Amazing Things Happen When we Ignore Noise Makers

Dream on. There will be a lot of people who will try to convince others to stop living their dreams. No way. “Keep going no matter what’s said.” That’s their problem if they refuse to go after their dreams. Have to “Make Progress Happen.” (Tanikka Paulk). No more we excel the more noise made. The crowd will become irritated. Not wanting to see others “rise up!” The whole crab mentality is so real. The mentality of some is to hold others back so they’ll feel better. Don’t stay behind just to please others. “Move Forward.”

The noise can become loud and quite annoying but we’ll have to find a way to get through an angry crowd. It would be nice if others were more supportive but that’s not the case. Of course there will always be some who will support no matter what’s said or done. Can’t forget the ones who stick by no matter what. Nothing that’s said should stop a vision or a dream. Don’t hold back ideas just because others won’t be pleased. We’re not here to live for others. We all have our own lives to live.

A lot of people have listened to what others had to say and simply stopped dreaming. Not wanting to disappoint others but that’s no way to live. How will one get ahead if they don’t try to do something great? Amazing how many people behave like the crabs in the bucket. Hating to see others elevate in some way. There’s a lot of room at the top. “Success will never come if we’re in tuned with the noise.” Can’t progress in that manner.

Remain hopeful when the hecklers carry on. They’re envious but that’s alright. Some are undercover cheerleaders not wanting others to know they’re cheering a person on. Don’t stop. There’s a lot to accomplish and each day is an opportunity to accomplish more. To “get closer to the dreams” to complete a vision. We’ll feel much better when we tune out the cynics.

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On a Serious Note

Social Media is a place where we can unwind and socialize. Well, gow sociable are we, it appears that things can be taken out of context? Things are said and then a spiral effect occurs. Are the tactics being used on social media fun play or is it bullying? It depends on what’s said and how it affects others. People may not understand how their actions can affect others. If there’s harsh criticism then it can create issues for the recipients. No one can know just how their actions can affect another. If it sounds disrespectful then most likely it will rub someone the wrong way.

It’s best that we respect one another and refrain from using tit for tat. The problem with social media is it’s a no rules kind of deal. Anything goes. A place where adults bullying adults and adults bully youth. Kind of pathetic right? For some it may seem fun but when it gets out of hand. There’s a gigantic problem. We all want to have some fun but we have to realize when that fun transform into bullying.

That’s why we shouldn’t spend too much time on social media and get involved in other people’s business. It can turn out to be a disaster. A little chuckles here and there is alright but if it starts to make people uncomfortable then we may need to dissolve those actions. We can get a lot done on social media and we also create havoc on there as well. Sometimes we take things to the extreme and refrain from caring about how others may feel about the communications that are posted on social media.

Spending too much time there can get us down. Not everything on social media is upbeat. If we find ourselves feeling uneasy then we should take a break from social media and find something more productive. Bullying is never the answer. There’s a difference between bullying and having fun.

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Leadership Requires Boldness

People are quick to judge and slow to understand. Imagine what leaders have to go through. Let’s take Obama for example. We should know that Presidents don’t have that much power. They have to take on the burden when things go wrong but a lot of the decisions aren’t made my the President. The Senate has more power and the President signs off on bills. When people are complaining and shouting at the President he shouldn’t feel bad because he didn’t make that decision. Although a lot of things are out of his hands. The President still takes on a lot of stress that comes with Presidency.

In order to be a leader one has to accept that they will receive insults, attacks, and bashing. Anytime one puts themselves on display. They will receive negative and positive attention. It’s funny how people will complain about how poorly someone is doing their job or point out their mistakes but won’t dare express what they’ve done or will do. When people talk it’s just that but if they’re unwilling to present problem solving when it comes to issues then they’re communications can be null and void.

No one can really know what leaders have to go through unless they’ve been a leader themselves. There’s lots of followers but how many are willing to be leaders? Leaders are called all sorts of names and they’re attacked more than anyone else. Of course there will be some good and bad leadership but one must give credit where it’s due. If a person is willing to be brave then they should receive a compliment of “bravery.” All leaders have flaws because they’re people.

Leaders are continue learn and grow. Perhaps we could use more caring leaders but we simply have to work with what we have. A great leader will love, care, and say what they feel they need to say whether people will get upset about it or not. People don’t always want to hear what they need to hear but if one is willing to tell them anyway then that’s awesome. We can’t expect leaders to be silent but some of them are. Should they be silent? There’s way too many issues in the world that needs to be addressed but unfortunately not everyone wants to address them.

For example: A leader brings up the issue about Black on Black crime and how it really needs to be addressed but the people don’t want to discuss it because it hits home. Anything that makes people feel uncomfortable they don’t want to discuss. A leader that stand up for important issues will go right ahead and say it anyway. That’s true leadership. We can’t live our lives being afraid of what people will throw at us just because they don’t want to hear something.

If you’re a leader. Don’t be afraid to speak up and out about important issues and it doesn’t matter how may groups of people try to come after you. Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. would say what he felt he needed to say but of course I’m sure he prayed about first but he did what he needed to do. He received negative attention. He was attacked and criticized but anyone standing in front of a crowd or anyone who communications about issues will be criticized. The only ones that won’t receive the criticism are the ones who hide.

On had to put on their tough skin when it comes to leadership. Even Pastoral Leaders haven fallen by the waist side but that doesn’t mean that they’re incompetent leaders. They will be attacked for their mistakes, issues, or whatever they have going on in their lives because that’s how people think. They don’t choose to understand but they will be quick to assume. Our actions aren’t perfect and we have to accept that we will make mistakes. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a leader or not. Leaders must do what they can and remember that people will say and do whatever they feel they want to do but that doesn’t mean that you’re not a leader.

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