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Yes they tried to pull me=Tanikka Paulk down. Invaded my path and now what will occur? God isn’t pleased when individuals decide to go against the anointed. What’s to occur next? There will be the continuous movements there is so much that really needs to be accomplished. The ones who’ve demonstrated that they’re about “transforming.” There’s been the adversities but there will be one must be brave. The most bravest one continues to produce the necessaries. “I’ve made more than a difference I’ve learned more and will continue to help others.” By: Tanikka Paulk

There’s the face of the destined. When a person has been chosen by God there is nothing mankind can do. One can tolerate as much as allowed to be tolerated but once a person gets to a point where they’ve had enough then there’s nothing that the invaders can do> Whet I’ve accepted most won’t my niceness was taken advantage of. On to the “peacefulness.” Amen! My eyes (@) (@) have seem the nonsense and yes I’ve seen such thing sup close and now there will be the focus on the elevation.

Not all will be butt heads. There are some very wise ones wanting to advance to greater levels. “Where will tiki=Tanikka Paulk be headed where they’ve never imagined I’d navigate to.” (Tanikka Paulk). The use of my information and my identity is a no no!. I’m convinced that there are some mindless individuals and no matter how much education they have they may be without “sense.” Let’s keep moving and accomplish what we’ve set out to accomplish.

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There have been many travels and hopefully there will be more travels. Although they’ve tried to trap me=Tanikka Paulk here they’re unable to defeat God. When will they ever learn the proper moves? Whether they learn or not one has “to move forward” and continue to keep the determination. There’s so much joyfulness because where I’m headed. I’m glad that there are some willing to keep the moves secret. What they think has occurred actually hasn’t and what they think will won’t.

They were looking but what are they looking for? Why are so many in tuned with trying to find what I Tanikka Paulk have or doesn’t have? Anyway God has set my path before I arrived here. There will be the love but tolerating the mess is over. I’ve escaped the prison like situation and I certainly don’t want to be in the situation again. Always loving me=Tanikka Paulk. I love you=Tanikka Paulk. Was looking in the right direction and I’m still on the right path.

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Patiencetly Awaiting What God has Stored

No matter how mankind tries to make progressing difficult God will see each and every person through the trials if allowed in. So therefore despite the hardships which arise. I’m continuing to move forward and refuse to allow any person to take my faith in God and Jesus Christ away. So many are so lost and some may never find their way to the light. There will be many settled into darkness. It’s unfortunate that mankind administers a lot of attacks in order to either discourage or to try and gain whatever it is the person or person are pursuing. “I’m Confident Enough to Know That God Won’t Forsake and There Will Abundance When God is Ready.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

Living here may incur many difficulties but there is no discouragement. Each day that I’m allowed to arise, I’m truly blessed, there will be completeness. Thr trials aren’t reasons to stop progressing and to stop being apart of movements. Yes, trying to move from one point to another is difficult but not impossible. The road blocks set are ways in which strength can be built. There should be elevating abut there will be individuals continuing to try and create a cease for many reasons. “There is no Defeat Here. I’m Unwilling to Think Defeat.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

Some may believe that trying to intimidate a person will stop the person from elevating. For some yes but for the strong they’ll continue on no matter how many are trying to prevent the elevating. We’re all given a gift or gifts and why should we allow what God has given to be wasted? There are so many afraid to rise up! So many fear what others will say. Of course there will be hecklers and doubters not wanting to witness “abundance.” The Determination will allow the progress to continue despite the situations occurring. The words which are projected shouldn’t prevent movements from occurring. The negatives can be removed and we should allow the positives to reign in.

So many appear to be focused on trying to stop what has already been ordained. Perhaps mankind is continuing to refuse to understand exactly what it is that God wants. For so many their beliefs may not be spiritually inclined. “It is the Bible Which Continues to Help my Porgressing Through Such a Difficult Journey.” By: (Tanikka Paulk). The focus is on making positive changes and finding the best solutions to the many injustices. Coming up against so many isn’t an easy task but through my faith. I’m continuing to move ahead. Some instances may seem slow but there will be rapid speeds and I’m sure that God nor Jesus will ever forsake.

What mankind uses to try to create evilness their actions will be used for good. There is goodness in a place when it appears as if darkness is settling. Light comes through and it is light which out shines the darkness. Darkness is separated from light and when mankind thinks that darkness will overpower light. God will prove mankind wrong. There are some refusing to even understand what we must accomplish in order to create further progress. We’ll be tested and challenges many times but if we’re faithful to what God has proclaimed then we’ll certainly make it to where we should be. What some fail to understand is that what is for a person is for a person. “What God Declares is so and Mankind can not Defeat God the Father of Jesus Christ.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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The Chosen are the Qualified

Adversity Comes and Adversity Goes

“Making Progress and the Smile and Continues.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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More and More and Some More

When they’re doubting that’s when one should do more. Go harder. Improve and don’t stop. The critics aren’t going anywhere. That’s alright. Whenever there’s a vision or ideas there will be some not understanding or just simply hating. Everyone will come across haters. The only ones who are able to avoid the hate are ones who refuse to put forth a dream. No matter what’s said keep going. The insults and attacks are means to discourage. Trying to get others to stop dreaming and to stop elevating.” Elevate anyway.”

Refuse to back down. No one should be able to stop a visionary. Ignore the noise makers. Sometimes there will be some ignorant things said. There’s way too many people who listened to the critics and regret not doing what they were destined to do. It’s obvious when others are hating. Just listen to what they’re saying but none of what’s said means one should stop moving ahead. “There’s a lot of competition” and there will always be as long as mankind is here on earth.

A lot of negativity and some will try to shake a person up so they’ll become fatigued. That’s what rest is for and once there’s adequate rest then the visionary can proceed. Just go with a smile and continue to “rise up.” There’s no need to be a puppet. We’re in positions to make our own decisions. Never listen to overly critical people. Their words can offer no value. There’s no progress when we’re focused on what the critics are saying.

Some aren’t able to compete and that’s why they’re make so many attempts to stop individuals from making more progress. Even the ones who are highly successful will have haters. Some are continuously being bullied. That’s how some behave. Just trying to make others feel bad about their talents and gifts. Bullies are cowards. Their antics are just ridiculous. Carry on. “Rise higher.”

Pay no attention. If there’s a project going on then pay close attention to the project and not the ones who are trying to create trouble. Allow the chatter boxes to speak but create more. Do more and continue to head to the road of success. Elevating should occur. “Never feel intimidated” by what the hecklers is saying. They’re just trying to make it difficult so others could come out of the competitiveness. No way. More, more, and some more.

“No way Should any Dreamer or Visionary Stop Because of the Criticism. Absolutely not.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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How to be Productive in Life

Until we Reach That Destination

We can’t rush the process. It doesn’t matter how much we want things to speed up. It goes the way it’s suppose to go. Our “purpose” is laid out. We simply have to accept whatever comes with it. Yes, some unsettling things can occur but we overcome them. We can reach our destination but it shouldn’t be rushed. There’s a lot of growing we have to do so that’s why it may seem slower to us.

We just have to pace ourselves. We need that time to develop and to gain more knowledge. There will be levels. Each level will require more from us. We may not like some of the things we’ll have to go through but it will be worth it once everything is complete. It won’t be easy and we may think things are going quite slowly. In actuality it’s going the way that it should. There will be less stress as rime goes by because we’ve learned how to adjust.

We will receive rewards here and tgere but our greatest reward will be when everything is finalized. We can’t expect “greatness” with a mediocre mindset. We must be determined but not so antsy that we miss the important. We must remain hopeful and know that we’ll come through it because we’re motivated and we’re driven.

We can experience successs but we can’t achieve it if we’re not willing to put in the work. Sometimes we’ll have to work extra hard in order to receive exactly what we need. Yes, we will feel fatigued, but it will wear off. We have believe in ourselves and keep looking ahead. Timing is very important. We don’t want to go ahead of ourselves but we don’t want to be lagging behind either. Even if the process started a little late in our lives. It still could be apart of the right timing. The important thing is to reach the finish line.

“You can Reach Your Destination With Determination”

A Reality Check

We’re all important and have something to offer. We will come in contact with people who may not see our worth and that’s alright because there’s always someone who does. In this world people can be selfishand self centered so they may not want to see others “rise.” Not everyone will be thrilled that some are trying to better themselves and others. Some may be genuinely happy for others and some may not want to see others do better than them.

