destroy people who they feel are receiving it. An envious person is controlled by that spirit and sometimes they may not even recognize what they’re doing and other times they’re so use to doing it. It becomes second nature to them. You may not know who’s envious of you at first but eventually it will come fourth. Once you recognize the envy, you can figure  out how to deal with it, sometimes family members will display this behavior. There’s nothing you can do about the family part but you can limit your time  with them or in some instances staying away from them will create better health for you.

If people just understood that we’re all placed here for a reason and there’s purpose within all of us. We can shine without trying to bring another down. It can be painful when you find out that the people who are suppose to be on board with you are the ones behind the scenes trying to wipe you out. They may use tactics that are hard to spot at first but they will reveal themselves. Your true friends are God and Jesus. They will never ever forsake us. They love us unconditionally.

Love is so important, without it hate will spill all over, that will cause more destruction that will affect lots of lives. Embrace people because you never know when you’ll need them. Forgive those who have done you wrong because if you don’t, it will eat you up inside, without love it would be hard to forgive. Forgiveness allows us to have peace within. That’s a beautiful thing. Allow love in your heart and enjoy the ride. envy has no place here.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commerically