We Live in a Competitive World

It doesn’t matter what we do. There will always be someone who challenges us. There always be someone who want us to stop what we’re doing but we shouldn’t stop. We have to expect to be challenged. We may not like it at times but it helps us “grow.” Of course there will be times where the competing gets out of hand. We should focus more on improving our lives and the lives of others.

We should be concerned with helping others. Rising above all the mess. If people focused on the fact that all of us can reach the top then we would be in a better place. A lot of competitiveness comes from insecurities. One may view another as a threat and that might not necessarily be so. If we encouraged one another and showed compassion then we would fair better.

There’s men feeling insecure because women are stepping up their game. They want to feel macho and think that women are trying to take over. Not so. Women just want to be respected and accepted. There’s nothing wrong with anyone wanting to get better and do better. There’s no reason why we should feel defeated because another is trying or has advanced.

Of course we should be surrounded by those who will push us. We should make strides. Improve each day. It’s a tough world. Some will try to pound us into the concrete because of their insecurities. We certainly have to develop thicker skin. We will come across some mean ones. Yes, they may not care at all about being prissy and all, they just want to win.

Will some go to the extreme? Yes they will. They will take it to the highest level. It can seem like madness and a lot of times it is. Some days oneay feel like pulling out their hair but don’t. Keep grinding and working towards those goals. We should want to advance. Succeed in every way. Well of course there will be times when we may have setbacks. Setbacks occur and even those who reached their “greatness” have suffered some sort of setback. “Don’t Worry About the Challenges. Just get Over the Hurdles” (T. Paulk).

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Get Over the Hill

We will encounter some of the most hateful things but that doesn’t mean that those things should break our spirit. We can find peace and happiness in a dysfunctional world. The first thing we will need to do is to transform our minds. We have to think of positive things, thoughts of getting better, and excelling. Once we’ve trained our minds to think of peaceful things we will feel much better. We’ll achieve more.

Yes, people will try to slow us down, but it’s up to us whether we’ll give in. Don’t give in. We can overcome anything. Our paths can not be determined by others. Our purpose was determined before we reached earth. Whatever is said or done can not alter God’s plans for us. Of course we have choice and can choose a different direction but what’s for us will be. There’s always a solution and we may not find the solutions right away.

“Faith” takes us through the storms and helps us make it to our destination. We shouldn’t be discouraged when trials enter our lives. They certainly make us stronger and if not then we need to allow them to make us stronger. If we smile through storms and a few tears. We’ll be alright. Pushing our way through it is what we should do.

There’s no way that we’re able to avoid the challenges that life brings us but we can deal with them better. Getting over the hill will take persistence and courage. Being courageous is a great quality ti have. Fear should be with us but it does visit us from time to time. If fear takes a hold of us. We must quickly rebuke the fear. We don’t want to be consumed with it.

Our growth depends on our mindsets. A positive mindset will take us far. A negative one will hinder us. As long as we believe in ourselves. We can reach way up high and “advance.” Think about “prosperity” and “abundance.” So, stand up, and “Get Over the Hill.”

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How to be More Successful

In order to generate an success We must be willing to seek the best avenues and we must be determined. Sometimes it takes working more than one task or performing more than one job. Success comes when we’re productive. Even if we complete one task, we’ve accomplished success, there’s different levels of success. Depending on what level we want to reach will determine how hard and long we’ll work towards it. We may work at a minimum level or we may put fourth maximum effort.

We must stay motivated and driven if we want to be successful. Refusing to give up must be in the plan. We don’t have to win them all but we should want to be victorious. Consider our future and our children’s future. No successful person received their success without some pain. The pain helped them develop. If one isn’t willing to take the pain and the ruggedness that comes along the journey then they don’t really want it. Some may not obtain success because they may try to find the easy ways to obtain it. There are no easy ways to obtain success.

We have to go through those trials in order to reach that desired level. We should strive for the very best and we simply don’t have to settle. Settling will keep us oppressed and that shouldn’t be something that we want. Success won’t happen overnight. It can take years and years before one even sees the glimpse of where they really want to be. Don’t shy away from it be determined to live better. We don’t have to be stuck in a runt. We can achieve great things but we must “keep moving.”

