How did Mankind Consider the Color red as Wicked

Mankind is disorderly how does the red words spoken by Jesus Christ transform into badness? Mankind’s line of thinking. When Jesus speaks the words will be in red. There are so many blinded by what’s in the world. The Universe, there are so many without Jesus in their hearts, that’s why they’re so confused. Light will outweigh the darkness just look into the night sky and see how light shines through the darkness. “Destructive Ways Will Lead Troubled Minds Down the Wrong Path. Their Thoughts Need to be Transformed.” By: Tanikka Paulk.

What God has for a person God has already said what He wanted. So therefore no matter what changes mankind has made there will be God’s words which will hold value. There are words representing certain colors but why has mankind decided to view the color red as bad? There is goodness but how many are willing to allow the goodness to flourish? It appears as though there are more disobedience which mankind projects than there are obedience.

Ever person has been disobedient and we’ll have to suffer. God isn’t pleased when mankind decides to change the words spoken by Jesus into wickedness. The words are powerful just look in the Bible and find that the words spoken by Jesus are in read. Jesus Christ isn’t and wasn’t a wicked man. Mankind’s thoughts has caused crumbling but God can and will build. “There will be some unwilling to listen or to admit to rights there are some who enjoy wrongs.” By: Tanikka Paulk

There is a reason why I’ve mentioned what’s in the title. Red represents The Blood of Jesus.¬†Look at how mankind operates. Where is the love? How many actually truly follow what God and Jesus Christ has supplied? There appears as if there are many nonbelievers. Some may claim to know the word of God but are unwilling to follow any of what God has said. Red isn’t what they’ve perceived read to be. Jesus Christ was and is good so why does mankind think that Jesus words have little value? Going to the word.

Just Look inside the Bible and Find That the Word Spoken by Jesus are in red. by: Tanikka Paulk 

Author’s Notes: “What Tanikka Paulk is saying.” I’ve been challenged as a writer and challenged as a Child of God there will be some disagreeing with what is said and there are some disagreeing with what God has spoken. There is an opportunity to look and see what the word has to say. Reading, studying, understanding. What I’ve said has been confirmed. Mankind could disagree but God will and has all power. I’m continuing for many reasons and I’m blessed even when they project hateful words.

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I’m Qualified for That Mission

There’s too many People failing to understand that all persons aren’t equipped to travel on the journey. No matter how many times it’s explained there seems to be some refusing to accept that there will be no invitation. There’s certainly difficulties if there are many uncooperative People. There should be at least some consideration to understand. The focus is to accomplish the set goals in order to create stability. The economy certainly can use a boost. There are invaders and the ones trying to sabotage shouldn’t receive an invitation. “The ability” to understand seems to be far between some of the membranes.

The mission is to incur higher revenue. Imagine if budgets continue to dip then there could be individuals being laid off and suffering economical distress. How many are willing to assist how many really are concerned about growth? When there are achievements to accomplish then there should be cooperative People. Are they concerned about increases or are they simply focused on causing decreases. The mission shouldn’t be every person’s mission because there are some refusing to become “qualified”. There must be “visionaries” on such mission. That is right.

When there’s growth then there will be more stability. There could be less homelessness but so many are so focused on their selfishness that they’re unable to visualize. There is more than dreaming occurring. There is no time to waste on babysitting the insecurities in which so many seem to project. The ones believing in the abundance are the ones qualified to travel on the journey. A visionary should consider and observe the qualified. Most of the time the person will have to travel alone. Having too many hanging on could result in delays. “To consider the most effective ways to assist the economy is what is needed.” By: Tanikka Paulk

I’ve encountered persons continuing to cause havoc because they’re really afraid of prosperity. The challenges and adversities could create greater strength but too much pulling and there could be broken bridges. They’re not looking ahead there seems to be some continuing to look backwards. There should be further developments. There should be positive thinking and sights on what will help the entire world. Some have confused themselves by refusing to see what is in front of People. Look closer and there could be “connections” beyond imagined. “There will be accomplishments in which some could be taken back by. It’s the wait and see.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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