How to be Positive When Exposed to Social Media Garbage

Social media has its pros and cons. It supplys us with the good and the bad. It can be a very informative platform or it can be a depressing and disturbed platform. Spending too much time on social media can be damaging to our mental health. That’s why some have chosen not to have an account or to delete their account.

Bullying takes place on social media and it can be a dysfunctional place at times. Even youth have chosen to spend little to no time on social media. Social media was designed to help individuals engage with one another and to provide us with information. It is now being used as a platform to harass and antagonize others. It doesn’t seem to provide protection for it’s members. Some sites may be concerned about users.

How to Stay Positive While on Social Media

The best thing to do when using social media is to spend less time there. If you’re a frequent user then you may want to lessen your time on social mefia platforms. When coming across demeaning or bullying comments it is wise to block or totally avoid the comments. If you witness something that is riddled with negativity then you should quickly think of something positive. It isn’t healthy to allow too much negativity in our minds.

If you find that social media is causing irritation then spend very little time there or none at all. Not everyone utilizes social media for business or for socializing. Some want to create disturbances for others because they believe that they’re anonymous. It can be overwhelming if it’s utilized too often.

There’s positivity on social media. Sometimes you will have to search for it and other times it’s right in front of us. The key is to disconnect from the negativity and find outlets that inspire as well as encourages socializing. A lot of teens have disconnected from social media because of harassment and bullying. It can be a negative place but there’s something positivity on such platforms.

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On a Serious Note

Social Media is a place where we can unwind and socialize. Well, gow sociable are we, it appears that things can be taken out of context? Things are said and then a spiral effect occurs. Are the tactics being used on social media fun play or is it bullying? It depends on what’s said and how it affects others. People may not understand how their actions can affect others. If there’s harsh criticism then it can create issues for the recipients. No one can know just how their actions can affect another. If it sounds disrespectful then most likely it will rub someone the wrong way.

It’s best that we respect one another and refrain from using tit for tat. The problem with social media is it’s a no rules kind of deal. Anything goes. A place where adults bullying adults and adults bully youth. Kind of pathetic right? For some it may seem fun but when it gets out of hand. There’s a gigantic problem. We all want to have some fun but we have to realize when that fun transform into bullying.

That’s why we shouldn’t spend too much time on social media and get involved in other people’s business. It can turn out to be a disaster. A little chuckles here and there is alright but if it starts to make people uncomfortable then we may need to dissolve those actions. We can get a lot done on social media and we also create havoc on there as well. Sometimes we take things to the extreme and refrain from caring about how others may feel about the communications that are posted on social media.

Spending too much time there can get us down. Not everything on social media is upbeat. If we find ourselves feeling uneasy then we should take a break from social media and find something more productive. Bullying is never the answer. There’s a difference between bullying and having fun.

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We Have to Stand up for Ourselves Somehow

Bullying has always existed. Jesus was bullied, he experienced taunting, and he was hated. If Jesus was bullied then we’re certainly gone to be bullied in someway. Bullies are hurt and damaged people. They’re not really that tough. They may want others to believe that they are but deep down there’s the wounds. Bullying is a serious issue in today’s society. Not everyone knows the best way to “conquer” it. Some victims are afraid to stand up to bullies. Usually bullies are group formed. They may not want to take someone on alone so they form groups to attack their victims.

Bulling is a big problem within the school system and online. Duncan A. US Secretary of Education  (2015) said, “Children can not get a quality education if they don’t feel safe at school.” It’s hard for an adult to remain focused when being bullied let alone a child. Bullying is also a major problem with technology.  How can one stand up to bullying and bullies? Sometimes ignoring works. A lot of bullies are seeking attention. In some cases a bully may need a hug and to know that someone cares.

If we allow bullying to continue then it will corrupt our society as well as our communities. Most bullies are fearful and what works with fear? Love removes bullying. Love conquers all things. It’s love that they may be seeking. To feel loved and appreciated in someway. The fear is connected with the anger and when they’re angry they will lash out at the closet person to them. A good way to stand up is to call a bully out. Let them know exactly what they’re doing and let others know.

