There was Some Change huh?

There is this chick who experienced bullying and oh my goodness she kept on creating. She refused to allow the nasty bullies to intimidate her. They thought that she was a pushover but now they’re trying to figure out how they can try to ruin the rest of the way. She is so determined to move forward and although she has experienced the harassment she continues. It’s so nice that that is moving along. Awesome she hasn’t allowed the spoilers to push her back. Although they’ve tried to move her down further on “Google” she continues to make strides.

That is so brave, a brave one, scripture certainly knew how to describe her. She chuckles because so many have tried to stop her from excelling further. There are some determined to protect her. “Smiles coming from her, she feels renewed, and believes what God has spoken about. The transformation of the mind.” (Tanikka Paulk). Oh gosh so many have doubted her. They’ve thrown stones at her and wanted her to stop making more progress. Determination is the driving force in which one can excel more than humanity can conceive.

She is smiling on this photo. Look!

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They call her all sorts of names but their actions hasn’t caused her decline. She doesn’t feel defeated. There is so much joyfulness because she has achieved more than the rich. That’s right. Her success level is higher. She continues to give herself self encouragement. “Whatever is “perceived” will cause a person to think they’ve been defeated but a positive mindset will allow a person to experience the victory.” (Tanikka Paulk). The mind transformed. They really need her. Oh how important she is because they can’t seem to function without her.

I’ve observed some pretending as if they don’t need her but oh they really do. She is able to function and really can move along because she supports self and although they rarely support her she continues to recognize others. They’ve declared her as being noble. The FBI said so. Thanks. Is she with the FBI, CIA, DEA etc? Administration would consist of her being along with law enforcement. She does hold an Associate Degree with Business Administration/Criminal Justice Administration and a Bachelors Degree with Criminal Justice. “General.” They have stated that the “Government” has chosen her and she is in the highest position.

The Bible has described her as daughter Daughter she certainly fits the description. They’ve tried to confuse her they’ve tried to ruin her but God allows her to continue on her mission. She is very brave. How many would be so brave when facing bullies? Oh she has the proof and gosh she is “just.” Are they considered to be just? No. Some are quite talented though but they really should’ve utilized their time wisely. Some jerking off her photos. They desired her. She received messages from women but she has advised the women that she isn’t bi-sexual.

They’ve really tried to annoy her. She has five sons and calls “rapper” Pumpkin. She was born and raised in Miami, Florida and continues to help others. “She offer People free business promotions and gosh they are the most ungrateful People. Jerks.” (From: Tanikka Paulk). Some aren’t on her friends list. They are mean, cruel, and disrespectful. She “continues” to love but really tries to avoid some of the knuckle heads. The really friendly Police Officers seem to really like her. Oh gosh her photos were distributed all over the world it appears.


She is a writer and here is some of her work!

Being Poetically Expressive Right Here

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How Many are Continuing to Compete?

What are so many competing for? It seems as though some could be competing to rise higher or to keep their freedom. Whatever the reasons are they’re competing strongly. That’s right. There are some continuing to be overly competitive. Would some need therapy because of their overly competitiveness? Anyway I’m continuing and really can’t afford to be focused on what the competitors are doing. There is so much to accomplish and the groups aren’t there yet. Oh where will that destination be?

There’s the wait and see. My purpose was already designed and it appears as though some haven’t figured out how to “understand.” I’ve climbed higher and I’m so thrilled that there will be the abundance. Shouldn’t individuals claim their abundance? Yes indeed. I’m aware of what my path is suppose to be and there are some thinking that they can disconnect my pathway.” (Tanikka Paulk). How many times will they try to prevent what has already been declared? They’re still trying.

