Do we Have Compassion for one Another

Do people really care? Some do and some don’t. Where is the compassion? From bullying to hate. :Spread the Love.” People should be embracing one another but instead their finding a reason to hate on others. What about kind words and helping one another? Is it so hard?

A kind gester seems to be rare these days. There was a time when people cared. Now, people are more concerned with other people’s lives. more focus should be on getting our houses in order. ¬†It appears that some are geared towards being entertained but not geared towards love. Love covers so many areas. It helps others achieve and prosper.

It’s as if kindness is thrown out the window. No encourage but loads of discouragement. No togetherness but plenty of segregation. Life would go a lot smoother7 if people were more compassionate. If they allowed people to live their lives and showed some love.

Some people may feel inadequate because they rarely witness compassion. There’s rudeness and criticism but what about solving some issues? We could do better. We all can do better. Instead of constanly croticizing how about embracing? Different techniques should be used when it comes to people’s lives. We can’t always be harsh. Love has to make its way in.

Some people rather kick people instead of helping them up.  People are going off the deep end and refusing to demonstrate care. The world could use more love. The hostility seems to increase. Some may not feel complete and that could be one of the reasons they lack compassion.

We have to live our own lives. We should love and be concerned about others. God wants us to love and help others. Should we be trying to tear one another down? We shouldn’t but that’s exactly what’s happening. Perhaps a revelation will come and people will allow the love to flow. Let’s see what happens.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially