It Comes With the Territory

It’s something we have to get use to. What’s that? Get use to people’s frustrations being blowed our way. People being upset because we’ve accomplished something. It doesn’t matter who you are. There’s always someone or groups of people who will frown upon you. That’s how the world is but their actions shouldn’t prevent anyone from doing what they love or what they’re good at.

People can be cruel and sometimes it has nothing to do with us. A lot of times it’s because they’re unhappy in their lives and they think that being cruel makes them feel better. Anytime we try to do something that is considered beyond the norm. People will judge and not be happy about it. What we have to understand is that we can not make everyone happy. No matter what we do. It’s impossible to make everyone like us.

So many become unsettled by the thoughts of others. Their information could be totally false but it’s alright because people can’t define us. If people are wasting their time trying to weigh us down then that’s their issue not ours. We can’t control what people say or do but we can do something about how we deal with it. If they can’t add value to our lives then we don’t have to deal with them period.

No, we shouldn’t tolerate being disrespected, but we don’t have to battle with them because they will have their opinions anyway. Some people are opinionated and that’s that. We can work on ourselves and try to get better. If negativity is coming our way then we can try to be positive. If they’re judging then let them. It means that we’ve hit a nerve. When we have flare or our ┬átalents are shining. People will become irritated by it.

Not everyone is pleased with the abilities of others. If we’re exposed to the negative comments and judgements then we can totally ignore them. People that are cruel and cruel to others don’t deserve our time. No matter how many people hate or dislike us or what we’re doing. Don’t stop because it will be something that’s regretted. People may want others to give up so they may dish out cruel tactics.

Never give up on your dreams or trying to make your community and world a better place. Keep striving for excellence. The people that have love in their hearts will display it and the miserables ones will project it. Don’t be discouraged if people aren’t supportive with your decisions and paths. We aren’t here to please everyone but if we can help at least one person then we’ve done something great.

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Transferring the Negative Into Positive

A negative situation doesn’t have to stay that way. Although it may be difficult to be positive when there’s a whole lot of negativity it can be done. If we limit our time with negative people and our time in negative environments then we will find ourselves being more positive. It’s important that we try to be positive because negativity can cause our health to decline.

We shouldn’t want to be surrounded by negative communications and people too often. Of course we will experience some negativity sometimes and in some cases quite often. If we’re unable to avoid negativity then we should find ways to improve the negative environments. We should find positive words and allow them to embed in our minds. Communicating with positive people will help keep our environments with partial positivity.

Even a little positive will help us in some way. If we’re constantly exposed to negativity then we become negative and may have difficulties becoming positive. We should try reading positive material and exposing ourselves to positive music or any activity that’s includes positivity. Life can be stressful so we need to relieve the stress and that can happen through positive experiences.

Sometimes we come in contact with some very negative people and that can leave us feeling down. In order to be lifted up we must find uplifting things. If the negativity is in front of our faces then we need to chanel that negative energy by thinking about something positive. Negativity doesn’t have to be apart of our daily lives. We can certainly be apart of positivity. Finding positive outlets will help us feel better

It’s so unhealthy when we constantly come in contact with negativity. We have to find those positive places. A change of scenery will help develop some positivity. Our minds also need to be focused on the positives if not we will suffer a decline.

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By Passing the Mess

We can’t get anything done if we focus on the chaos. There’s way too many things to accomplish. If people are trying to get you off focus. Keep the focus. Take a break if necessary but don’t allow your tasks to drown.

Anytime we’re trying to accomplish something, someone will be dusgusted with it, they’ll try to stop the process. Don’t fall into it. Even those close to you will want to hinder it. Keep going and spent less time on things that can create setbacks. If one thing isn’t working. Try something else. We can accomplish a lot of things by eliminating toxic things.

Anyone not wanting us to get ahead is toxic and messy. Avoid the mess. It can create a lot of problems for you. When we want to get most of our tasks done. We will need to spend less time on social media. Social media is filled with all sorts of tactics to create havoc for others.

Some people who refused to live their dreams will try all sorts of things to stop or hinder what others are doing. The best way to get pass this is to move on and avoid revealing your plans. Sometimes we have to keep things to ourselves because not everyone will be happy about them. If it gets extra messy then duck.

We don’t have to deal with certain things. If it won’t add value in anyway then don’t bother. We don’t need any added stress. If you’re in a messy and stressful environment then it’s best to find techniques that will make the environment better. We have to seek peace in some way and if that means disconnecting from something and people then that’s what we’ll need to do. Sometimes we put more on ourselves by staying in environments that are unhealthy for us. If we have to part ways with something then that’s what we need to do. Don’t hang on to the mess.

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