Most bullies want to remain hidden and aren’t up to challenges that involve lots of people. People turn their heads when it comes to bullying but they’re not thinking that bullying can affect them also.In fact just watching someone being bullied affects us. By not standing up the bullying can continue to go on. We have to analyze what type of bullies we’re dealing with. Are we dealing with the need affection bullies or are we dealing with the attention seeking bullies?

The way that we stand up all depends on what type of bullies we’re dealing with. Bullying causes severe issues and it certainly needs to be addressed. Some bullies are dealing with underlying problems that we’re caused in childhood and lead up to their adulthood. Sometimes it takes a professional to help the bully become whole again and other times it takes a whole lot of love. Whatever the reasons for the bullying we all should take a stand. We can’t always remain silent. Remain silent only when necessary but other than that. We should be take a stand.

Both teens and adults are suffering with bullying on and offline and anyone having a social media account is bound to experience some form of bullying. It’s almost like an epidemic. Bullying causes wars and it makes our society dysfunctional. It can be tackled but everyone must be on board with tackling it. It’s easier for bullies to bully through technology because they don’t have to face the victims. They’re approach is formed through technology and the bullying is assisted with the keyboard.


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Duncan A. US Secretary of Education

“Children can not get a quality education if they don’t feel safe at school

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Bye Bye Social Media

People are deciding to take a hike when it comes to social media. There was a time when social media was a hang out for teens. The teens have migrated to other sites like Kik, Instagram, and Vine. They’re no longer interested in Facebook. I know this because I have teenagers. They think Social Media has gone to the dogs. Well, they at least think this about Facebook, they’re curious about adult behavior. Although some of them are young adults, they’re puzzled about adult attraction to some of these Social Media sites, I can understand their views.

Social Media seems to have no rules. Some add more protection than others. Of course we could use some moderating on Social Media. It seems no one really cares what goes on in the Social Media scene. Maybe some do but either are afraid to show it or just don’t want to get involved. Social Media can be a great place, a loving atmosphere, and a real way to connect.

Some adults have admitted to taking long breaks from Social Media. They either became bored or annoyed. It seems family connections and frienships have suffered through Social Media use. Being exposed to anything for long periods of time can be damaging, especially if the environment is chaotic. Those environments are unhealthy.

Cyber bullying seems to make it’s way on every Social Media site. Some sites are set up in a way that some may not attempt to be aggressive. Some users have felt disrespected when it comes to Social Media. It’s not the sites but the users. If compassion floated all around these sites then there would be less issues. Until founders jump in and stop the chaos, it’s possible it could continue, hopefully people will want to get along because they’re tired of the battles. What does Social Media offer you?

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Stand up for Others but Protect Yourself

We should stand up for others. Try to encourage others to have the courage to speak out and up. Some people are so afraid of being verbally attacked that it causes them to pretend as if things are happening. The person who chooses to stand up may receive punches for doing so but it’s better to say how you feel then to allow certain things to keep taking place.

We live in a time where people will try to punish others because they didn’t like something they said or did. That’s not what speaking out is about. It leans towards trying to solve issues. For example, a kid being attacked because people didn’t like their choices, that happened on a particular social media site.

If you want to say it on social media but you won’t say it when you look a person in the eyes then that’s being a coward. Even when people verbally attack us. We must forgive them. Whatever we do. We will receive chastising for it. It may not be today but it will be at some point. We know adult bullying occurs and it’s sad but it’s especially sad when children are being harassed and attacked. Could you imagine how many adults would sit back and say nothing at all?

Some people are afraid to speak out about social issues. You never know what people will say or do. It reminds me of the man who received donations when he was walking to work every single day. He was harassed, threatened, and verbally attacked. The man was a hard working man and he’s a nice guy but that didn’t stop people from trying to harm him. It’s amazing. If people don’t like you, are envious of what you’re accomplishing, or just want to be entertained in a devious way. They will try to bring you down but that shouldn’t stop us from standing up.

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