There Will be Plenty of Reasons to Scratch my Head

Just thinking about how some are so irritating can be like a migraine which keeps coming back. Why are so many so out of control? There are many reasons why. For some they’re not receiving what ever it is that they want. Some do so because of the situations they’ve stepped into. There are some who do so because they’re trying to prevent what they may not want to occur. To ponder on the best ways to get around such annoying incidents is necessary. To discover the most peaceful ways will help “create calmness.” Too many are in tuned with where a person is going and what they’re planning on doing with the rest of their lives.

What we decide to do is choice whether right or wrong. Too many wanting to be in control and not realizing how they’re sabotaging their own lives. There’s way too much focus on one’s private “life” which can result in some not getting a handle on their own lives. We’re facing troubling times. Too many causing destruction and not even concerned about their own well being. No privacy at all. There are on lookers right now. Watching to see what will occur next. So many may feel uncomfortable being watched at all times. Can be annoying and to not only be watched but to have to deal with all sorts of behaviors can be a nuisance.

There are days when shutting down is necessary. Not having to deal with all of the drama. Of course there’s no way of getting around problems but some are creating more and more “problems.” In the long run doing so will cause more headaches for the individuals. There are some who refuse to just stop being a nuisance. When the time comes the actions could receive severe punishment. Why can’t some just live their own lives and stop dictating others folks lives? My isn’t everyone’s business.

If we’re not careful what so many may try to do can become frustrating which can lead to a breakdown. Some do not understand how they’ve placed themselves in sticky situations. Some simply don’t know how to come out of it. They’ve stepped in areas in which there was no invitation. Have sabotaged what can be used as good. Caused so much chaos that there’s more troubles then there are positives. Not saying that more positivity can’t “be developed.” “Perhaps some should consider how destructive they are.” (Tiki) Tanikka Paulk

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