The top Ways to Reach Success

  1. Be determined and if you Believe in Prayer Then Pray Continuously.
  2. Work harder.
  3. Listen to Motivational Speeches and Watch Motivational Videos.
  4. Remove Toxicity.
  5. Refuse to Give up!

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How to Tell That Your Dream is a Great one

Sometimes we come up with ideas and have a vision but never seek it. Once a vision is in motion, it can either flourish, or it can stand still. Once a vision displays brightness. It will attract attention some of it wanted and unwanted. When your vision consist of “greatness” it will generate lots of attention and it may not please all. That’s alright because no one can please everyone. We shouldn’t stop dreaming and living our passion because some people are irritated about it.

If your dreams, visions, and ideas include helping others and making a positive difference then why shouldn’t one go fourth with them? Those who are fearful of being left behind may behave insanely because they fear that you’ll go on ahead without them and in some cases one may need to do so. When a vision is large. It will be a bit complex and it can take some time to reach the next level of the vision. Yes, one will come across resistance, in fact there may be a lot of it. Those are clues that your vision is meaningful.

People may want to claim it as their own but as long as you have proof that your vision belongs to you then there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. It’s unfortunate that people aren’t willing to come up with their own ideas but we will have to deal with all sorts if things and dealing with difficult people is one of them. Just because we face adversity while living our passion that doesn’t mean that we should give up on them. We should believe that we will be successful in every area.

Anyone who decides to take a risk will come in contact with some resistance. We may find it near or far but it’s something that happens. A grand dream will make people want to get involve somehow. They may not ask to be involved but they may force their way in. We have to be stern about our vision. We do not have to allow anyone to be apart of our dreams who are in no position to be apart of it. We should be very protective of it and not allow anyone to take what we’ve worked so hard for away.

Once people feel that your dreams will generate something golden. They will want a piece of it. We should share but we have to be careful with our decisions. If people refused to be with us when we were in the lower process then we may not want to being them on board. Anyone who can’t walk with you when you have very little shouldn’t be apart of the completion. We’ll realize who can and will be part of our visions. It’s important to choose wisely. “A big Dream Will Generate a Crowd.”

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Don’t Believe in Defeat

We will go through our trials and suffer setbacks but that doesn’t mean that we’re defeated. We shouldn’t allow defeat to be apart of our vocabulary. No amount of negative words and criticism should create defeat in our minds. Just because something doesn’t go as planned doesn’t meant that there’s failure. Failure occurs when we don’t try.

Have you ever believed that you were defeated? If so why did you feel that way? There will be obstacles in place and people may try to hinder us but that doesn’t mean that we won’t succeed or be “successful.” Despite what people may say, “We are Victorious.” Sonetimes our minds settle on being victimized instead of being conquers. If we believe that it can be done and put in the effort then we can succeed.

Defeat isn’t for us. It doesn’t allow us to think that we’re capable of doing great things. We’re capable of doing more than we give ourselves credit for. If we think negatively then negativity will be apart of our journey and our lives. Everyone can use some encouragement even if there’s only one person that believes in what you stand for. That’s all we more than we need because God and Jesus will always be on our side through good and bad.

Too many people go through life with a defeated attitude. They may have been trained to believe that something complex can never be accomplished. Complexities help build us. We become wiser and stronger. Defeat shouldn’t live in our hearts and minds. We don’t need it. Even if we missed a deadline. It doesn’t mean that a defeat has occured. It simply means that a setback occured.

We’ll have setbacks that’s apart of life. We will face adversities that’s also apart of life. Those things could either make us stronger or break us. It all depends on our mindset. If we want feel accomplished then we must be willing to accomplish something. We don’t have to be rich with money in order to be successful. We could be rich with love and continuous growth. There’s the success. “Actions Towards Something Great is Work.”

