What Should we Ignore

There’s nothing wrong with having fun but when it becomes a bit much then we should put it to the side. If something will delay us and it isn’t beneficial then we don’t need to deal with it. There’s things we should ignore. We can choose to ignore those things that aren’t important. If we have work to do then we certainly need to put play away.

Certain people should be on our “do not disturb” list. Some people get a kick out of wanting to pull our leg. Well, it’s up to us if we want to entertain it or not, of we decide we don’t then we can ignore their requests. Sometimes people need to take care of business and when it’s time to take care of business then we should. Not everything can be ignored.

Sometimes we’ll need to stop and deal with a few things but if something can wait then we may want to attend to it later. Sometimes some people may want to interrupt us for whatever reason. If we know that they just want some kicks they we can “ignore.” That’s what we have to do sometimes. There’s a time to be serious and when it’s that time. There’s no room for jiggling about.

It’s alright to tune some things out. If we need to concentrate on certain tasks then we don’t need any outside distractions. We certainly don’t need if we have deadlines to adhere to. When we have some free time then we can play around if we choose to do so. Ignoring something doesn’t mean that we won’t pick it up latet but if it can wait then let it wait. Sometimes we have to let people know that we need to complete our tasks. They should understand and if not then that’s too bad.

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Be careful When Entering


There’s nothing wrong with trying to help others but if one evades people’s lives. They better know what they’re doing. They could find themselves in a mess. Time is continuously wasted and perhaps on the wrong things. If we spend our lives concerned with what others are doing then we will miss out the things that will help us develop.

People seem to be more concerned with what goes on in other people’s lives and they’re missing our. Sometimes when we look for things we may Not find what we expected. People may dig up false information and run with it.It’s like the paparazzi working overtime but the paparazzi get paid.

There has to be more entertaining activities then people’s lives. Of course some may be amused about what is and what isn’t. I suppose that’s why celebrities go in hiding. Once the so call paparazzi is called. They never leave. They wait for something to happen, make it up, or perceive things that aren’t so. I suppose they feel that it’s their job.

Investigators are trained to seek information but people who have no clue who they’re seeking information on aren’t living. I certainly wouldn’t want to spend my life trying to find out what or what isn’t going on in someone else’s life. We only live on earth once and there’s better things to do.

The fact is we can’t control what people do. They will do what they’re trained to do. The irritating thing is when they bring court information. It can be totally false. Sometimes people feed off of drama and a little of it may bot be harmful. Too much of it can cause havoc in our lives.

For those of us who have difficulties staying out of the spotlight. Oh well there’s not much one can do but let them do what they feel they do best. Sometimes they can be quite helpful. Sometimes not so much.

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Be Honest With Promotion

Promoting your craft is very important and you want to make sure you do it right. If not, you could have a difficult time getting the attention that you need, don’t be deceptive. I’ve noticed that some are pretending to be producers in order to generate attention to their music. You need the exposure but you don’t want to gain it by pretending to produce work for established artists. That tactic won’t work.

Be creative and be yourself. People recognize the genuine in you. If you want to bring attention to your work then post it and place a catchy phrase next to it. You don’t have to go over the top but it should be bold. Try to refrain from being hardcore. A lot of profanity in your music could make music lovers run away from your music instead of helping you promote it.

Use aa many social networks as you can. You don’t have to stick to just one. If you expect people to “promote” your work then you should ask them to do so respectfully. Being disrespectful could cause them to look away. You could ruin your chances of getting your work promoted by others.

You never know who’sconnected to whom so becareful. There’s people out there that have a lot of good connections and they could help you gain the right exposure. Have fun promoting and connecting. Interact so that people can see that you have an interest in orders and that just yourself.

Don’t just sit back and allow others to promote your work, you should work just as hard, if not harder. You don’t have to overwhelm yourseld but you can’t be too laid back. Keep in mind that the more you interact. The more attention you’ll generate when it comes to your craft. Don’t hesitate to ask for help but avoid being pushy.

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Some Artists are Trying to Make a Come Back

The 90’s was an era of the “New Jack Swing.” Who can deny that music was on point back then? Anyone? Who can forget artist like Christopher Williams, Al. B. Sure, and El Debarge? They all have very unique sounds. Talented artist then and now. The music business can be very unpredictable. There will be the ups and the downs. Some artist went through whirlwinds and they’re “back on the block.” How many of you remember the sounds of Christopher Williams? Lets here something from him. How about “I’m Dreamin?”

Al. B. Sure was big in the latter part of the 80’s and 90’s. His last album dropped in 2009 titled “Honey I’m Home.” He currently has a radio talk show on Power 88. Al. B. Sure played football in college but decided to pursue a career in music. Bot a bad choice and he produced very successful records like, “Nite and Day,” “If I’m not Your lover,” and “Misunderstanding.” His popularity was through the roof. As time goes on, some artist are forgotten, until they make that come back. It’s important to transition with the times. Al. B. is “Making Things Happen.” Lets listen to one of Al. B. Sure’s hits.

If that wasn’t enough, who doesn’t remember the falsetto voice belonging to El. DeBarge, don’t you remember? El. DeBarge is the 6th oldest of ten children. He looked up to his older brother Bobby DeBarge who also had that falsetto range. El DeBarge is a talented song writer and singer. He can set the mood. He also produced big 90’s hits. He had numerous setbacks throughout his career but it seems to be on track now. His latest album was released in 2010 titled “Second Chance. El. was very proud of this project because he had a new beginning. The talent went all through “Second Chance.” El. DeBarge is continuing to tour and make special engagements. ┬áLets listen to a song from the 90’s and “Second Chance.” Lets not forget that El. DeBarge is also a talented piano player. “Heaven Sent.”

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