Just Because They say it Doesn’t Make it True

Yes, when you try to chase those dreams, you’ll be chased. Be prepared to be unappreciated and come in contact with raging voices. That’s alright. No one accomplishing their dreams by listening to “naysayers.” When we first start out we may not understand this but as time goes on we become immune to the negativity. If we want to move ahead then we must block a whole lot of things out. There will be individuals that will try to make us feel as if we don’t deserve success.

If we work hard then we’ll receive those things that we work hard for. Trying to reach “greatness” comes with a lot of pain, disappointment, and setbacks but as time goes on. It gets easier. We can’t allow noise to stop us from succeeding. If we take steps each day then we will get ahead. No one should want to stay at the bottom. Yes, people will try to pull those who are trying to live their dreams down, but a strong individual will keep going even when a fall occurs.

No matter how rugged the road becomes. One should keep moving. Risks are apart of life and they’re certainly apart of the journey. It’s unfortunate that people don’t understand that with effort we all can get ahead. Everyone has talent and we should allow it to “shine.” If one doesn’t want to move forward then they shouldn’t try to stop those who are trying to do so. The higher one climbs the more they may come in contact with the irritated.

We shouldn’t have to dim our lights just because it irritates others. We may lose friends and some supporters but those who truly want to be with us will. We shouldn’t stop accomplishing our goals because we face adversity. We have to develop so we will come in contact with some difficulties. As long as we desire to get better then we will. We must ponder on good thoughts and spend time with people who support us.

Trying to follow our dreams will require that we work extra hard. We’ll learn to be great problem solvers. No one can stop us from elevating but ourselves. There’s so much that we can accomplish is we tune certain things out. It’s important that we find those things that will help us stay motivated.

“Shine Your Light”

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Those Challenges are Strength Builders

We will go through trials and we’ll have to face somethings that will require us to go the extra mile. There will be those days when we’ll sob because we don’t know what to do. We’re not facing adversity for nothing. We have the capability to “overcome.” Although it won’t be easy. God won’t put more on us than we can bear.

Of course it will feel as if the world is on our shoulders but the more we go through the stronger we become. If we feel broken. We can receive healing. Things will come together. It may not happen right away but it will happen. We never know how our testimones will “inspire” others.

“It’s not where you’ve been but it’s where you’re going.” Not everyone will understand you and there’s nothing wrong with that. Everything isn’t for everybody. We should share how good God and Jesus has been to us but we must understand thar not everyone will want to hear it. If you haven’t been through a storm than you haven’t grown.

Adversity helps us grow. Those hecklers help us advance. It won’t feel good to be laughed at but it’s a process so many of us must face. Don’t pursue for everyone to like you. They should already know thar we’re suppose to love one another but if they show no love. Don’t despair. There’s always someone who cares.

All those tears are apart of the journey. If you weren’t meant to face it than God would’ve allowed it. What’s designed for us will come into our lives. We will face tests and even if we fail a few. We can recoup from it. Our actions may not be perfect but that doesn’t mean that we’re hopeless individuals. It doesn’t matter how many people turn their backs on us. God never will and he has a “purpose” for our lives. Understand that there will be some pain but it won’t last always.

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