Those are things that we must understand and face. We can’t think that it will always be peaches and cream. We have to take the good with the bath. We should be caring and want others to “prosper. ” Unfortunately not all will feel that way. Even if others want to see us fail. That doesn’t mean that it will happen.

Life will challenge us, test us, and give us a kick in the rear. We’ll learn and grow even if it’s a little. Life teaches us. We teach others and we learn from them as well. We become the teacher and the student. We can excel in one area and not do so well in another. That’s something we have to accept. Whatever we’re good at. We should strive to be better. Our success will depend on how much we’re determined. We have to be hungry for it.

Even when others say to us that we’re not capable of achieving this or that. We don’t have to say a word but we should prove it. Proof is the truth and it’s reality. Are capabilities are enormous but we have to believe it. If we don’t believe then we won’t achieve. We can to boost our confident. Not arrogant but confident. There’s a difference. Once we’ve accomplished something complex. We will strive for more. When reach our desired level. We will have that sigh of relief.

“Help others and Love one Another”

“Love yourself first”

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No Matter What you do and how you do it There Will be an Issue

No matter who you are and what you accomplish. There will always be someone who has an issue with it. It may not be easy to deal with at first but once we realize things just are then we will be able to look passed it. Our dreams belong to us but we must be very careful with them not everyone wants to see others excel. We should want to see one another do better, grow, and elevate. Steve Harvey said, “Stop Telling Your big Dreams to Small Minded People.” Pretty blunt but it’s clear what he was trying to express.

If people really thought positively then they would understand that anyone can try to reach the top. There’s no need to fret because we’ve all be given a gift and it’s up to use to seek it or not. Mike Routen said, “Never never never give up on your dreams!” It doesn’t matter how tough it gets or who says this or that. We have to keep moving. If we don’t pursue we’ll be disappointed and filled with regret. Although trying to pursue goals and dreams are difficult. That shouldn’t detour us and we should be grateful that we’re in a position to pursue them.

Just because some people are displeased when others are trying to elevate in some way that doesn’t mean that people should give up. We can’t live for others. We must live for ourselves and do what’s necessary. No one can please everyone.That’s something we have to remember. If we settled for less then we wouldn’t have the best. We can’t do or stop doing things just because someone doesn’t like it. We should be inspiring others to pursue their passions.

There’s people right now who have chosen to let their dreams go because they wanted to please others. They were more concerned with what people were saying then with living out their dreams. It’s unfortunate because they probably would have contributed some great skills within society. We have to remember that people will always have something to say about whatever. That’s how it is but that shouldn’t cause us to be fearful of pursuing what we love.

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Proceed and be Grateful

Don’t fret when troubles arise. They’ll add not subtract from what’s needed for your journey. A lot of people give up and in because they feel the pressure of opinionated people. People can not define you and they certainly can’t take away what is God given. Yes, envy will come knocking at your door, we can shut it out. If we allow people to stop us from achieving then we will surely fail. We should be building one another up but unfortunately not everyone feels that way. That’s why it’s so important that we guard our minds. Fill it with positivity.

If you want to succeed then you’ll have to tune the crowd out. Have faith that you will male it. Although it may be difficult. Determination equals achieving. One can’t be over in with fear and expect to conquer. Bravery must be apart of the journey. Without it one will be restricted. We have to stop allowing people to tell us what we can and can not do.

Complexities will come but if we take some time to figure out how to get around then we’ll get to where we need to be. Anyone that’s able to start on their journey should be “grateful” for it. So many continue to hold themselves back because they fear not having a support system. Being supported is great but most of the time journeys are traveled alone.

No matter how much the crowd boo’s and throws insults. Proceed, add more toughness, and more determination. Create a stronger mind and fill it with positivity. Don’t allow negative thoughts to travel with you. Those who didn’t or were afraid to follow their dreams will probably be apart of the naysayers crowd. That’s alright. We will never be able to please everyone. Don’t even try.

When people are dissatisfied they may become irate about anything that someone does. If people aren’t pleased with what you’re trying to accomplish then that’s too bad. We can’t stop or start something just because people like or dislike it. If your cause is going to help others then that’s something to be “thankful” for. Proceed no matter how complex it is.