It’s important that the proceeding continues. The said objectives haven”t been met as of yet. Yes it appears as though the processes are time consuming but will be worth the pain and tears. There is no way of getting around the adversity but one thing is for sure there “will be the abundance” yes there will be. I’m keeping the faith. I’m a believer and I’m aware of what God can do. He’s continued to try and protect me=Tanikka Paulk. The journey is for you=Tanikka Paulk. It’s my journey. There seems to be way to be many wanting to overpower my journey.

I’m an advocate and I’m fighting to keep what belongs to “Tanikka Paulk.” Wow! They’re so determined to try and rid of what I’ve worked for. “Papers said so, the Good Books says so, The “confirmation” agreed.” By: Tanikka Paulk. I’ve made my decisions with my own mind. I’m continuing to discover and have explored my options. What are the rest so focused on? Should they be focused on my journey or should they focus on their own gifts? Yes they should focus on their gifts and try to create a better world. There should be more togetherness.

Soon enough there will be the breakthroughs in which I’ve been waiting for. I’m satisfied with my progress and although there were setbacks there seems to be some acceleration now. How wonderful! I’ve been pushed and certainly didn’t think they pushed too far. Perhaps some have gone too far but what are the consequences? There should be further developments. Standing in the way won’t help it’s better to allow the journey to proceed and that’s what God is allowing. I’m certainly grateful.

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Craft Confidence is Extremely Helpful

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Focusing on What can Offer Growth

If any person continues to focus on what others are saying then they’ll find that they’re unable to meet the goals. There will be lots of People trying to cause disruptions and how many are willing to join in? It seems as though there are more individuals focused on decreases instead of increases. There should be gladness when it comes to “growth.” The ability “to grow” in anyway is truly a blessing. It’s better to proceed with confidence and determination and refuse to be pushed to the side. I’ve had to face so many continuing to cause a cease with the purpose in which God has instilled. They’re quite confused and really need to check themselves.

What I’ve already accomplished can not be taking away. They’ll try over and over to create setbacks but one must “be determined” enough to make continuous progress. Yes, trying to live any dream isn’t easy. the critics will have their say. Some will become aggressive and they’ll use the meanest words in order to cause a decrease in bravery. There must be a winning attitude presented. What’s said shouldn’t force any person to move backwards there should be upward motions and elevation occurring. No person will be without adversities. There will be many trials to face. How persons deal with the trials truly matter.

The words spoken aren’t going to force me=Tanikka Paulk to stop moving towards “my designed purpose.” They’ve already said a lot. Some can’t keep their mouths closed. Distractions are what so many continue to try to project. There are many reasons why the persons will try to do so. For some they’re not wanting to see rises occur. Some may not want to see certain groups get ahead. The main reason why some are having difficulties is because they’re unwilling to accept. My purpose was given to me=Tanikka Paulk by God the Father of Jesus Christ. I’ve been challenged many many times.

The time is now when there should be focus on providing the best avenues in order to create further “achievements.” What about the younger generation? Is there no concern about what they’re going to do? What was and is designed for persons is. “They don’t seem to understand that it was and it is.”(Tanikka Paulk). They’ve tried to force me=Tanikka Paulk) out of my purpose. It’s a wonderful thing that I’ve found the best ways to deal with the critics and others. There should be movement occurring. How about that=Tanikka Paulk? Yes, what so many have done has caused some sort of delay but what God has declared they’re unable to prevent. Alright!

The lies told probably will continue but what will they offer me=Tanikka Paulk? They’re offering very little by projecting such actions. I’m going to accomplish what I’ve set out “to accomplish.” There will be goals met. The distractions haven;t added the necessary value. “I’m still believing in self and I’m determined enough to proceed.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Yes, the competitors will continue to display their silly antics, what will they gain? I’m moving forward and so should the others. There should be more willing to take the necessary steps in order to incur the breakthroughs. Determination is it.

Oh it was good and it is. Oh yes that it was “good” and it is good. Oh yes indeed it was Tanikka me=Tanikka Paulk and it is Tanikka me=Tanikka Paulk.

