If it Takes Numerous Times so be it

Every successful person has failed at something. True failure occurs when we don’t try at all. It’s alright if something didn’t work the first time, second time, or even the third time. We shouldn’t feel hopeless when things seem to be falling apart. What that happens it could mean that things are really coming together. In order to be great one has to be willing to take some punches and fall again and again.

Being a success at something means absolutely nothing if one is unwilling to give back. We can succeed but we have to remain “hopeful.” People may laugh at one’s way of doing things or at the time frame it took them to reach a certain level. The most important thing is that they reached the finish line. There’s a whole lot of people who had to try again and again before they got it right!

Never be discouraged if you have to try over and over. A determined person will keep going no matter what. Setbacks are apart of life but if we dwell on the setbacks then we’re unable to get ahead. We must rise above the challenges and keep moving upwards. Our attitude about our journey is very important. We can not a a defeated mindset. That would cause us to feel fatigued and want to give up.

Too many people give up after the first attempt. They’re probably fearful of failure and refuse to try again. Well, sometimes it will require that we try numerous times before we get it right, if one really wants it to happen then they’ll “Make it Happen.” Giving up shouldn’t be an option. If a break is needed then take a break but don’t give up. We can accomplish great things but we must be willing to give it our all. Stay motivated and believe in yourself. Those dreams can come true when one puts their mind to it.

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The Noise Will be There put in Your ear Plugs

So you’ve decided to go for it. You’ve decided to go after those dreams. Oh, but wait, it won’t be easy. There will be lots of noise and a whole lot of ┬ánot so pleased people. Even when the crowd sounds off the continuous boo’s. One shouldn’t stop. It’s important to keep going no matter how many come after the “dreamer.” Follow those dreams no matter what. There will be attacks and sometimes the best thing to do is pretend as if noise down’t exist. People will hate on our talents and gifts. That happens to just about everyone doing something out of the ordinary.

Adversity is something we can’t get around and unfortunately people will create it for us as well. It doesn’t matter because if we’re meant to do something then we will succeed at it. Yes, stones will be thrown, and we’ll come in contact with all sorts of dysfunctional behaviors from others. We can not allow the noise to stop us from doing something that will help others. If your dreams are big then expect to receive a lot of flack from others.

Too many people stop dreaming because they become fearful. Fear hinders and we certainly can’t be productive if we focus on what others are trying to do to sabotage us. Going after your dreams requires a lot of courage and understanding. To lower the noise level we should surround ourselves with visionaries because they’ll understand exactly where we’re headed. Sometimes we have to close our eyes and just visualize peace. We can get to our destination but we can’t get there focusing on the noise makers.

Once the noise makers realize that we really want our dreams to come true. They will slow down and find something else to focus on. Anyone trying to make changes will receive resistance. We may not like it but it comes with the territory. Either we can proceed or we can give in. Giving in shouldn’t be an option. We shouldn’t allow no amount of noise push us away from our dreams.