Don’t be a Downer

It’s kind of a downer when we’re surrounded by people who just can’t stand seeing others “happy.” Shouldn’t we want to see people do better, gain more, and help others? Unfortunately not everyone feels that way. If people are trying to being you down then it’s time to kick them to the curb. I know that sounds a bit harsh but there’s some people who don’t want your help. They want things handed to them but they don’t want to accept help.

I don’t think people really understand that trying to bring others down will only get them down. They won’t gain a thing and then everyone will wonder what happened to them. Some are in a mess and they may not know how to come out of it. They will go through hoops to try to avoid the “real problem.” Isn’t that something? They could be kind hearts but for some reason they become miserable and then they became corrupt. Sometimes they are close but their minds are so far.

How can you help them? Sometimes you can reach them and others times they’re too far gone so no one can help them. Perhaps people are just tired of their corruption. I hope they calm down and understand that no one is going to give in to their foolishness. Perhaps they will find better solutions to their problems. We never know what people are going through and there’s a lot of people that need some professional help but it’s up to them to obtain it.

Don’t try to bring others down in order to try to gain something that you will end up losing. You may lose more than you could imagine. It’s just not worth it. Try to be “uplifting.” That works better and more people become happier. It makes sense to reach out instead of doing a slam dunk on someone. Some people don’t deserve to be in our lives because they just don’t know about compassion.

Featured Photo Belongs to Tiki33 T. Pailk