There was and is Light. Light is continuing to Shine Amen! (Tanikka Paulk)

My Photo right here. (Tanikka Paulk). Photo Belongs to Tanikka Paulk

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I’m Living and I’m Proceeding how About That?

That=Tanikka Paulk. So there’s so many continuing to be intimidated by the gift, gifts, and creativity huh? Just observe how many are trying to stop the progress. No matter how many attacks there are. I’m going to be determined and continue to remain focused on the journey. The noisemakers have caused distractions and although there were some setbacks there is still hopefulness. God already ordained my purpose. Mankind doesn’t seem to understand exactly how God operates. “I’m Headed In the Right Direction and I’m Feeling Excited About it.” The it=Tanikka=Tanikka Paulk.

There’s hope even when the storms reign in. It’s important isn’t it? There are so many continuing to try and cause a decline. God is still with me=Tanikka Paulk. Jesus Christ is still with me=Tanikka Paulk. What so many don’t understand is that God has favored me=Tanikka Paulk. My journey doesn’t require that all travel. In fact there shouldn’t be any person on the journey trying to cause disturbances. The ones continuing to throw arrows aren’t confident. Tanikka Paulk is certainly confident.

My viewpoints won’t add up to the others. What I’ve demonstrated should be enough but there will be others wanting to witness more and more. They’ll try to place pressure on the person traveling on “the journey.” There are some wanting to throw me=Tanikka Paulk to the flames. God loves me=Tanikka Paulk. God loves all persons. The motivation is still here. I’m not feeling defeated. The actions projected hasn’t caused discouragement. No!

It’s Tanikka Paulk and Tanikka Shajuan Wilson is my Birth name. Name is of great importance. Just look and see how many try to come at me=Tanikka Paulk. The words spoken have certainly caused some distress but no longer. I’ve learned how to deal with the cynics. I’m in a better place now. Meaning that I’ve transformed from one stage to another. “How many would love to see my success occur.” By: Tanikka Pauk. I’m already successful and although some may not perceive this to be so. The work I’ve created has caused some to become dismayed. I’m continuing just think about the why.

“My name is Tanikka Paulk and I’m hopeful and blessed. ” (Tanikka Paulk)

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I’m you and so what!

So there’s a problem with me=Tanikka Paulk being you? Oh I’m so determined so whatever the thoughts are about my journey I’m still moving ahead. There shouldn’t be any beefing but it’s obvious that there’s some misunderstandings and so many are unwilling to accept. “I’m more concerned about society the economy then the persons chatting nonsense about this chick.” (Tanikka Paulk). What are they saying? They’ve said a lot but that chick is continuing anyway this and that is the same and it’s me=Tanikka Paulk.

No need to be in the feelings. To feel badly about the movements. There should be progress and why are so many so down about this chick’s journey? Cheer up guys. There should be smiles about what’s to occur. “There watching every move keep the moves hidden alright!” (Tanikka Paulk). The you will continue making what needs to occur happen. It’s alright and I’m ok with some of the hating. Are they really hating they could be inspired.

Trying to check me=Tanikka Paulk can be quite difficult. So many continue to hang on to my purpose and what’s to come. There should be more cooperation but unfortunately there will be some disagreeing. No matter what’s expressed there will be more and more developments. Alright! So perhaps there should be more cooperating but if they’re unwilling then that’s their problem. It’s supplied some facts and a whole lot of inspiration. Just wait and see what will occur there will be a lot of surprises. Perhaps some aren’t enjoying surprises.

There could be some running and some skipping. There certainly will be movements no matter how many try to prevent movement from occurring. There is so much focus on the getting ahead. That’s right! So many are focused on what will occur next. Perhaps there shouldn’t be any revealing as to what will occur later on. “I’m still here and forwarding my purpose. Still smiling.” Tanikka Paulk is still here oh yeah!” (Tanikka Paulk).

