Resistance When Trying to Elevate

The only ones who can avoid being criticized or avoid the cynics are the ones who do nothing. When we’re trying to move up. We’ll come across a lot of resistance. Some aren’t pleased with observing others making some headway. So of course they’ll try to stop whatever it is courageous people try to do.

Consider the Source

If individuals are trying to shake up and rattle a vision or dream then indication on how large the vision and dream is. Being sidelines doesn’t generate much. Making attempts is more than a lot of people are willing to do. The noise will carry on but we should move forward either way. We can not allow what others or think about us to hinder progress. Some are unhappy not only with their lives but with themselves. We simply can’t take on everyone’s problems. If they’re unable to encourage others then they’re about of the critics are cynics. They’ll be waiting ti try and make someone’s life miserable.

Move Through the Crowd

It’s important that we keep going. We’re already aware that there will be some who aren’t pleased with any “movement.” The ones who have competitive spirits will try just anything to create a stop. Goes to show that there’s a lot of talent out there that so many are envious of. No need to worry about noise makers. They’re wasting time making noise but what else are they accomplishing? Too busy trying to dismantle other people’s dreams.

Some chaos will occur but the chaos shouldn’t stop determination. The objective to cause visionaries to stop having the vision to open doors of opportunity. Some are more concerned with what pertains to their group. Lacking compassion. If we have faith then all that gibberish means absolutely nothing. How can noise makers contribute anything but noise? Not worth the time to even give attention to a bunch of nonsense.

“Don’t be a Crab.” Appreciate the Gifts the We all Have.” ( TanikkaPaulk)

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The Truth is not Everyone Wants to see it

So you’re doing something out of the norm and you’ve noticed that some aren’t too pleased with it. Well, that’s alright, not everyone is happy for those trying to elevate. Some aren’t happy within so they may become irritated by those who are trying to make a difference. We’re all set out to do something. We have greatness within us but not all will choose to project it.

Some people have been down in the dumps because they’ve came in contact with others who are just miserable. ¬†Every time they see you or others come up with some great idea. They become irritated. Why? Well, they didn’t come up with it, and they’re upset that you did. We can’t control what people will say or do but we can choose to move forward and do what’s best for us.

Sometimes people are so upset with themselves it surfuces on the outside. We can’t stop doing what we’re purposed to do just because people are irtitated by it. We can’t live for others and they can’t live for us.. The goal is to irritate others so much that they’ll quit. Don’t give up on your dreams because the crowd makes noise.

In fact is a good sign when they do. If it wasn’t big then no one would notice. Too many people turn back because they listen to what others have to say. Some advice can be accepted and others we should try to tune out. Not everyone will understand our “vision.” In fact it’s not for everyone to understand. For those who love it, great, and those who don’t that’s fine. We can’t stop achieving because people want us to.

If you want to do something spectacular then you will have to learn to put somethings to the side. We can’t listen to everyone but we should listento sound advice. Constructive criticism. Not nonsense. If you love it then why not go for it? We never know how much of a difference we can make by doing what we love.

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The Higher one Rises the More Resistance They’ll Face

Anyone trying to make progress or follow their dreams will face some resistance. Not everyone will be happy for those who are trying to better themselves and others. Some will be so irritated that they try all sorts of things to hinder “dreamers.” Just because some may not like our vision that doesn’t mean that we should stop trying to make it happen. We’ll never be able to please everyone and we shouldn’t try. If we listen to the negativity then we won’t continue pursuing our dreams.

Too many people have missed out because they became fearful when it comes to allowing their dreams to shine. If we are so in tuned with what others think then we will put our dreams away. The fact is, people will say all sorts of things, people become envious when it comes to people doing extraordinary things. If we really want to achieve then we will do so by looking pass the boo’s and fighting our way through the crowd.

Although trying to pursue or dreams won’t be easy. We shouldn’t even consider giving up. Those who are irritated with our dreams probably have given up on theirs. We can not do anything about people not wanting to move up but we can do something about our “rise.” We must do all that we can so that we’re not at a standstill. We can’t move forward if we’re constantly focused on how hard pursuing our dreams will become.

