Love Will Conquer all and Prayer Will Change Things

Love is so powerful and when people remove love and replace it with greed. There will be nothing but trouble.Anyone who claims to be in the Ministry or a child of God and refuses to teach or demonstrate love is a false prophet. God is love and He doesn’t honor hate. Greed is similar to hate because people won’t care who they throw down when greed presents itself. Greed is one of the deadly sins. Sin is sin. If a hateful person comes in contact with a person filled with love. They will try to run and hide and sit and wait in darkness.

God won’t allow the destruction to continue. He may allow us to go through trials but there’s nothing that we go through that is too great for us to bare. We can fight battles with prayer. Taking all our troubles to God and Jesus. People may come up against us but they will not win because God is always in control He never forsakes us. Don’t be amazed who will come up against you. It could be a mother, sister, or brother. If there’s bitterness then it will try to devour anyone who comes in contact with it. Prayer is our defense. Putting on the Armor of God is very important and without we can not win.

Running into a Church building can not save us. God looks at our hearts and if our hearts are filled with envy and destruction then no amount of Church will do us any good. Prayer and asking for forgiveness will put us exactly where we need to be. Evil exist but love conquers evil. Hate exist but love is more powerful. We must pray for protection. Pray for our children ¬†and families. The enemy will try to attack us and he will send a army to come up against but with God’s words he shall be defeated.

Attacks will come but the will of God will prevail. When under attack we must pray and allow God’s words to flow within. Pray for peace and the removal for anything that is ungodly. We will continue to make mistakes because the flesh is flawed but as long as there’s breathe in our bodies we can ask for forgiveness and believe it in our hearts. Love one another if not then we will suffer again and again. Love conquers all.

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Prayers and Meditation is Needed

The world is forever changing and we will have to face some of the heartless. In those times when trouble comes up against us we will need extra shielding and “prayer.” We weren’t promised that we wouldn’t go through troubles and face adversity but we’re promised that we would be supplied with the armor of protection. God gives us the choice to choose whether we will want with Him or we will leave Him out of our lives. If we want to receive any peace then we need to keep God and Jesus near.

Evil exist and some may perceive that their wrongs aren’t actually wrongs so they may come up against those near and far. If one has removed God from their lives then they won’t see how to be right with anyone. Prayer is our solitude, it helps us when times are good and bad, it keeps us close to God. Praying in silence with no distractions is the best way to hear what God says. Asking Jesus to help us get through our days will help with carrying loads.

When people try to come up against us we must realize that we’re not fighting with the flesh but we’re fighting against principalities. It may not be so easy for those who aren’t spiritual to understand but James 1:19-20 says,”My dear brothers and sisters take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen slow to speak, and slow to anger, 20 because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires.

Through anger comes destruction if not controlled. We will get upset and angry but we shouldn’t allow our anger to cause harm or to create war we’re in times where we must pray harder and longer. We must remain strong with the word because evil exist and although we won’t be filled with all good. We can overcome the attacks that are orchestrated by Satan. We all have the capabilities to allow Satan to use us and he does so when we’re most vulnerable. We should remain quiet and listen to what God tells us. We can place the “Armor of God” on when we’re under attack.

Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare is real. The way that we get through it is by being close to God and Jesus and using the weapons that we’re provided. We must pray continuously and ask to cast out anything that doesn’t create peace and will create malice and destruction. When we come up against others we are being sinful. God says that avenge but that vengeance belongs to Him. If we need to feel is wrath then it will provided by the Living God and not by any man, woman, or child.

When attacks are headed our way. We should think about what Jesus went through. Satan wanted to temp Jesus but because Jesus had strong faith and he is the Son of God. Satan was unsuccessful with his tactics. He works harder on us because of our sinful nature but although we may sin. God forgives us when we ask and have it within our hearts. Thank God. We should also consider what Job went through. Job was full of “faith” and he went through trial after trial but he remained faithful and received more than he had before.

We’re tested and we go through processing periods. We will face adversity and that’s apart of life. It helps us to be strong but not every attack is made for that. Some attacks are formed through envy and are formed because someone or others may not want to see us prosper. We should pray for them and pray for everyone. There’s nothing that God will allow that’s too great for us to bare. God can do all things and with Christ we can do all things. God can step in at anytime and He isn’t pleased when we take things in our own hands when dealing with His people. We should pray and allow God to deal with it accordingly.

Sometimes are hurt draws in destruction. Bitterness is a gateway and we cause people to come up against us or we’ll come up against them. That’s why it’s necessary that we pray and pray deeply. Our prayers aren’t unanswered but of course not all prayers are answered in our timing but in God’s time. We must continue to have faith that God will work things out and continue to love one another so that we don’t try to condemn ourselves.

“Let the Peace Flow in Through Love and Understanding”

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