Sometimes it’s in the Home

Don’t be amazed that your competitors reside in the very place where you lay your head. Don’t be amazed who will try to knock you down. We have to understand that these things will occur. It even says it in the bible. Jeremiah 12:6 says’ “For even your brothers and the household of your father. Even they have dealt treacherously with you. Even they cried aloud you. Do not believe them although they may say nice things to you.”

When there’s something to compete with or against. People will do some crazy things. They will try their best to get next to you in some way. When we analyze closely we can find some wrong in each action that’s inside and outside the home. If a mother for instance is trying to separate a husband and wife then she is wrong. It doesn’t matter how many issues they have or if the daughter comes to her mother for advice. She is not in any position to dictate the marriage. A husband shouldn’t go against his mother in law and although differences will arise. Everyone should come to an agreement.

The whole house will shake and become dysfunctional when everyone is trying to compete for a position. If the husband is placed on the sidelines and the mother in law is placed in front then there will be chaos because that is out of order. Even if a husband is projecting unhealthy behaviors. He is not to be removed without ┬áremoving himself or the wife asking him to remove himself. Any family member that tries to step in front of the husband’s position are in the wrong no matter how right they think they are. People claim to know the word but will refuse to put it in action. Family should be there for one another but they shouldn’t try to create chaos with immediate family members. First it’s God, husband and wife, then it’s the children. All other relatives are after and not before.

Competition can be dangerous. People tend to lose themselves in it. They won’t care who they knock down to win. It’s not about winning. It’s about getting better or at least making attempts to get better. Can you imagine trying to excel in something and your relatives can’t handle it? They may try every avenue to make sure they’re in a position to receive something. What do you do in that case? The best thing to do is to allow them to wear themselves out. Yes, let them carry on trying to compete, and the one in the middle should continue doing what it takes to make progress.

The bible will speak greatly about husband and wife. It expresses that the husband shall leave both mother and father and cleave to thy wife. Life experience will teach us why God said what he said about husband and wife. Family members will get out of order and try to push the husband out as if they will help the wife when the husband is gone. They’re trying to find a way to make sure they’re not left out of the equation. We have to live our lives and we’ll be miserable when we allow others to dictate our lives.

If you’re not invited in then don’t make your way in. It create a wedge between everyone when there’s one or two people trying to make sure they have a position for themselves. We will find that some family members will pretend to give so that they can receive whatever is coming. You know what to do in that case? Allow them to run themselves ragged and soon enough they realize their actions are foolish and their behavior is only causing whatever relationship there is to come to an end.

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