We Have to Enjoy the Ride

There’s a time for play, a time to be serious, and a time to get straight to “business.” Some may put them all in one but how effective is business if we play while conducting it? Well, it can, we can get a lot done while having a bit of fun. It’s called “marketing.” Marketing should be fun. It doesn’t have to be stiff. In order to improve our business conducting. We should have a “business mindset.”

For those who own a business, in the entertainment business, or have a brand. You want to exposure and you want people to keep their eye on you and “your brand.” How can we do that? We can be creative. Use catchy phrases when promoting. Be bold but don’t over do it. Do some research to find out what grabs people’s attention. Give the people, public, and fans what they want. They want to see “creativity.”

Entertainers. Yes, I’m talking to you, get involved. Interact with your fans. Show them that you care and for those making a comeback. Be semi aggressive. Don’t insult your fans or potential fans. Do a little blogging or give them a sniplet of one of your new or old songs. Help them remember who you are. Getting involved will help increase sales and will put you back on the map.

Business owners. Promote your business. Don’t be afraid to let your business “shine.” Give it your all. If products don’t sell then money won’t be made and that could create a downfall. Appreciate your customers and show them that you care not only about your business but about them. If they don’t see that you care then they will move and purchase their products elsewhere.

If you have a brand. You already know that you should be promoting your brand on social networks. Find the best social networking sites. If the site offers you want you want and need then stick with it. Your brand should be important to you and you should put your all into it. There will be people to help you promote your brand but you must put in the work as well. If you don’t then a decline will occur and that’s something you don’t want to happen. Come on and “Make Things Happen.”

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It’s That Time Again!

All work and no “play” is no fun. I mean, we should have some “fun,” don’t you think? Life should be enjoyed. Why should we should loosen up. We don’t have to take things seriously all of the time. There should be some downtime. Right? Hmmm. What shall we do to have some fun.

Don’t know but I hope everyone enjoy today and the days after. We should smile and laugh and a little skipping won’t hurt. Let the festivities begin. It’s close to the holidays and we should have some “cheer.” Hooray! All of that good stuff. How about some old school music? Where are all the old school entertainers? “Rise & Shine.”

Lets take it back a bit. Lets see what the “originators” have up their sleeves. Don’t pretend as if you guys are unaware of the liveliness “Old School Music” generates. Hold on. That music will never die. “Who can dig it?” Are you ready? We’re going to have a good time.

We need to have some enjoyment. There’s the ups and downs in our lives and a little music will make things better. Oh yeah! Come on guys. Listen to a few old school jams. I know you miss some of that music. We’re take it back right now. We’ll get to the new school after awhile. Hang on.

Listen to the “Playlist” and see if it takes you back. I must say, “Old School Music, “Made Things Happen.” I remember those 80’s and 90’s. How many of you still listen to this music? It makes me smile today. There’s something special about music you can “connect” with. Here we go. Lets get it going. We’re about to do something “epic.” Yep!

When there’s something going on. Music seems to get my mind off of it. I’m a fan of music with meaning. Understandable lyrics mean a lot. Good song writing is a gem. There a lot of talented artists out there and they deserve recognition. They work, everyone one may not see it that way, but they do.

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