No it’s not Easy

We should be kind and loving to one another but is it easy? Not! It isn’t easy but if we’re hateful to the people who display hate towards us then we will be in the same position. Feel the wrath that none of us want to face. I’ve seen people being bullied, attacked, and harassed. Some people will refuse to stand up for those who face bullying of any kind because perhaps they’re afraid to be attacked themselves. If it right? No it isn’t but that’s their choice whether they want to get involved or not.

I remember a Pastor saying that he had a difficult time with the “turn the other cheek.” He explained that he wasn’t quite there yet. I’m not sure if he was able to every overcome it or not. He’s no longer here to tell his story. I do understand his thoughts, especially when you experience people constantly being mean towards you, but if we want to please God then we must find a way to deal with mean and hateful people. It does disturb me to read and hear about teens who have lost their lives because of bullying.

With today’s technology it’s especially difficult because technology makes it easier for bullying to take place. Even if people do things that we don’t like or even think they should be punished for. It isn’t our call to do so .What one does to another will come back to them. It’s sad that our society believes that being cruel to others is the way to get things accomplished but all it does is produce a more dysfunctional society.

The best way to deal with people who are cruel is to pray for them. I have to admit that I’ve felt anger when people do harmful things to me but I’m continuously learning that retaliating against them will only cause more grief for myself. I simply go in a quiet room and meditate on something good and try my best to not give energy to those who have no care. “Love one Another is what God and Jesus wants from us and it’s best to try to please them then to try to please people.

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