Growth Despite of the Resistance

It’s important to have the ability to overcome. To “rise above” all the negativity and hate. Elevation occurs when focus on the results and not the problem. If we listen to every critic we will stay behind. If we take what is needed through constructive criticism then we’ll fair better. There be the so called haters. They’re a bunch of whinners who should be focusing on elevation as well but they’re also useful.

If we don’t have haters then we’re not doing well enough. Naysayers and critics are a sign that we’re headed somewhere or we’re already somewhere. Sometimes we end up accomplishing what others tried but did not succeed while trying to accomplish the tasks. They may become angry but they’re really angry at themselves. We concentrate on the hate.

If we focus more on rising then we’ll be in better shape. The noise makers can not dictate “growth.” No amount of criticism should stop the “determined ones.” Let the critics use their chatter boxes. Soon they’ll realize how wrong they are. So many had to face critics and still are. Every time we look around one keeps poping up in our environment. Noise that’s about all they’ll supply.

We may find that working online can draw a lot of critics. Shine and they will start yelling but the yells shouldn’t hinder progress. If we be still and do nothing then we’ll avoid the critics but doing nothing won’t incur progession. There will be no financial growth or even spiritual growth.

The distractors can’t win if we don’t allow their distractions to create a spiral. The words will flow about and that’s something we’re unable to control. We’ll be talked about and some will try to take over but with firmness we’re able to swiftly move about. The concentration shouldn’t be on the haters. Haters talk and rarely put words into action. We’re given abilities that we may not know we have at first.

Allowing what others have to say to stop or hinder growth is ridiculous. The attacks will come but we’re supplied with the tools to handle the attacks. If we listen to the positives then the negatives won’t bring us down. Focusing more on the elevator will take us to a place where we’re able to generate peace. It’s not about where we are today. It’s about where we’re going.

We’ll go further when we decide to leave the haters where they are and soar. Rising up may not be easy but it’s certainly possible. Possible is a sign that accomplishments will occur. Thinking differently can help remove the toxins that can keep all from proceeding.

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That’s a Good Indicator

There’s no need to be doubtful because if there’s haters then ding, ding, ding. Progress is occurring. Something great is happening and the ones who have even a little envy will come out like wolves in the woods. Haters are great for success. They’re the ones who will let us know whatever is on their minds. We can be reassured that we’re on the right track when we have haters. They won’t hold back either. They’re indicate that we’re rising up.

Yes, haters use the crab mentality, but their methods work. The tactics and tecniques motivates the visionaries and others to go harder. Technically haters don’t really hate. Well, some may actually hate, but there’s just a little envy there and they simply need to release it. We should be grateful that we have haters. Not having any haters means we’re not doing sonething right.

Even if we’ve stumbled a few times. The haters will let us know but will be silently cheering us on. The whole love hate thing. After awhile we become familiar with the haters and some may even turn into friends. Does happen. They’re the ones who watch us from afar. Every movement we make. They’re on it. They’ll even wait for the sounds of our feet hitting thr floor. Sounds creepy huh?

Well that’s what haters are all about. Some will even throw obcenities at whoever is being apart of “movement.” For some they’re more focused on war but after awhile they’ll come down and focus on something else. No mattet how disruptivd they are. We must love our haters. They’re helpful and apart of our journey. Anyone who is loved by all is doing it all wrong. Remember even Jesus was hated.

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Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially