There’s the Will and There Certainly is More Than one way

No matter how tough things seem. There will always be a way to get through whatever one is going through. Of course it isn’t easy to have to deal with so many challenges all at once but we’re all made “to conquer.” There isn’t anything that we’ll go through that we’re not able to withstand and what we think is very important. If one door doesn’t open then the next will. Holding on until the time is right. There has to be patience involved. Do not become discouraged by doors closing and being challenged. No journey will be an easy one. There will be a lot learned and a lot of growing occurring. We all must face the adversity. Some may become dismayed by having to deal with so much adversity and for some they’ve simply given up.

Don’t give up and don’t give in. There are other ways to solve the problems that we’ll surely experience. Not all will know exactly how to deal with all matters which arise. If we take the time to gather our thought then we’ll be able to get through the roads. A lot of people will try to block some because they’re trying to see how far they’re able to go. Being challenged at times can be annoying. There are some who refuse to back off. Even the ones who are constantly trying to challenge another can be dealt with in an appropriate manner. Taking the time to figure out just what tactics need to be used in order to find “development” can be quite helpful.

Too many people become discouraged because of what they’ve faced or will have to face. No person will be without problems. There will be some who will go through more problematic events than others. It’s not easy when there is so much to accomplish and there are many distractions but there are so many ways to overcome the distractions. A lot of people may not understand exactly how they’ll be able to manage all of the events that can take place in a one’s life. So many may end up ceasing whatever it is they’re trying “to accomplish” because of being overwhelmed by what occurs in life.

We should consider taking the time to elevate despite what will occur. There is absolutely no way of getting around problems. The problems will occur no matter how we try to avoid the problems. For some they’ve discovered that engaging in positive activities help get the persons through the challenging experiences. There’s a lot of people who are willing to listen when there seems to be some distress. Even when there appears to be a lot of distractions and other challenges it’s best to just proceed anyway. Of course there may be times when it appears as if the movement is slowed down. Some “movement” means there is some progress.

Not every person will figure out that there is more than one way to get through the matters which we’ll incur while on earth. There are some who have not only fallen but do not know exactly how to get back up again. Facing the obstacles will help a person grow. It would be “nice” if all wanted to be apart of growth and if all wanted to see all rise up!. Some will try to slow the process down or try to get individuals to stop making any progress at all. No matter what they’re saying, any person who wants to advance can do so, and should do so. The problems are meant to be solved and yes there will be times when we’ll need others to assist with solving the matters.

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Author’s Notes: Have faced many challenges as a writer, blogger, advocate and founder. No matter how many continue to be oh so challenging. I’m still continuing on and I’m not discouraged. Every person deserves to have dreams, to accomplish, and to become successful. My photo below. The Photo belongs to (Tanikka Paulk)


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Don’t Believe in Defeat

We will go through our trials and suffer setbacks but that doesn’t mean that we’re defeated. We shouldn’t allow defeat to be apart of our vocabulary. No amount of negative words and criticism should create defeat in our minds. Just because something doesn’t go as planned doesn’t meant that there’s failure. Failure occurs when we don’t try.

Have you ever believed that you were defeated? If so why did you feel that way? There will be obstacles in place and people may try to hinder us but that doesn’t mean that we won’t succeed or be “successful.” Despite what people may say, “We are Victorious.” Sonetimes our minds settle on being victimized instead of being conquers. If we believe that it can be done and put in the effort then we can succeed.

Defeat isn’t for us. It doesn’t allow us to think that we’re capable of doing great things. We’re capable of doing more than we give ourselves credit for. If we think negatively then negativity will be apart of our journey and our lives. Everyone can use some encouragement even if there’s only one person that believes in what you stand for. That’s all we more than we need because God and Jesus will always be on our side through good and bad.

Too many people go through life with a defeated attitude. They may have been trained to believe that something complex can never be accomplished. Complexities help build us. We become wiser and stronger. Defeat shouldn’t live in our hearts and minds. We don’t need it. Even if we missed a deadline. It doesn’t mean that a defeat has occured. It simply means that a setback occured.

We’ll have setbacks that’s apart of life. We will face adversities that’s also apart of life. Those things could either make us stronger or break us. It all depends on our mindset. If we want feel accomplished then we must be willing to accomplish something. We don’t have to be rich with money in order to be successful. We could be rich with love and continuous growth. There’s the success. “Actions Towards Something Great is Work.”

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