I’m Doing What I’m Doing and it Includes Proceeding

There are many needs and there are many benefits. Where will the along’s be headed to next? The direction the pathway has opened up more than one door actually. There will be all sorts of transformations. It may appear as though the travel is alone most of the time but there are others observing what is to come. To be, to the being, to the transformation. The opinions aren’t diverting my path the noisemakers haven’t caused the “confidence” to lower. There is building occurring. Most will have to travel alone when on their journey.

The adversities occur but there is learning while the challenges arise. I’ve observed how many react to the environments and some have perceived my niceness as a weakness. What many have though of me=Tanikka Paulk I’ve used as fuel to continue to be driven to the up scaling motion. There are many visions looking upon me=Tanikka Paulk. They’ve misjudged, have dished out their opinionated ways, and have thought that their actions could cause my decline. There is a purpose. There’s the continued directions and I’m in positions whee there is authority.

There is no time to be concerned about what others have to say about

(youTanikka Paulk). The attention should be focused on creating a better society, country, and world. “There are some of the most captivating historical moments shared presently and in the future.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There is the need to guide and the sometimes need to follow. “Leadership” will involve such actions. Although there are some disagreeing about the decisions there will and should be continuing of. My purpose is to be fulfilled. The attitudes aren’t by any means controlling my actions. What shall be decided just shall be.

There is the desire to incur the finalization. Along the way there have been some modifications but there is rejuvenating occurring. There should be gladness because there will be more “law abiding.” That’s what this country needs. Completeness seemed to be far away but really is near. What some have hoped for they’ve found that their perceptions were off base. “The ones who are suppose to be along are and the ones who’ve tried to dismiss the purpose have been returned.” BY: Tanikka Paulk.

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“Key Word Cooperation”

Here I am continuing to move in the purposely direction. The “gold and the silver” connected in the most imaginable ways. Yes I’ve been chosen and although there are some who’ve disagreed with the decisions the “Government” has made they’re refusing to back off there should be the “reaching” to the furthered heights. “Movement, movement. continued movements I say.” (Tanikka Paulk). Analyzed, visioned, thought of the next steps to be incurred. What have they expected of me=Tanikka Paulk? Could the question be what have I expected from People? Written by: Tanikka Paulk

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There has to be Seriousness at Some Point on the Business tip

There are a lot of people who believe that playing around all of the times is the way to go. “There has to be some seriousness” at some point especially when conducting business. Imagine going to a board meeting or business meeting and the meeting is conducted by a bunch of clowns. How can anyone take the business seriously? We’re unable to take persons serious when they’re always being pranksters. It’s alright to joke around but doing so when there’s business or other serious affairs can be costly.

Some have to find out the hard way in order to change their prankster ways. There are some who constantly laugh because of nervousness. For some no matter what’s occurring they’ll be horse playing around. Businesses can fail when there’s individuals constantly refraining from being serious and there’s the ones who are claimed to be too serious. Any “Leader” of Businessman or “a Businesswoman” should know when it’s appropriate to joke around and when it’s not.

Some may not take their business or businesses serious and will constantly laugh or play some kind of prank. For some they’re not serious until they’ve suffered a loss. Losing lots of revenue can certainly wake up most but there are still some who will continue to not be serious at all. There’s some who really need to see in order to believe. There’s consequences for not taking “situations” serious. There are some who may refrain from being serious because of what they’ve had to deal with or are dealing with. There has to be a decision to take matters seriously.

Conducting business whether the business involves investing, decision making, or transactions, the fact remains that serious business owners will go a lot further than the ones who are always horse playing, business is business. Some take their businesses too lightly can find that the business fails rather quickly. No person should have to be told how “to conduct” their business. If they’re not going to be serious at anytime then they’ll might as well hand their business over to the ones who want see a business flourish.

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Make Decisions That Will Help you and Others Grow

People will have their opinions. They will want to control what is done but they shouldn’t make decisions that ill hinder others and prevent “prosperity.” If it will help develop you and others then it should be apart of our lives. Some people will allow the dysfunctions to carry on trying to hold things together. If a person can’t uplift, encourage, and appreciate what others are trying to accomplish then perhaps there needs to be adjustments.

We should be able to handle other people’s growth. Shouldn’t we want the best for our communities and for others around us? Even if a million people tell us to stop doing something. That doesn’t mean we have to stop or we should stop. If it will benefit people then it should continue going strong. Appreciate that other people are trying to get better and help others gain.

We should base our decisions on the ability to progress. If people are trying to detour you from progressing and you give in then you’ve made a bad decision. Let us start encouraging ourselves and others. Courage people to make decisions that will help produce growth. There’s a lot that we can do but if we continue to discourage others from moving ahead then we’re not making great decisions.

There’s no need to try to convince people to not be apart of continuous growth. Let others make decisions that will “build” foundations. If we want to make a decision that isn’t consider the norm then that’s alright. We never know where we may land.Our decisions could create abundance and shouldn’t people want abundance?

We all are dreamers. Dreamers of something. In order for communities and our  society to grow we have to change our way of thinking and a great way to do that is to stop allowing people to hold us back. We may not always make the best decisions but we should at least make some decisions that will assist in someway.

Lets start uplifting and encouraging people to reach the top. Our opinions are just that but our decisions can be life changing. Think “abundance” and think about how much we can accomplish with making the decision to encourage. Encouragement goes a long and so many of us can do a whole lot by not allowing others to control our decisions that will help us be better people.

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