It’s the you

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Photo Belongs to Tanikka Paulk

Featured Photo Belongs to Tanikka Paulk

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Setting a Tone at This Time

A Bright Attitude Towards Greater Achievements

So many may have discovered that trying to achieve more can be quite difficult. There could be a lot of individuals trying to create a cease but through determination one can continue on the path in which their destined to achieve. No matter how difficult “the journey” becomes there can be lots of success achieved. For some the thoughts of achieving is quite exciting and for others they may not be so interested in what is achieved. In order to remain focused on the right path there will need to be removals.

To remove distractions is necessary. However no matter what one tries to achieve there will be times when distractions make their way in. Some may choose to complete less because of fatigue due to having to come up against the doubters. “Headed Towards Remarkable Greatness and That’s What’s Been Designed.” By: Tanikka Paulk. If they’re focusing on disruptions then they’re not trying to move ahead. Some determine one’s success by dollars and cents and others view success levels as moving towards the upper ladders.

If there is continuous actions then a person can create heights so many heights. “There will be noise surrounded by the vision but continue fourth despite what’s said or done.” By: Tanikka Paulk. We’ll have to learn to inspire self. Waiting on others to provide the inspirations isn’t what should be done. There may not be too many willing to project inspiration. Some will even go as far as to project discouragement so that there is either a slowdown or an end to what the person or persons are trying to achieve.

Be Encouraged 

Yes, there will be lots of individuals yelling and projecting ugly words. Allow “encouragement” in and listen to positive sounds and witness the positivity. Some environments will be exposed with misguided information. There are some so determined to destroy what is clearly suppose to be. Perhaps more should be focused on the end results. Focused on what will add value and not the subtractions. When pursuing there will be a lot of individuals upset because they’ve refused to live their dreams.

If they’re not pleased with what’s occurring then we certainly don’t have to stop what we’re doing in order to please individuals whom never be pleased anyway. The opinions will float about and there will be a lot of chatter about what is going on and what a person should or shouldn’t do. Remain focused on the important areas. The dreams, visions, and ideas can be surrounded by light but there must be less time spent in dark areas. “If what’s being said adds no value then there shouldn’t be any focus on what’s being said.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Oh yes too Determined to Turn Back

Patiencetly Awaiting What God has Stored

No matter how mankind tries to make progressing difficult God will see each and every person through the trials if allowed in. So therefore despite the hardships which arise. I’m continuing to move forward and refuse to allow any person to take my faith in God and Jesus Christ away. So many are so lost and some may never find their way to the light. There will be many settled into darkness. It’s unfortunate that mankind administers a lot of attacks in order to either discourage or to try and gain whatever it is the person or person are pursuing. “I’m Confident Enough to Know That God Won’t Forsake and There Will Abundance When God is Ready.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

Living here may incur many difficulties but there is no discouragement. Each day that I’m allowed to arise, I’m truly blessed, there will be completeness. Thr trials aren’t reasons to stop progressing and to stop being apart of movements. Yes, trying to move from one point to another is difficult but not impossible. The road blocks set are ways in which strength can be built. There should be elevating abut there will be individuals continuing to try and create a cease for many reasons. “There is no Defeat Here. I’m Unwilling to Think Defeat.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

Some may believe that trying to intimidate a person will stop the person from elevating. For some yes but for the strong they’ll continue on no matter how many are trying to prevent the elevating. We’re all given a gift or gifts and why should we allow what God has given to be wasted? There are so many afraid to rise up! So many fear what others will say. Of course there will be hecklers and doubters not wanting to witness “abundance.” The Determination will allow the progress to continue despite the situations occurring. The words which are projected shouldn’t prevent movements from occurring. The negatives can be removed and we should allow the positives to reign in.