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The Believing is in the Believer

Can we get the most complex things accomplished? Of course we can but it’s done through believing. Believe that achievements are within us. Being confident doesn’t mean that one is boasting but it does mean that they have a belief that things can be accomplished. It’s their faith that drives them to take the risks. One without it may not take the risk because the “faith” isn’t there.

Our gifts deserve to “shine.” Why shouldn’t they. God didn’t give them to us to keep them hidden. If we doubt ourselves then others will surely doubt us. People want to know if we believe in ourselves. Fear hinders us and it sometimes comes to visit us but we can kick it to the curb. Believing goes along way. It builds bridges for so many of us to cross.

A lot can be accomplished if we just allow security to be apart of our lives. Insecurities will mess go against us. It doesn’t accomplish a thing. Our faith will determine whether our goals will occur or not. If there’s little faith then there’s little progress. Progression will happen when we believe it will. Our minds have to remain focused on “determination.” There’s no progress if there’s no belief. Sometimes we allow those negative thoughts to seep in. We shouldn’t do it but it happens.

It”s possible to block those negative thoughts out and although it may not be easy times. It can be done. Growth occurs when we decide that we want it. If we want to elevate then we need to transform in a positive manner. Great things can be accomplished when we believe and receive those things that will help us “grow.” Stand on faith and allow doubt to walk away. Doubt isn’t our friend. It will cause setbacks and could stop us altogether.

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Focus on the Path Ahead

Keep going, moving, and run if you have to. Remain on the path that was designed for you. Get the job done. We all have something to accomplish. We have a “purpose.” Are you doing what you are designed to do? If not then you may want to consider getting on board. We shouldn’t waste our talents. Let them “shine.” Encourage others to go after their dreams.

Are you talking the path you want to take? Get started and you will feel better about starting something rewarding. If it will elevate you and others then it’s something worth doing. When you start on the path don’t stop. If you find a hurdle. Jump over it but don’t give up. A lot of people refrain from doing what they’re gifted to do for whatever reason.

There’s so much that we can accomplish. If we believe that we can make it from point A to point B then “we can.” Don’t feel discouraged by a setback. As long as we get back on track. We can accomplish those goals. Don’t be afraid to be apart of a journey. It helps to travel on a path where there’s some inspiring people but a lot of times we may have to travel alone. Keep the focus and believe that you’ll get there.

Fear has hindered so many from following a certain path. When fear is removed. We will be able to focus on our journey. We may come across some trolling when going down that path but that shouldn’t prevent us from going forward. We never know what we can accomplish. Keeping the faith and being patient is important.

People will try to get us off the path at hand. They will try to redirect our attention elsewhere so that we don’t accomplish our goals. If we get off track. We should quickly get back on the path that was set before us. Never be afraid to somethjng extraordinary. Be unique and feel good about what you’re blessed with. “The Path.”

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Don’t be Engaged in Mess When There’s Work to be Done

When we have tasks to complete then we must get to it. We’re on a mission to “advance” and wasted time could hinder that. People will try to prevent us from completing certain goals and we must resist their motives. Nothing gets done through play but something gets done with work. We shouldn’t consume ourselves with all work but when it’s time to grind then we should see to it.

Move forward even when there’s noise. We should look pass the noise and accomplish whatever we need to accomplish. There’s nothing wrong with taking breaks but too many will hold us back. If people are working to hinder “progress” then they can not work or assist in anyway. Those who refuse to allow people to accomplish something that will benefit others then they’re not suited to complete taks with you or a team.

We should do all that we can to achieve. We can either achieve a little or achieve a lot. It’s simply up to us. If we want to be successful at anything then we will need to block somethings out. Sometimes we may need to put on some headphones and work with soothing music. Too much noise could be distracting but it’s possible that we can achieve great things through it if we “focus.”

Focus on the path at hand and work through any challenges that arise. Make sure to find the best techniques that will assist with accomplishing more. Even when we’re presented with mess. We should find ways to eliminate the mess and move forward. If people make attempts to stop what we’re trying to accomplish then we can either allow them to do so or we can forget about their tactics and “get the job done.”

Don’t feel discouraged when others are trying to stop the process. Progress anyway. No man or woman succeeded by allowing the noise to cause them to stop. If we stop moving then we won’t make any headway. Work when it’s time and don’t worry about what people are trying to do. A team will develop when there’s people who want to get ahead. “Work Through the Mess.”

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