Look Pass the Noise

If you ever come in contact with the burdens in life. It’s best to proceed and find your inner peace. Anytime you’re doing something that people aren’t satisfied with or don’t understand then they may you into their cloud of misery. Don’t bother because will only create bigger issues. No matter what one does or says. Someone will be dissatisfied with it. If we have something to say then we should have every right to say it and if we want to do something it’s our choice. It’s up ti us whether we want to suffer through the consequences or not.

Don’t focus on the noise that’s created to detour you from whatever you’re doing. Focus on trying to improve and focus on “growth.” Not everyone wants to see others prosper and they may not be so thrilled about others trying to reach their goals. Don’t be dismayed when there’s rocks thrown directly at the most vulnerable place on your body. The noise is set up to stop whatever the journey that you’re trying to take. Don’t feel abandoned because of the turbulence that moves about.

Someone will always deny you of something and that’s something we have to accept. Don’t stop moving because there’s boos here and there. We must understand that we’ll face adversity at some point in our lives. It can be over rather quickly or it can linger on but we must stand tall and keep moving. Allowing ourselves to tune somethings out is alright. We don’t need to take in everything. When things are stumbling we should continue to stay on the path set up for us.

We will face tough guys and gals but we’re also tough and can overcome. Our purpose can not be fulfilled if we give up. It doesn’t matter how much screams, taunts we come across, we need to make our way through all of it. We can not get anything done if we’re constantly bothered by the spectators noises. They will make noise and that’s something we may have to deal with but they can not stop our show.

Too many people have broken down because they allowed the noise from mothers take a hold of them. God gave us gifts and we allow them to “shine.” If we hide them then we’re not showing what God has placed in us. Some great people become great leaders because they went through the noise. They may have stumbled a few times but they made it. No one should give up because they had to experience the shouts and thumbs down. When there’s a thumbs down. We should have thumbs up.

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Don’t Knock One’s Creativity

It amazes me how far people will go just to make sure that others don’t get any “shine.” They expose their insecurities and it creates disconnects. How can one be secure with those who will try to bring you down because they feel insecure about your “creativity.” It’s sad and sometimes we may feel sorry for people like that. Although they may spill their insecurities onto us. We should continue to keep making moves. We must find a way to deal with them. Not easy but sometimes they’re our loved ones.

Some people may call perceive them as haters, well, in a way that’s what they are but they’re more insecure than anything. Most are upset because they have to watch others live out their dreams and they feel bad because they chose not to live out theirs. We can not do anything about that but that shouldn’t stop us from continuing to pursue our dreams. People will try to stop us and when they do. It should make us want to go harder. Be confident and proceed.

Sometimes we experience some who try to weight us down our whole lives. They’re toxic and they may have to learn that we refuse to tolerate our behavior by limiting our time with them or completely removing them from our lives. We must protect our minds and protect whatever we’re trying to achieve. We shouldn’t allow others to destroy what we;re working towards. They may try to hang onto our coat tails so that they receive a piece of the pie.

We don’t have to accept the behaviors and we should continue to believe in ourselves whether others believe in us or not. Our concentration should be on trying to achieve our goals and make our dreams and the dreams of others come true. We should help those that we can and remove the worries for those who refuse to be uplifting and always trying to tear others down.

Don’t ever allow anyone to stop you from pursuing your dreams. We’re built to stand up and conquer. Conquerors don’t allow anyone to get them down. At least not for long. If we fall we should quickly pick ourselves back up. When others show us that they aren’t on our team then we must keep a watchful eye on them. We shouldn’t allow them to mess up what we’re trying to accomplish but we should also view some of it as compliments. If they didn’t think that we have what it takes then they wouldn’t try to bring us down.

Dreamers will go through a lot of storms. They’re path won’t be easy. Others will want to demolish their creativity so that they don’t have to see any of it. The strong ones will encourage and feel inspired. We all have the capabilities to inspire others but some of us choose to be a downer. We’re all talented and we have gifts and it’s unfortunate that some refuse to allow their gifts to shine and they refuse to allow others to share their “gifts.”

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The Adversity Will Occur but are you Prepared for Much More

We all must face adversity and some more than others. Sometimes we run right into it and other times it’s in our homes. We will have to deal with people who aren’t equipped to handle other people’s voyage. Then we have to face that added adversity. Some of it is expected and others aren’t expected. Sometimes things hit us at once and we may not be prepared for it. It takes time to get use to some adversity. It can be difficult for anyone having to deal with people trying to stop them from doing what they’re passionate about. It’s especially challenging when the people who are suppose to be behind us try to discourage us from utilizing our gifts.

They may not want to see us excel because they haven’t experienced anything similar. We will have to deal with it the best way that we can.It’s not easy at all.There will be times when we become irritated with those who refuse to allow others to succeed. If one is unable to help in some way they should at least try not hinder others from progressing. Unfortunately life is filled with all sorts of nicks and knacks. There will be people who are envious of our journey and are simply seeing how far they can go with us.