So many appear to be focused on trying to stop what has already been ordained. Perhaps mankind is continuing to refuse to understand exactly what it is that God wants. For so many their beliefs may not be spiritually inclined. “It is the Bible Which Continues to Help my Porgressing Through Such a Difficult Journey.” By: (Tanikka Paulk). The focus is on making positive changes and finding the best solutions to the many injustices. Coming up against so many isn’t an easy task but through my faith. I’m continuing to move ahead. Some instances may seem slow but there will be rapid speeds and I’m sure that God nor Jesus will ever forsake.

What mankind uses to try to create evilness their actions will be used for good. There is goodness in a place when it appears as if darkness is settling. Light comes through and it is light which out shines the darkness. Darkness is separated from light and when mankind thinks that darkness will overpower light. God will prove mankind wrong. There are some refusing to even understand what we must accomplish in order to create further progress. We’ll be tested and challenges many times but if we’re faithful to what God has proclaimed then we’ll certainly make it to where we should be. What some fail to understand is that what is for a person is for a person. “What God Declares is so and Mankind can not Defeat God the Father of Jesus Christ.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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Adversity Comes and Adversity Goes

“Making Progress and the Smile and Continues.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

Photo Belongs to Tanikka Paulk

It Really Does Take a Whole lot of Strength to Proceed

When facing many battles at once some may become consumed with stress or feel less confident. The ones who have been in training most of their lives will most likely develop greater strength. The strength is needed to overcome the many obstacles which can be placed in any person’s way. The more one accomplish the more negatives will arise. Meaning there will be some individuals who aren’t pleased with where some are headed. They’ll constantly follow the individuals trying to see just what they’re “up” to. Be strong because there will be some days when the troubles is severe.

“It takes confidence, determination, and drive” in order to try to get to from one point to another. No matter how many storms reign in. There should be movement taking place. Of course it can be unsettling when having to deal with some of the most difficult people day in and day on. There’s a phrase which says, “Haters Will Hate.” For some that’s all they know. They may not know any other way to be. There was a person who said to forget about what people are saying. Individuals may try to discourage any movement. Their disagreeing with the movements aren’t a reason to feel less confident.

No amount of disturbances should make a person won’t to stop growing. No amount of noise should cause a cease in a dream, vision, or ideas. The determination is way too strong for so many to even consider giving up on their dreams or goals. I’m certainly pleased with having the opportunity to grow in someway. So no matter what’s been said or will be said I’m going to look up to the sky and will continue to praise God for the many “blessings” He’s supplied. The negatives aren’t my problem. They’re causing problems for so many. There are some who are getting in their own way.

Haters don’t really hate or maybe not the ones who they’re projecting their hate on. Most of the time the individuals are really dissatisfied with themselves. The strength will continue to come. There will be adversity and most of what we’re going through is a way to gain “more strength.” To become the person we were chosen to become.  Too many have fallen victim to discouragement. Some will continue to listen to the opinionated individuals. The ones who are continuous trying to hinder individuals won’t prosper well at least not the way they should.

Don’t listen to the negative voices and when one is on a journey there could be a lot of people trying to make sure the journey doesn’t occur. Don’t ever allow any of the words to cause discouragement. Growing is what some are trying to do and they’re doing the right things. Moving forward and not wanting to remain in the same “position” is a good thing. Of course having to deal with a lot of individuals not wanting to see progress can be difficult but the movement isn’t impossible. “My Strength is way too strong for so many to handle.”  by: Tanikka Paulk

‘My Work Tanikka Paulk Work.”

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Oh Yeah I’m the Writer, Blogger, Founder and Advocate. Multi-Tasking and a Mother of 5 Sons and I’m Still Blessed. Still Smiling and Praying. By: Tanikka Paulk

“My Photo  Tanikka Paulk Photo.”Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, sunglasses, closeup and indoor

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Featured Photo Belongs to Tanikka Paulk “The Soil is Needed in Order to Incur Growth.,” By: Tanikka Paulk

More and More and Some More

When they’re doubting that’s when one should do more. Go harder. Improve and don’t stop. The critics aren’t going anywhere. That’s alright. Whenever there’s a vision or ideas there will be some not understanding or just simply hating. Everyone will come across haters. The only ones who are able to avoid the hate are ones who refuse to put forth a dream. No matter what’s said keep going. The insults and attacks are means to discourage. Trying to get others to stop dreaming and to stop elevating.” Elevate anyway.”

