Everyone has a Right to Pursue

We’re all in pursuit. Whether it’s happiness, wealth, or relationship. Some are in pursuit of dreams and visions. Trying to pursue can be made difficult but never consider pursuing as being impossible. Not at all. Of course one may have to endure some setbacks but they’re still in pursuit. Never become dismayed when others are doubtful. That’s the way human nature operates. The doubters are there and the skeptics will be skeptical but no matter what’s said or done. “Try to stay on course.”

There will lots of disruptions and a lot of people trying to create distractions. Some yelling how much a failure the ones who are trying to move up are. Shake the haters off. They’re doing their job some too well. Continue on even if it appears as if the whole world is after the “dream.” Some will have it easier than others but the more one goes through the more strength they’ll gain. Accept the good with the bad. The bitter with the sweet but never lose hope.

As long as the determination and drive stays. There will be “positive results.” Of course one may have to come in contact with a lot of negativity before reaching the finish line. Having to deal with the most difficult people. Quite challenging but there’s always a way to get through the mob. Saying mob because a lot behave like a mob. Just trying to make things even more difficult for others. Most of the time it’s the ones who were too fearful to live their dreams.

They either didn’t chase or tried and had setbacks so they became discouraged. A lot of people can’t tolerate others “trying to improve.” That’s their own insecurities they’re dealing with. So they’ll become angry. Trying to get others to stop dreaming, stop pursuing, to stop being hopeful. Very unfortunate because everyone needs encouragement. The trying to pull down. There will be lot of people pulling.

Instead individuals encouraging others. They’ll try to nag the persons to death so they’ll just give up give in. The mentality of some is very distorted. Some aren’t even equipped to understand that everyone has a “gift and talent.” Although some refuse to use their talents the only persons they can hold accountable are themselves. Never feel bad about being in pursuit.

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Clap Those Hands and Stomp Your Feet

There’s music around. Life is to be enjoyed and if you’re not enjoying it then you need to find out why. There’s no time to waddle in misery. We have to “shine.” Raise those hands up and give thanks for your life, your children’s life, and your families life. If you were able to get out of bed this morning then that’s something to shout about. Clap, clap, stomping.

Some people aren’t happy because they’ve convinced themselves that they don’t deserve to be happy. If we just think of one thing that has added value to our lives then we will begin to form happiness. Not everyone wants to see us happy but we shouldn’t dim our lights to please others.

We should be “hopeful” not hopeless. It makes no sense for us to sit around and feel as if we’re not accomplishing anything. If we’ve done one thing each day. We should be thankful for that because some aren’t able to do anything at all. Perhaps we should listen to more upbeat music or talk to happy people.

We should surround ourselves around people who are uplifting. Clapping our hands help lift our mood. So many people are going through hard times and they could use some encouragement. It doesn’t take a dime to encourage someone. We may go through trials but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t feel joy.

If we just hold on then things will turn around. We don’t have to live someone’s else’s life. We should focus on our own. If we’re in a negative environment then we need to find a positive outlet. Where’s the happy people? It seems that unhappiness is the norm. When people are happy they want to see others happy. That’s why it’s important that we smile. It canake us feel better. We should supply our minds with good thoughts. Listen to positivity and tune out the negativity.

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Giving Thanks and Feeling Good

Life will supply us with a whole lot of lessons. Well, lessons are apart of “growth,” We’ve both students and teachers. Today is filled with more than yesterday. When the storms come rolling in don’t despair. They shall pass. Be thankful that you’re alive to tell and share your story.

He didn’t have to do it but He did. We’re here to serve a purpose and although we may get off on the wrong foot. We’re able to get on the “right” foot. If you’re able to see the light shinning through your window pane then you should be giving “thanks.” Oh yes, we could be sonewhere else, but we’re here for our assignments.

Each day allows you and I to accomplish something. Whether it be small or large. Accomplishing something is apart of productivity. Smile because you’re able to. Someone somewhere is unable to smile. Blessings will find you through your good deeds. We have something within us that the world needs to see. A gift or gifts that the world could use.

We should shine our lights. Allow your light to shine today. Tomorrow isn’t promised. Even when trials make their way into our lives. We should give thanks. Those trials will strengthen us and our blessings will reach us. As we receive our blessings. Don’t forget to bless others.

Perhaps the birds are sleeping. Didn’t hear the chirping but I know they’re out there somewhere. As thoughts flow through my mind. I want to encourage you to make an impact on someone. Someone needs to hear some encouraging words. We all could use them. We live in a tough world and we need that sunshine.

I pray that everyone continues to be hopeful. How many of you are thankful for today and everyday that God allows you to share with others? Give thanks even when setbacks occur. “Continue to Spread Some Love.” Have a blessed day.:)

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It Takes Courage to Live Your Dreams

Not everyone can or will try to grab hold to their dreams. Adversity is apart of one’s dreams. There’s no way of getting around it. It takes a lot of courage to stand alone. It also takes courage to go in the other direction. The road won’t be easy but if one is determined then they will conquer what they’ve set out to conquer.

Having courage doesn’t always appear right away. Anything worth having will take hard work. Some days will seem longer than others. That’s what the journey consist of. People will tell you to turn around because of their fear. No one should give up on their dreams. Even if one has to take a step back. That’s alright but they shouldn’t throw their dreams out the window.

There’s way too many people who refuse to take that risk and achieve what they’re capable of achieving. ┬áIf you don’t do what you’re passionate about then you will regret it. It’s better to conquer that fear than to be fueled with regret. Doing what you love will produce better results than settling.

We don’t have to settle for less. We should try our best to achieve those dreams. It isn’t easy at all but it’sworth it. You will face troubles while traveling on your journey but all those trials will create a better you. Sometimes the road will become rocky. You may shed tears but they will try up and you’ll be back at it again.

I encourage anyone to live their dreams because we only come this way once. Those one person conversations will take place. You will have days where you have to uplift yourself but that’s apart of living anyway. Go for it and despite what people say about living your dreams. You shouldn’t give up on them. Be brave and go for the passion.

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