Stay Cool in Tough Times

We will be tested and sometimes we’ll be pushed. Pushed so hard that we want to speak out. We have to know when we should be vocal and when we should be silent. We shouldn’t be pushovers but we must know when it’s best to let things slide. People will come at us and they may try to knock us off our feet.

The best way to stand against any attacks is to wear the armor. One may say, “What Armor? The Armor of God. We can’t fight flesh. We may not win but with God on our side we will come through it. Sometimes we’re pushed to help us grow. We may need tougher skin for our assignments. Not everyone that comes at us with words or whatever they use that may upset us. Some doing unknowingly and others due to insecurities.

Of course our thoughts may race when we’re exposed to cruelty or negativity but we can overcome those things. If one is spiritually filled then prayer would be the best defense. Sometimes no matter what we say or do people will disagree or become angry about it. Some people may choose to be vocal and there’s times when we need to stand up. If our actions will make it worse then it’s best to be silent.

A lot of the times people will move on when there’s no response but of course there will be some determined individuals who jab and jab. The best thing we should do with them is to pray. Soon they will realize that it’s best to live their lives and enjoy what life has to offer them. If people are dissatisfied or unhappy then they may try to take their frustrations out on others. It can be anyone so if you’re one of them you may not want to take it personal.

In order to keep peace. We may need to keep our tongue from moving. Meaning to be quiet and let the chaos surpass us. We can’t always solve problems on our own. We need some help. Our help comes from the Lord. He knows when attacks will head our way but He wants us to trust Him. If we’re filled with anger then our thought process will become distorted. Sometimes we just have to let things take their course and in time it will cease.

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Keep on the Path You’re Designed to Travel

It doesn’t matter what people try to do. You have to keep going in the right direction. People will try to come up against you.When this happens. Understand that you have something special and not everyone wants that special to come out so they will try to get rid of it. Don’t be surprised who will try to do this. If a million people want you to stop living your dreams, don’t do it, it only takes one to believe in you and that’s you. There’s decisions to make. Either you decide to stop what you’re doing, ignore the trouble makers, or you can choose to find other methods to get what needs to be accomplished.

Think about this. If you’re not doing something huge then people wouldn’t either bother. When you expose your gifts people will become angry and some will try to stop you but what’s for you is for you. A lot of people have stopped living their dreams because of fear.They fear that people won’t accept them and if people are unwilling to accept who you are then you don’t need them in your life anyway. if you’re talked about, judged, and taunted then it’s best to find ways to get through it. Positive ways and be prepared to be attacked more. When you try to go higher in your position, in your relationship, within your dreams. The attacks will come harder but when you develop to “transforming your mind.” Things will get easier to deal with.

It doesn’t matter where the lashes come from. It can be online, in your home, on your job. It’s best to find solid ground. No one can stop us unless we give them permission to do so. Some people are intimated by what others accomplish. They may dislike the path that you’re taking and it irritates them. It doesn’t matter how much irritation others feel when you’re walking your purpose. Keep going and keep believing that you deserve to make it to your destination.

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