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You Have to go Through Something to get to Something

The road won’t be easy but there’s a reward waiting. We will go through troubles but it’s worth it. Those troubles are no different than lessons. Well, it’s about that time, what time? Creating a movie time. Oh yes. A very exciting time. Going through the chaos provided material and provided lots and lots of lessons.

The boys are excited and frankly so am I. I’m thankful for the hecklers, naysayers, and the supporters. Everyone added something to this journey and although there were some very rough times. I’m still grateful. God knows what He’s doing. We have to allow Him to do what He does. All our hard work won’t be in vain.

There’s rewards for the pain. We won’t go through all bad and we won’t go through all good. We should be thankful for the pain. It’s hard to think about pain being a source of our growth but it is. The boys already know that they will have to put in some work but together we can create something special. It’s pretty special to be able to create something with your children.

The smiles that are generated makes it all worth it. There’s no gain without pain. When we’re going through we may not understand. We may feel upset because of the chaotic experience but we learn that it was for our own good. Don’t despair when those trials head your way. They will cease and then you’ll feel refreshed.

Everyone has ro go through something and each trial is suppose to improve us in some way. We may not be exactly where we want to be but we can grow as time moves on. The heartache is for a moment but the rewards outweigh it. So, understand that we will go face challenges but we have the capability to advance to the next level. God has a plan for us but He needs us to grow. Growth is apart of the process.

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Don’t be Surprised who Will try to Hinder you

Unfortunately we live in a competitive world and sometimes people will try their best to stop the process. Why? Well, envy is the main reason, and whatever you’re doing it probably makes them feel bad. We can not do anything about the way people react to our journey. No matter who works hard to try to stop us. We should continue on.

If you find that your spouse isn’t being supportive then you can either find a way to deal with them or you can fight back. Fighting back doesn’t mean being vengeful. It simply means doing the opposite of what they want you to do. Keep progressing. Keep moving and finding those avenues that will get you to the promise land.

We shouldn’t be surprised who will come up against us. It’s human nature to be competitive. Should we compete. Yes, and no, yes we should want to improve ourselves, but no we shouldn’t be so competitive. If it causes distress then we should tone it down. We don’t have to dim our lights for anyone.

God gave all of us a gift and we don’t have to hide our gift or gifts for anyone. We should be happy that we’re in a position to utilize our gifts. If we stop doing what we love or are destined to do then we’ll be miserable. People may try to control situations and others but our Heavenly Father has the final say. Be careful when dealing with envy. Envy has no heart. It will try to destroy anyone it comes in contact with.

When people are dissatisfied with themselves. They want others to feel the same way. They may create all kinds of havoc for those trying to progress. It’s unfortunate but that’s how it is. We should encourage ourselves to keep going and remind ourselves that not everyone will be happy about our journey. Some people hope that we fail because they don’t want us to surpass them. Be encouraged. Your vision isn’t for everyone to understand so there will be wolves trying to devour you. Keep praying and believing.

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You can’t be an Achiever by Giving up

Some people will want you to stop doing what you love. They may try to detour you away from your dreams for lots of reasons but what if you decided to give it up? Would you be happy with that decision? Probably not. We can’t give up on things just because people expect us to. We should pursue our dreams and find the path that will take us to where we want to be.

We should want to conquer those things that we feel passionate about. We have to continue to believe in ourselves and stay on the path that will take us to our greatness. If we listen to the noise then we will stop or at least have setbacks. No one can live our lives for us so therefore it should be up to us to strive for success. Even when people think we’re unsuccessful. We should think success. Feel it and breath it.

Our gifts have a right to be utilized. We shouldn’t feel the need to hide our gifts. W will come across people who would rather not see us succeed and that’s just apart of life. We should want it more and we should want to prove them wrong. ¬†Too many people give up on their dreams because they care so much about what people think. We should care about people but we shouldn’t allow them to dictate our lives.

Believe in yourself and refuse to give up. The challenges will arise but that shouldn’t mean that we’re unable to make progress. Our success is based on our thoughts. If we think “success” then we will become successful but if our thoughts our focused on what others have to say then we won’t be driven to be better. The process may be slow but if we believe wed’ll get there then we’ll get there.

