Undermining the Voice

When there’s a voice trying to express what so many need to hear. There’s a great disruption. Some may not be aware of the consequences of disturbing those who are ” on assignment.” Some may use deceptiveness to disconnect the voice from communicating with the audience. These occurences happen when people become insecure. Some aren’t very fond with change and not fond to have to witness some “elevating.”

“The Voice on Assignment”

No matter how hard some may try, they’re unaware of how their efforts will cause grief for those who are disruptive, after awhilethey’ll realize that their deceptive deeds are useless. Being on assignment can attract some of the meaness people. For those who are chosen. They’ll have to be alert and understand that not everyone is compassionate. Some won’t be concerned with the consequences of disrupting one on assignment.

In an effort to tarnish the voice character. People become irritated by the fact that the very person they’re trying to hinder continues on. Stringer, wiser, and more alert. Each time one uses deceptive tactics. They’ve placed themselves in a position to receive harsh criticism. No hidding behind walls. They’ll be placed in front for the dissecting of their acts.

Those who are disrupting one’s assignment are doing a disservice to so many. If the assignment includes assisting a lot of people then some will become upset with the disruptiveness. Those who need and want the assistance won’t agree with the ones that are trying interrupt the voice. Although some receive signs that what they’re doing is wrong. They’ll continue on the path because they’re believing that somehow. They’ll make some headway.

Evil doesn’t win but people will do evil anyway. In hopes that some of their efforts will cause the one on assignment to give up. What’s destined for a person will be so.Anyone trying to do something that so many preceive as not being of the norm. They’ll be ridiculed. Although the negativity will try to make its way in. There’s so many ways to block the negatives.

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