Political Debates and Foolish Hate

Politics play a very big role in all sorts of arenas. It consist of radical, insulting, and degrading communications. How does that make the people feel comfortable? All we can do m vote for the most experienced candidate. Interesting. Well, the mess continues, some presidential candidates will say anything. They may rarely speak on a spiritual level. Sounds as if they need to put Jesus in their debates.

Besides the politics. People seem to be going mad about people’s non political views. Let me be frank. People seem to be dipping in other people’s business which can generate political terms and views. It seems it’s a continuous thing. The uproars and all. Perhaps people should consider staying out of people’s business. Just a suggestion.

Back to the whole political hoopla. It seems like this political journey is like a bad joke. I mean,what’s going on, the bashing is insane? What are we to make of this? Don’t know. A very wealthy man may be our next President and for some that is concerning. He’s a business man but can he do what’s best for the US? Once again. Interesting. We have to wait and see what happens.

The Political candidates aren’t quite setting a good example for us but it is what it is. Sometimes we just have to work with some who neef some tweaking. Perhaps things will get better down the road. Pray it will. It’s so unsettling watching them attack one another. It’s as if they’re on social media. Debates happen on social media and politics live there as well.

The back and fourth and rolling of the eyes. Talking about political candidates standing at the podium. Some grunting their teeth. Of course they want to win but gosh. Why stoop so low? What is this world coming to? It’s a mess and hopefully political candidates will get it together or at least remove the ridiculous bashing.

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Find the Right way to Deal With Egos and Insecurities

“Egos want to stay relevant while dreamers keep moving” (T.Paulk). Sometimes we come across those who have over grown egos and those who are dealing with insecurities. We may feel annoyed with the egotism because it goes on and on. We must find the most effective ways to deal with these type of people.

We should first protect ourselves by limiting our time with them. If we have to deal with them in some way then we will need to observe which techniques work best. We must avoid feeding the ego and although we may become upset with the behavior. It’s important that we try to stay calm. Egotistical people feed off of reactions. They’re goal is to cause misery and to stay relevant.

We must stand up to them but find the appropriate ways to do so. An egotistical person can demonstrate bullying behavior and because of their insecurities they’re quite fearful. We should let them know that we refuse to tolerate their dysfunctional behaviors. We may have to get the law involved if the bullying transfers into threatening behavior. If we allo their tactics to go on then we’ll experience great suffering.

It’s important that anyone dealing with an egotical person remains consistent with telling them that their behavior will not be tolerated. Stand firm and mean what you say. Distance yourself from them because it can rub off on you. Don’t be fearful when standing up to them. Be stern but don’t display threatening behavior. Make eye contact if you can and refuse to listen to their explanations.

Tell them how you feel and go somewhere to occupy your mind. Egos need food and your reactions and your moods are their food. Think about some positive things and find things that offers joy for you. The worst thing anyone can do is to give in to egotistical people and to baby their insecurities. If they try to make life difficult for you then ask a professional to get involved.

Sometimes the law needs to get involved in order to prevent harm to the one on the receiving end. An ego wants attention those who display ego behavior want to feel superior. They want to be accepted somehow and they may display annoying behavior to get what they want. Don’t give in because if you do then they may perceive your actions as a means to continue their behavior.

Don’t feed egos and don’t allow anyone to drown you with their insecurities. If someone is unable to deal with not being the center of the world then that’s too bad. No one is obligated to deal with a person’s issues. They can choose to do so if they please but if they want to keep their sanity then they should seek out a professional. Be vigilant and keep your mind healthy. We may have to interact with egotistical people but they shouldn’t run our lives.

This blog is an observational piece and entails life’s experiences.

Foolishness can be Uncontrollable

Some people can’t help but fall in the cycle of foolishness. It can make its rounds when envy, superiority, and masculinity comes into play. When one wants to prove that they’re better and when they want people to see the best in them. They could be headed for foolish road.

It’s a reason why people say, “Stay in Your Lane.” Everything isn’t for everyone. If you’re better equipped to work on a job then why would you keep invading in people’s business? Some people are fueld with competition and they feel they have something to prove. The spectators get a good dose of foolishness.

There’s nothing wrong with having fun but some people don’t know when to stop! There comes a time when foolishness has to cease. When business has to be conducted and all those distractions removed. Instead of trying to make a better life. People are spending more time getting wrapped up in the foolish web.

Sometimes we don’t need to prove anything. Envy is a gateway to foolishness. It will create a long road filled with vicious cycles. Unfortunately some people can’t handle seeing others try to build a better life for themselves. Foolishness is the ultimate distraction.

Those who try to pursue their dreams or accomplish their goals will face distractions. People trying to get them off balance so that they won’t succeed in whatever they’re trying to accomplish. It’s best to avoid certain situations or at least learn from them.

When foolishness keeps going and going just keep pursuing your dreams. There’s always someone who wants to stop it but God has allowed it. You can always tell who wants to you others “rise” and would love to see others fail. The best thing to do is to keep pushing your way through the foolishness.

No one can stop a dreamer but that dreamer. Succeed anyway. If someone wants you to turn back then that’s their problem. Insecure people will try all avenues to make sure others don’t make it to their destination. Remove foolishness and you’ll go further.

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Everyone Won’t be With you

Have you ever met a group of people that you had to go through some dysfunctions in order to realize that they mean you no good? We should try to see the good in people and when we find out no matter how we approach them they will throw bricks at us. That’s when we have to decide that they’re environment is the wrong environment to be in. Sometimes we have to withstand some environment in order to learn how to battle. Not with swords but with word.

Sometimes we have to learn how to deal with certain people but even when we figure out the best strategies. That doesn’t mean that they will be with us. Not everyone will like you. Some will hate you just because. There’s nothing we can do about people disliking us but no matter how others view us and dislike us. We shouldn’t feel the same way about ourselves. People who are filled with hate. Hate themselves so therefore we shouldn’t take it personally. Yes, it’s difficult when people not only dislikes us, but when they try to knock us down.

It doesn’t matter how many people turn their backs on us. We should still move in love and help others. It’s no fun when people try to shake you up but it can be helpful.It’s a learning experience. You learn what and what not to do. Everyone can’t hold the friend name because they have to friendship qualities. Embrace those who are willing to stand with you but don’t hate those who hate you. Hate won’t get anyone anywhere.

We will go through periods where we’re our best friend. Sometimes it takes some alone time in order for one to figure what is what. Just because say this or that. That doesn’t make it so.How many people claimed to be by your side when the going gets tough but they’re nowhere to be found when trouble enters. Therefore your you should select a trusted friend and for some of us that trusted friend is Jesus. You’ll never have to worry about him producing drama or not being supportive. Don’t be surprised when those you expected to be with you turns against you.

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We Fall Down and we Need to get Back up

Sometimes things don’t go as well as we thought they would or expected. Well it was planned or at least that’s what I thought, my third oldest son had a mandatory senior meeting and I assumed that my husband would attend but he claimed that he had to stay at work and there was no coverage for him. My son and I signed some paper work and I called my husband to tell him that the meeting was over. He still said that there was no coverage. So my son and I left the school and went home.

The week before Thanksgiving my husband I went to Orlando to the “Classic.” Boy did I have an experience. I wore some high wedge heels and somehow twisted my ankle and fell. I was on my back before I knew it. My husband had some sodas in his hand. Well, he says, “I’m not going to fuss. I will take care of you when I get home.” Then he says, “are you okay?” He didn’t even try to help me up but I got up and proceeded to walk behind him. Oh boy, I suppose he was trying to get to his drink, I’m glad that I didn’t break anything.

We were in the truck and he started playing all of this explicit music. I was shocked since he was on the gospel tip. He said, “When you try to do better and the people around you don’t.” I was like whoa! I lotioned that man, brought his food, and cut and shave him and you mean to tell me that he couldn’t help me up? Gosh. Oh well. I suppose he wanted people to recognize the best in us!!!. Yup! That’s what the goal was.

We watched a little bit of “A Diary of a mad Black Woman.” He asks me what would I do in that situation and he told me that someone said that the wife in the movie was wrong. I had to disagree because her husband dragged her and treated her like trash. He threw her out of the house and had a family with his girlfriend. He said that the woman in the movie was wrong because she was married. I said that they were separated and he said but they were married. I brought up that he was talking to a woman name Juanita Rivera while we were married and he said, “but we were separated ” so I said but we were married. “I said you just contradicted yourself.” Oh boy.

I don’t know I will have to pray so that I can heal. My hand is a bit sore but that’s alright. I wouldn’t want him to curse us out before church or anything. My goodness I hope I can sleep tonight in this cozy bed. I suppose I want have to worry about any positions since I have the bed to myself. I have to treat myself good. I hope there’s cursing going on.

Moral of the story:

You never know what someone is going through. It may look good from the outside but that inside could be a mess. Until you walk in those shoes. You don’t know. Aretha Franklin said, “(R.E.S.P.E.C.T).”

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