In order to reach a certain level of success. We have to allow positivity in. Negativity will hinder us and it’s a distract that we could do without. People won’t always be happy with our movement but if we can make ourselves glad then that’s success in itself. Be determined despite what others think or say. There will always be someone who will try to ride our coat tail. They will try to knock us down but even if we fall. We should get back up and move, move, move.

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Be Encouraged the Road Isn’t Easy to Travel but it’s Worth it

Who ever said that going after your dreams would be easy? If someone said it well, I don’t believe it, it’s not easy and there’s no need to sugar coat. If it was easy then everyone will attempt to do it. ¬†Sometimes people stay clear of complex things. They may feel uncomfortable trying to pursue their dreams. They may listen to naysayers and believe that they’re undeserving of making a difference. If no one else encourages us. We should at least encourage ourselves and proceed with confidence.

There will be times when we second guess our decision but we shouldn’t allow that thought to hinder us. Anyone trying to do something bold will have to deal with issues. If we keep going. Everything will come together. We should come in contact with those who believe in vision. Those who don’t understand may feel comfortable and that could create friction. When we come in contact with those who are unwilling to see our vision. We should pray for them and proceed.

There’s always hope even in the darkest situations. Life is difficult so we should expect some difficulties when we’re trying to succeed. Success doesn’t come easy and there will be times when tears and sweat roll down our skin. Don’t allow fear to settle in. Fear can cause anyone to stop or refuse to start something. We’re all talented and why shouldn’t we share our talents? “Shine Your Light.” Too many people stop pursuing the things they love because of opinions.

Find your niche and stick with it. Inspire someone to travel on the road to success. There’s so many that want to pursue their dreams but are unaware how to go about doing so. The first thing one needs to do is remove fear and then make the first move towards their goals. Goals are meant to be accomplished. They don’t have to sit somewhere and collect dust. Make it better for yourself by being fearless.

Success isn’t easily earned but it’s possible to accomplish it. Our mindsets will have a lot to do with it. Yes, there will be days that we feel fatigued, there will be days that we wonder if it’s worth it. It’s worth it. There’s pain and there’s gain. We will be rewarded for our efforts but we shouldn’t settle for being mediocre. We should want to be great. In order to be great we must be willing to keep traveling on the road that will lead us to where we want to be.

Steps, Levels, and More

We must crawl before we can walk. We mumble before those words are formed. If we expect greatness then we must put it within our work. We should be determined and be driven. The road isn’t a easy one to travel but we can do it if we believe that we can. To reach from point A to point B we may have to brace ourselves for the shake up that comes along with “movement.” Our steps are created for us whether we want to take the steps or not.

You want to make it to the next level. In order to make it to the next level some people will have to get off the train. Yes, you will have to let some people off but move forward. The ones who are equipped to go to the next level with you will do so. They will come and ring the door bell. Those who have the same or similar interest will cling to you like a magnet. Believe that you deserve to make it to the next level and beyond.

If you believe that you’re capable of going higher then that’s exactly what you’ll do. The mindset has to change.If your thoughts were negative then you’ll have to create positivity. Smile at the next level, laugh at the next level, and be brave at all levels. At some point you will run like the wind. Make progress. Make each day a productive one. Productivity should be apart of your journey. Don’t settle for minimum when there’s maximum. Your potential should be so great that people wonder how in the world you’re able to get it done.

There will be times when fatigue settles in but you regenerate and get back up and at it. Put effort in every event. In every journey that you must travel. put effort in your assignments. We all have an assignment to accomplish and some are more complex than others but we all will face some adversity. Adversity is apart of life so it’s to be expected. Reach those goals whether fast or slow. As long as there’s movement. There’s hope that it will get done.

Don’t despair if people feel that you don’t deserve to reach those levels. As long as you believe that you’re deserving then that’s the most important thing. Embrace your dreams and allow them to “shine.” No one can take you to the next level without your help. You will need some cheering so make sure that you’re the front line cheerleader. “Make Things Happen” and don’t stop.


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