There’s talent within all of us and it’s up to us whether we want to utilize our talents. It’s sad that so many talented people refuse to allow their talents to shine. No matter how tough it gets, we should keep trucking along, we never know what an impact we can make. There’s nothing we can do about people trying to stop us but we shouldn’t stop ourselves.

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How to be More Successful

In order to generate an success We must be willing to seek the best avenues and we must be determined. Sometimes it takes working more than one task or performing more than one job. Success comes when we’re productive. Even if we complete one task, we’ve accomplished success, there’s different levels of success. Depending on what level we want to reach will determine how hard and long we’ll work towards it. We may work at a minimum level or we may put fourth maximum effort.

We must stay motivated and driven if we want to be successful. Refusing to give up must be in the plan. We don’t have to win them all but we should want to be victorious. Consider our future and our children’s future. No successful person received their success without some pain. The pain helped them develop. If one isn’t willing to take the pain and the ruggedness that comes along the journey then they don’t really want it. Some may not obtain success because they may try to find the easy ways to obtain it. There are no easy ways to obtain success.

We have to go through those trials in order to reach that desired level. We should strive for the very best and we simply don’t have to settle. Settling will keep us oppressed and that shouldn’t be something that we want. Success won’t happen overnight. It can take years and years before one even sees the glimpse of where they really want to be. Don’t shy away from it be determined to live better. We don’t have to be stuck in a runt. We can achieve great things but we must “keep moving.”

The top Ways to Reach Success

  1. Be determined and if you Believe in Prayer Then Pray Continuously.
  2. Work harder.
  3. Listen to Motivational Speeches and Watch Motivational Videos.
  4. Remove Toxicity.
  5. Refuse to Give up!

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Hold Your Head up High

We live in a very competitive world. People doing whatever it takes to win. Winning is alright but what about succeeding? If people are trying to stop others from succeeding then they’re doing a disservice to themselves. Of course they may not view it that way but they are. If we don’t accomplish something that can create a brightet future then that can hinder those who come behind us. The ones who try to hinder those who are trying to succeed could be holding their children back. Those who are trying to accomplish great things could be the ones who open up doors for the ones who try to hinder children.

People probably aren’t thinking that way but they should. It doesn’t benefit us to stop others from excelling. It only creates more problems. Bigger problems actually. If people are trying to weigh others down for whatever reason then they will have to figure all to get around it. There’s always ways. We shouldn’t ferl bad about trying to achieve and trying to set up things for the future. Anyone trying to make us feel bad about that is a helper. They hinder. They ferl bad when they see others trying to accomplish their goals or “live their dreams.”

It doesn’t seem fair that people rather try and sabotage one’s goals but this happens when competitiveness is in the works. No mattet what comes up against us. We can overcome. We should hold our heads up high and feel good about where we’re headed. No need to keep looking backwards when good things are in front of us. If we give in to those who want us to stop prospering then we will suffer a defeat.

Some may give up because they feel it’s difficult but difficulties are apart of the “process. ” We either accept or we simply give up. Giving up shouldn’t be an option. We have to push ourselves and block out what needs to be blocked out. Never allow anyone to stop you from creating a better future. We should all want better and we can have it. No mattet how tough it gets. Keep going, keep believing, and feel confident.

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If it was Easy Everyone Would be Doing it

Trying to reach certain goals isn’t easy. It can be downright difficult. Some easiness may occur but for the most part it can be tough. If trying to pursue our dreams were easy. A lot of people would try it. Some may be fearful or refuse to go head to head with adversity so they refuse to pursue their dreams. Life isn’t easy and we shouldn’t expect our dreams to be easy.

When we reach our final destination then it will be easy. Some challenges may occur but we should be well developed by then. Sone goals scare people off and that’s unfortunate. Difficulties isn’t for everyone. It’s pretty sad that others rather miss out on opportunities because they feel that things would be too hard. Toughness is apart of living. We can’t avoid the difficulties so why should we avoid pursuing our dreams?

