Don’t be Surprised who Will try to Hinder you

Unfortunately we live in a competitive world and sometimes people will try their best to stop the process. Why? Well, envy is the main reason, and whatever you’re doing it probably makes them feel bad. We can not do anything about the way people react to our journey. No matter who works hard to try to stop us. We should continue on.

If you find that your spouse isn’t being supportive then you can either find a way to deal with them or you can fight back. Fighting back doesn’t mean being vengeful. It simply means doing the opposite of what they want you to do. Keep progressing. Keep moving and finding those avenues that will get you to the promise land.

We shouldn’t be surprised who will come up against us. It’s human nature to be competitive. Should we compete. Yes, and no, yes we should want to improve ourselves, but no we shouldn’t be so competitive. If it causes distress then we should tone it down. We don’t have to dim our lights for anyone.

God gave all of us a gift and we don’t have to hide our gift or gifts for anyone. We should be happy that we’re in a position to utilize our gifts. If we stop doing what we love or are destined to do then we’ll be miserable. People may try to control situations and others but our Heavenly Father has the final say. Be careful when dealing with envy. Envy has no heart. It will try to destroy anyone it comes in contact with.

When people are dissatisfied with themselves. They want others to feel the same way. They may create all kinds of havoc for those trying to progress. It’s unfortunate but that’s how it is. We should encourage ourselves to keep going and remind ourselves that not everyone will be happy about our journey. Some people hope that we fail because they don’t want us to surpass them. Be encouraged. Your vision isn’t for everyone to understand so there will be wolves trying to devour you. Keep praying and believing.

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Don’t Stop Moving

No matter how many people doubt you the “movement” shouldn’t stop. We can not allow people to dictate what we’re purposed to do. Our talents and our gifts are meant to “shine.” Don’t insecurities of others to stop you from achieving your goals and reaching your destiny. People will try to get those who are trying to succeed to stop doing what they’re doing. Those who made the decision to not pursue their dreams have nothing to do with you. Keep moving and enjoying the journey.

There will be times where people will spill out the negatives at you and in return they should receive the positive. If one doesn’t have what it takes then people wouldn’t be trying to bring them down. A lot times people simply want a reaction and the best thing to do is to keep moving. People who waste time trying to stop others from reaching their potential are those who believe that they have none. They may believe that they have no talent and that’s their way of thinking. It shouldn’t be the mindset of an achiever.

The best thing that anyone trying to pursue their dreams is to ignore the naysayers. They will be on their job maybe not getting paid but they’ll be working. “Encourage” yourself to go stronger and harder. In order to be defeated one has to surrender. If you’re determined then surrendering isn’t an option. When it seems people are trying to throw a wrench in your plans, smile and keep going, they’re wasting time instead of trying to better themselves. We should listen to positive messages and read positive communications.

Not everyone is meant to be on our team and we have to accept. In fact some people you would’t want on your team anyway because they will only try to drag you down. When people are traveling on a journey or working on their assignment they may find themselves working alone most of time. There’s nothing wrong with working alone. A lot is achieved that way. There will be a time when others will need to get on board but one must make sure that the right people get on board.

It’s not easy trying to pursue your dreams when people are so focused on competing against one another but no matter how many competitors there are. We should remain on the right path. If we believe in ourselves then we’ll fare well but if we doubt ourselves then we won’t succeed. Even if it takes some time to make it to those goals. It will be well worth it because it feels good to be apart of productivity and accomplishment.

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