Persistence and a Whole lot of Determination

If we really want it then we’ll take those tears, pain, and fatigue. It won’t come easy but with determination we can accomplish some great things. Sometimes we kind of play with ideas and dreams but those dreams that really touch our heart will be the ones we go the extra mile with. We must remain motivated and dedicated to whatever we’re trying to seek. Some days will be rougher than others but we can get through it. It takes a whole lot of courage and a tough mindset to go after certain dreams. They all take courage but the ones that require us to be on the front line will take some extra toughness.

No matter how hard it gets stay driven and passionate about your work. No matter how many people try to get you to turn around. “Be determined” and dedicated to your craft. Some aren’t driven enough to keep going or they’ve allowed a setback or two to stop them from continuing on. We should take the risks necessary to advance because we only come this way once and we should do things that keeps us going. A craft that helps others and puts a smile on our faces is a craft worth holding on to.

People will try to tell you to stop what you’re doing simply because they’re not brave enough to do it themselves. If you really want it then you will go get it. You’ll take the falls, the pain, and the headaches. Yes, pain will be included when trying to pursue your goals and dreams. The pain is worth it because the end result will make our lives better. Be persistent and don’t allow what others say detour you from “Making Things Happen.”

When the tears flow, wipe them away, keep moving. There’s always someone watching and wanting to experience the same courage a dreamer experiences. There will be times when it’s extra tough but all that toughness is certainly worth it. Don’t despair when things seem a bit slow. Go harder, stronger, and be driven like a mad scientist. Even if there’s long hours. When you reach your destination. You’ll feel the joy and be so grateful that you started and completed.

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