Refuse to back down. No one should be able to stop a visionary. Ignore the noise makers. Sometimes there will be some ignorant things said. There’s way too many people who listened to the critics and regret not doing what they were destined to do. It’s obvious when others are hating. Just listen to what they’re saying but none of what’s said means one should stop moving ahead. “There’s a lot of competition” and there will always be as long as mankind is here on earth.

A lot of negativity and some will try to shake a person up so they’ll become fatigued. That’s what rest is for and once there’s adequate rest then the visionary can proceed. Just go with a smile and continue to “rise up.” There’s no need to be a puppet. We’re in positions to make our own decisions. Never listen to overly critical people. Their words can offer no value. There’s no progress when we’re focused on what the critics are saying.

Some aren’t able to compete and that’s why they’re make so many attempts to stop individuals from making more progress. Even the ones who are highly successful will have haters. Some are continuously being bullied. That’s how some behave. Just trying to make others feel bad about their talents and gifts. Bullies are cowards. Their antics are just ridiculous. Carry on. “Rise higher.”

Pay no attention. If there’s a project going on then pay close attention to the project and not the ones who are trying to create trouble. Allow the chatter boxes to speak but create more. Do more and continue to head to the road of success. Elevating should occur. “Never feel intimidated” by what the hecklers is saying. They’re just trying to make it difficult so others could come out of the competitiveness. No way. More, more, and some more.

“No way Should any Dreamer or Visionary Stop Because of the Criticism. Absolutely not.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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The Journey is Filled With Challenges

Don’t be dismayed when faced with many challenges while on the journey. The challenges build growth and that’s where we gain experience. The best way to cope with challenges is to feel confident that we’re overcome the adversity. Life can be quite challenging. There’s always hope. Doesn’t matter how many people try to hinder progress on the journey. “Visionaries” excel anyway.

Not everyone will understand a visionaries vision and sometimes many challenges arise because of it. Not everyone is meant to understand. No amount of challenges should discourage a dreamer. In fact we all should push harder. Refusing to give up. Continue to be confident. Never be afraid of the adversity. The adversity creates “development.” There will always be at least one person who provides encouragement. The first to encourage should be self.

It’sounds important to have patience. Success takes time and although the journey may be filled with lots of adversity. There should be times of joy and continued growth. There’should no need to be overwhelmed but if stress occurs. Taking brings is necessary. It’s very  difficult to work while being overwhelmed. Some meditation will help and regrouping.

There’s a lot of unpredictable situations while on the journey. May not know exactly how to deal with the situations at first. That’s why  it’s important to take some time out. Anyone who has traveled the journey realizes just how challenging the journey can become. Some days will be filled with fatigue but when the “determination” kicks in there’somewhere no stopping the visionary.

If we’re expecting to get ahead then we’ll have to find creative ways to do so. Sometimes we’ll have to be very secretive in order to make it to the next stage of the journey. There will be all sorts of road blocks. The hecklers will heckle about. The critics will shout out their extreme criticism. Don’t be discouraged. No amount of heckling or criticism should stop the shine.

Don’t allow others to dim the light. So many will try. Apart of the whole process. If we’re able to get through the most difficult patches on the journey then we’re on the right track. “Rise up!” No time for thoughts of failure. If there’s attempts then failure has surely occurred. Keep believing and continue to enjoy the experiences all the journey. The journey won’t totally complex.

“The Storm Will Pass Over. Be Patient, Confident, and Full of Faith.” By: Tanikka Paulk  ( Tanikka Paulk)

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