Is all of the Hoopla Necessary?

Really? Some people just don’t know their place and it’s quite obvious. Always causing some chaos huh? Well what shall a person do about all of the hoopla that’s continuing to go on? Smile through all of the mess. It’s going to be a long journey but at least there’s some lessons in all of the drama. There’s way too many people who want to be in charge of my business using every “representation” of the sista below.

Tanikka Paulk

There’s always something going on isn’t there? Have to keep the moves on the hush, hush, and some hush. Eyes seem to be everywhere always up in a person’s business. Ever wonder why some are always so challenging? No matter what’s said, revealed, or “proven” there will always be some who just don’t understand. Perhaps in denial but that’s their business. Everyday challenges at least take a break from misbehaving but there’s a lot a children at play.

It appears there’s no privacy these days. Absolutely none. Some are so in tuned with knowing a person’s every move. Ridiculous? Absolutely. Who’s business is it anyway? There’s all sorts of debates. There will be war and one must know how to battle. Some aren’t “aware” of what tactics to use whether in business or on a personal basis. There are some waiting to just destroy whatever one has going on. Continuing to cause trouble but there are some ways to deal with the problematic events which seem to be continuous.

Some are pranksters and some are really serious about trying to take over the world. There are a lot of people who are power “driven” and if they’ve placed their eyes on something that appears to be worth making attempts to grab then they will. Of course anyone who has an idea that seems to be awesome then there will be a lot of people trying to take the idea away from the one who came up with the idea.

There will be a lot of what some may call haters. Always watching to see who or what they can hate on. Having haters hanging around isn’t always a bad thing. Some can be quite annoying and there are some who are just miserable and wanting to see if they’re able “to obtain” a reaction. One can choose to react or just go about their way. There’s a lot of situations to attend to and if what’s going on isn’t beneficial in some way then there’s no need to bother with the drama.

There will be times when expressing self needs to occur. There will be some who continue to push and push. Ignoring the troublemakers help and there are some who refuse to stop what they’re doing. if there’s enough determination then no matter what’s being said won’t “make a difference.” In order to continue being productive there will need to be some tuning out.

“Keep Pushing on no Matter how Many Critics or Cynics Come Through. Create the Opportunities.” By:

Tanikka Paulk

“Who’s Light? A Good Question.” By:

Tanikka Paulk 

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Tanikka Paulk

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Go Harder and Stronger

It doesn’t matter how many people come up against us. If we give up on what we love and what we dream to be then we will be miserable. Not everyone will be pleased with our efforts or achievements but we shouldn’t stop speaking out or stop trying to reach our goals. The more that’s comes up against the more we should fight. It takes strength to continue going on through the storms. Even when we think that we’re walking alone we’re not.

Never allow anyone to stop you from living your dreams. Unfortunately there’s people that are waiting to knock us down to our knees. Some are very determined to do so but we wouldn’t build strength if we don’t face those trials. No one who has achieved their dreams have avoided going through challenges. Too many people have given up because they felt as if their efforts were in vain. Not true. It may seem as if the road is long and rough but it’s the destination that one is trying to reach.

Of course when one is going through the storms they may think that they’re not making any progress because what they’re going through. Progress occurs when there’s effort. With no effort there will be no “movement.” Despite the obstacles one should keep fighting, and yes, it may be a long fight but when it’s all said and done it will be well worth it. Picking ourselves up and dusting ourselves up will allow us to try again and again.

It’s unfortunate that people will try to sabotage our dreams but that’s apart of adversity. The adversity will come and sometimes it will come in waves and other times it will occur so often that we wonder if we’ll ever get through it. People will want a visionary to give up because they may be intimidated. The more we “uplift” ourselves the more we’ll achieve. Sometimes we may need to step back and try again and again.

Great achievers and visionaries went through trial after trial but they decided not to give up. They wanted to succeed and came across resistance but kept on doing what they believe they were meant to do anyway. That’s how it should be. We shouldn’t have to give up because people are pleased with what we have to offer. Some won’t understand our journey at all and no matter how we try to explain it. They may never understand it. Our visions aren’t for everyone to understand. We simply have to take the good with the bad. The bitter with the sweet and keep remaining “hopeful.”

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If it Takes Numerous Times so be it

Every successful person has failed at something. True failure occurs when we don’t try at all. It’s alright if something didn’t work the first time, second time, or even the third time. We shouldn’t feel hopeless when things seem to be falling apart. What that happens it could mean that things are really coming together. In order to be great one has to be willing to take some punches and fall again and again.

Being a success at something means absolutely nothing if one is unwilling to give back. We can succeed but we have to remain “hopeful.” People may laugh at one’s way of doing things or at the time frame it took them to reach a certain level. The most important thing is that they reached the finish line. There’s a whole lot of people who had to try again and again before they got it right!

Never be discouraged if you have to try over and over. A determined person will keep going no matter what. Setbacks are apart of life but if we dwell on the setbacks then we’re unable to get ahead. We must rise above the challenges and keep moving upwards. Our attitude about our journey is very important. We can not a a defeated mindset. That would cause us to feel fatigued and want to give up.

Too many people give up after the first attempt. They’re probably fearful of failure and refuse to try again. Well, sometimes it will require that we try numerous times before we get it right, if one really wants it to happen then they’ll “Make it Happen.” Giving up shouldn’t be an option. If a break is needed then take a break but don’t give up. We can accomplish great things but we must be willing to give it our all. Stay motivated and believe in yourself. Those dreams can come true when one puts their mind to it.

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Until we Reach That Destination

We can’t rush the process. It doesn’t matter how much we want things to speed up. It goes the way it’s suppose to go. Our “purpose” is laid out. We simply have to accept whatever comes with it. Yes, some unsettling things can occur but we overcome them. We can reach our destination but it shouldn’t be rushed. There’s a lot of growing we have to do so that’s why it may seem slower to us.

We just have to pace ourselves. We need that time to develop and to gain more knowledge. There will be levels. Each level will require more from us. We may not like some of the things we’ll have to go through but it will be worth it once everything is complete. It won’t be easy and we may think things are going quite slowly. In actuality it’s going the way that it should. There will be less stress as rime goes by because we’ve learned how to adjust.

We will receive rewards here and tgere but our greatest reward will be when everything is finalized. We can’t expect “greatness” with a mediocre mindset. We must be determined but not so antsy that we miss the important. We must remain hopeful and know that we’ll come through it because we’re motivated and we’re driven.

We can experience successs but we can’t achieve it if we’re not willing to put in the work. Sometimes we’ll have to work extra hard in order to receive exactly what we need. Yes, we will feel fatigued, but it will wear off. We have believe in ourselves and keep looking ahead. Timing is very important. We don’t want to go ahead of ourselves but we don’t want to be lagging behind either. Even if the process started a little late in our lives. It still could be apart of the right timing. The important thing is to reach the finish line.

“You can Reach Your Destination With Determination”