Find That Talent and Stick With it

Allow your creative juices to flow. Find whatever you’re passionate about and embrace it. When we do something we love, we will excel at it, we become one with it. There’s so many people unhappy with their jobs and for some it’s their careers. Even if we make less. We should go some something that gets us excited because we only come this way once. Even if our niche doesn’t start out so well at first. That doesn’t mean that we should give up on it.

If we do something that motivates us then eventually we’ll make the money we’ve dreamed of making but we need patience. Sometimes we put what we love down for many different reasons and that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t pick it up later. Not doing what we love will leave us grumpy and feeling unfulfilled. That’s no way to live. We can accomplish a whole lot doing what we’re designed to do. It doesn’t matter how many people want us to stop doing what we love. We shouldn’t stop because we’ll regret it if we do.

If you’re good at something why you shouldn’t keep doing it? We all have talent and we should feel comfortable working at it and embracing it. Too many people allow their talents to be wasted and that doesn’t seem fair at all. They may feel dissatisfied because for whatever reason they’ve decided to put it away. No one should stop us from doing what we really love to do but of course some people will try to stop us. If we keep going then things will come together.

Encourage yourself as well as others to go something they’re passionate about. It certainly can be a drag not being able to do something that will help us grow and that will make us happy. God gives us a gift and we should allow our gift to shine so brightly. We have to give ourselves credit and expect great things with our craft and our talents. We have to look high instead of low. Allow what God has given us to flourish. Be “inspired” and don’t let those talents go to waste.

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There’s Room for Everyone

There’s no need to push, throw down, or attack there’s room for all of us. Why should there be this need to bring others down? We’re all capable of greatness but it appears that everyone believes that. If people believed in themselves then they wouldn’t feel a need to try to prevent others from elevating. We should want the best for one another. There’s talent all round but people act as if no has talent. They will be mean to others so that others are intimidated and so that they’ll give up.

Don’t allow others to cause you to stop doing what you’re doing. If people are unable to accept others talents and ambitions then that’s too bad. Everyone has the right to try to reach their dreams. We all should be filled with hope and be happy that others want to “rise.” I’ve noticed that people are so in tuned with trying to compete with others that they refrain from polishing up on their craft. They become envious of others gifts.

Instead of embracing one another. They will try to bring anyone down that’s trying to accomplish something. Why? Why can’t we do what we love and people just accept it? If you feel you’re not where you want to be then try to get there but you don’t have to bring others down to make yourself feel better. It just won’t work.

Too many people are unhappy because they’ve been attacked for doing what God has put inside of them. It’s pretty annoying and I don’t think anyone should give up on their dreams because of what others say or try to do. We all have talents that should be shared with the world. Don’t be afraid to share your craft. God has given us the right to share the gifts that no one can take away from us despite them trying to do so. “Let Your Gifts Shine.”

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially