Blame it on Everything Else

Sometimes we come in contact with someone who is so broken and they haven’t quite learned how to be functional. They over spend and blame it on the wife not being a “helpmate.” They pretend to do so much good but will rarely give to the needy. When a man takes it upon himself to punish a woman for anything he is only hurting himself. When he allows his ego to get the best of him and he spins out of control. When a man looks at life as work and doesn’t allow God or giving in his life then he will sink in misery.

If he doesn’t love himself then it would be impossible for him to love anyone else. His broken spirit will create a riff with all who come in contact with him. When he feels no joy but works the majority of his life without showing the benefits. He will become angry and feel unfulfilled. When he builds no bond with his children and they wonder why he’s in such a state. He may blame it on his wife but if he looks in the mirror closely and ask God to reveal to him who he really is then it shall be revealed.

There’s more to a man than work. If his work hasn’t create a secure home for his family and he refused to stop using his mother as a crutch then it would be difficult for him to function without those conditions. Sometimes mothers hold on so tight and the man becomes a boy when he should be a man. He may become selfish and feel that material things will satisfy him but if God isn’t in the mix then he will not be satisfied. He will toss and turn and he’ll try to knock others down to make himself feel good.

If a man constantly threatens a woman that she can not do without him then he is just reveling his vulnerability. He demonstrates the fear. The fear comes through the anger. His he really angry with the woman, the world, or his he really angry with himself? If a man feels the need to put a woman down because of her accomplishments then what is he telling himself and others about him? Men are the stronger vessel but so many are so damaged that their strength seems faded. They become trapped in their own world of rights and they may see no wrong in anything that they do.

If they are unable to treat women properly then they are doing a disservice to society. If they’re only concerned about their needs then they can’t possibly have a stability in a relationship. If all their frustrations is blamed on what someone else didn’t do then they’re filled with despair. They’re cares may only be provided if there’s something in it for them. When confronted about their actions they may rare up and become filled with rage. They may hold on do to their fear of being alone.

The man may try to convince a woman that she can not live without him and that no one will want her. He tries to brainwash her into thinking that she has no value or worth but as soon as someone comes long and convinces that she does. He will try to fight as if he’s been so concerned all along. His love isn’t there because he never learned to love himself. Deep down he really can’t stand women, he can’t stand their success, or their job titles. He has to compete with them and it angers him.

Any woman being able to put up with his control and anger will become like a slave to him. He may stay in a relationship to punish the woman. He may believe that the woman has no fight in her. That fighting with fists but with prayer and the mind. When he feels he’s losing a grip then he will try other tactics so that she’s looked upon as a nobody but his tactics on’t work because God on’t allow it. His life is based on being accepted for his work and not good deeds or helping others. How can his heart be healed through anger and malice? How?