The easy roads are far in between. We may come across some of the easy but all in all we will have to face that adversity. No one should discourage another from trying to pursue their dreams. In fact we all should encourage one another to go for it despite how hard it maybe. Trying to reach certain goals will require us to give it our all. Not everyone is willing to do so. Pursuing our dreams is worth it and although we may feel fatigued at times. It’s still worth it.

If we had it easy then we probably wouldn’t develop and reaching certain goals requires development. We shouldn’t want to stay in one position. Growth is a wonderful thing to be apart of. When we face battles while trying to reach our greatness. We will become stronger for the next set of goals and we shouldn’t be fearful of them. Don’t be discouraged when the difficulties arise. We get theough them and we learn a lot more. Never give up on Pursuing Your Dreams. A lot can be accomplished when the fear is removed.

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Go Harder, Stronger, and Braver

Oh yes, there’s people who want to squash your dreams, but don’t you let them. They may work hard trying to get you down and out but shouldn’t make you want to move more? The reality is not everyone approves of people pursuing their dreams or creating change. They may be resistant to it and you may be a target of the screams. The best thing to do is to “keep moving.” That’s right. There’s goals to be accomplished and the destinations that need arrivals.

I remember reading about a writer who became a millionaire. He became accomplished but it didn’t happen without some bleed, sweat, and tears. He decided to tell his story after the success. He explained how people don’t really like to touch base on how hard it is to reach to the top. The truth is. It is quite difficult when trying to pursue not only your dreams but other things in life. You will have to come across some difficulties. No matter what occurs. One should keep moving. It’s not about the battle. It’s about how developed you become during the battle.

If you’re a “visionary” then you should surround yourself with visionaries. if you surround yourself with people who are lethargic then that’s what you will become. Those who want to drain your energy so that you don’t feel like moving forward will try to make their way into your life. If one wants to accomplish something then they will have to push their way through the crowd and remember that it’s impossible to please everyone. Don’t even try it.

The naysayers will come rolling the red carpet. They will try to scream all sorts of negatives at you. You can either allow your mind to ponder on them or keep moving. The struggle is real. It truly exist but without it we probably wouldn’t “grow.” The further you get the more you’ll learn about dealing with the resistant ones. They can only stop you if you allow them to. When pursuing your dreams you may find that some will cheer no matter what and others will do it sometimes. It all depends on their moods.

The best cheerleader in such an event is (you). If you don’t cheer for yourself than who will? We are our biggest supporters. If someone tries to discourage you from going after your dreams then say, “alright” but keep going. They will¬†give you a strange look but that’s alright. They shouldn’t have the power to make you quit. We all have something great inside us. Some may not want others to see it and others may not care who sees it. Our gifts deserve to “shine.”

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Be Determined to Make it Happen

Sometimes we have to be pushed in the right direction but once that happens, we should be motivated, and be determined. We will came across people who want us to stop what we’re doing. We may have to work extra hard in order to arrive at our destination. No matter what “keep going.” Don’t settle for less. Strive to not only be the best but strive for “greatness.”

If you want it really bad then do all you can to “make it happen.” If there’s a few bumps in the road and you fall, don’t despair, get back up and continue on. We will make mistakes, perhaps some bad judgements, but those things shouldn’t stop us from completing our “goals.” Move foward and continue to think positive and surround yourself around positive people.

There will be cheerleaders cheering you on, hecklers, and some naysayers. All of them have something to offer. The hecklers will push you. They’re the ones who will help you produce thicker skin. You’ll need it. Be courageous and remain focused. Don’t doubt yourself because if you do then you will become unproductive. You don’t want or need that.

There will be people who are willing to help you along the way and there will be those who want to trip you. Watch out for those who want to set traps for you. Not everyone can handle seeing others “prosper.” It doesn’t matter how many doubters you come across. Continue to be full of determination. The journey won’t be easy. Nothing worth having is. Concentrate on the good things and learn from the disappointing experiences.

All the sweat, tears, and hard work will and is worth it. You won’t face those trials for nothing. Don’t allow the tough times to get you down. Keep pushing and think about all that you’ve accomplished and all that you will accomplish. No one has the power to stop you. No one but you and don’t allow your voice to drown your dreams.