The best thing that to do is to “keep making progress” and limit our time with those who don’t have our best interest at heart. If they don’t want to see others excel then they won’t support us in anyway. Sometimes we have to be extra patient with some and stern with others. Sometimes we have to put our foot down and let our loved ones know that they have no control over our lives. When we have to deal with all sorts of personalities we will have to find what works with dealing with one of them.

We should want see others move forward in life and allow their passion to grow. No talent should be silenced. People must find their own way and decide what they want to do in life. If one is unable to find which road they should travel then they may need to meditate on it. We all should receive a fair chance. It’s unfortunate that we have to deal with resistance but that’s apart of life. Our trials can be long or short and we’re unable to control people. We have to do what’s best and refuse to allow people to stop us from achieving our “greatness.”

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Deception Revealed

There’s so many people that need assistance, there’s the homeless, and those who have health conditions but what about those seeking help in the most deceptive ways? We all have gone through or are going through something. One of the most irritating things is when people use deceptive ways to receive help. They may try to say that bills are one amount but they’re another. They may use tactics to try to make people feel guilty for not helping them.

It’s one thing to need help, we’ve all needed or need help at some point, but to be manipulative is just wrong. Pretending to help others but wanting the money back is not really helping. Borrowing is one thing but when something is given. It shouldn’t be expected back. Of course there’s a heart for those that truly need help but for those who are trying to trick people in order to receive it will be “exposed.”

Some people will pretend to allow families to stay in their home but have a motive. They may see them as opportunities to gain. Gaining deceptively won’t last. You’ll be surprised who’s willing to make you look like a fool. There’s no hand outs, who wants to throw money away, well people do it but I’m not sure if they really want to do it? There’s nothing wrong with giving and being kind but we have every right not to allow people to take advantage of us.

When people try to make things look one way when it’s really another. They’re doing a disservice to themselves because it will come out. It can be difficult when one knows that another is being deceptive but they have to put on that I’m stupid face. Asking for help would be an easier solution than trying to do underhanded things in order to receive help. We can do things in order, tell people how we feel, do it in a respectful way. I think I’m getting tired of people taking advantage of situations and others . Thinking they have a right to do so. What and who gave them the right?

Attacks Will Come but we Must Overcome

When we’re making changes in our lives, it can make a lot of people upset, not everyone wants to see change occur. It doesn’t matter if we want change or not. Change will happen. It may be difficult for some to accept change so therefore they will spill attacks. We have to “overcome” them.

The more we put our heads in the bible. The greater the attacks. Satan isn’t pleased when we’re trying to get closer to God. He will use people to try to stop our purpose. He destroys and doesn’t want to see us happy. If he can get us down then that will make him satisfied.

He lurks about. When we try to go higher. He tries to keep us lower. Even when attacks head our way. We should pray more. If we’re facing trials. We should focus on what God has instore for us. The more we read the word of God. The more we’ll understand when days seem so in tangled. It isn’t easy trying to transform in a way that God wants us to transform. That’s why we have to pray more.

We’ll need to meditate on the Lord. If people are upset about us making a connection with God then they may be a hinder to our walk. People become fearful because they want things to be a certain way. They may perceive things one way when it’s another. It can get pretty rough. We will come up against those that disagree with what we’re doing.

We should connect with those who are trying to go where we’re trying to go. Those who are angry with our goals won’t be supportive and may try to stop what God has for us. No one can defeat God but they may try to create difficulties for us. Even if we stumble. We should get back up and keep moving.

God can do all things so we’re not alone. Even in our troubled days, He watches over us, Jesus will lead us to His father. Each day we should become stronger. There could be devision between others, especially husbands and wives, one may want to go this way and the other may want to go another way.

This world is filled with road blocks and we have to decide whether those road blocks will stop us. We will make it through. The troubled roads get smoother. The turbulance won’t go on always. We simply have to find those posittive things that will help us get closer to our assignment.

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The Best way to Deal With Difficult People

Difficult people exist, some of us are in contact with them everyday, but how do we deal with difficult people? Of course they will make you upset at some point but the best ways to deal with them is to ignore them. Yes, ignoring them will give you a peace of mind, don’t allow them to push your buttons because they will try in fact they love trying to push anyone’s buttons.

If ignoring them doesn’t work, and they’re on social media then you should block them, you don’t want them trying to harass you, or try to prank you. If blocking them doesn’t work then you may want to leave the social media site that’s filled with difficult people. Some people are going to be difficult no matter what.

If you want peace, find places where there are little to no difficult people, there’s plenty of places that have happy people circling about. Difficult people could create havoc on and offline so spend little time with them. If you’re the praying type, pray for them, prayer works. Some people are unaware that they’re difficult and in that case, you should tell them, and perhaps they will turn things around.

No one wants to deal with a difficult person or people. They will cause fatigue. Some people have lost “awesome friendships” because they were so difficult. Why spend your life dealing with that when you can spend it “smiling” and “happy?” Don’t allow difficult people to weigh you down.

If a particular social media site has “a lot of difficult people” then it’s best to go where there’s “positive people.” You will be “happy” and good things will happen for you. Don’t be filled with irritation and aggravation because you’ve came in contact with a lot of difficult people on a particular social media site. Where there’s bad apples. There’s good apples and you will be so “thankful” when you spend time with “loving” people.

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