What Should we Ignore

There’s nothing wrong with having fun but when it becomes a bit much then we should put it to the side. If something will delay us and it isn’t beneficial then we don’t need to deal with it. There’s things we should ignore. We can choose to ignore those things that aren’t important. If we have work to do then we certainly need to put play away.

Certain people should be on our “do not disturb” list. Some people get a kick out of wanting to pull our leg. Well, it’s up to us if we want to entertain it or not, of we decide we don’t then we can ignore their requests. Sometimes people need to take care of business and when it’s time to take care of business then we should. Not everything can be ignored.

Sometimes we’ll need to stop and deal with a few things but if something can wait then we may want to attend to it later. Sometimes some people may want to interrupt us for whatever reason. If we know that they just want some kicks they we can “ignore.” That’s what we have to do sometimes. There’s a time to be serious and when it’s that time. There’s no room for jiggling about.

It’s alright to tune some things out. If we need to concentrate on certain tasks then we don’t need any outside distractions. We certainly don’t need if we have deadlines to adhere to. When we have some free time then we can play around if we choose to do so. Ignoring something doesn’t mean that we won’t pick it up latet but if it can wait then let it wait. Sometimes we have to let people know that we need to complete our tasks. They should understand and if not then that’s too bad.

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When it’s Time to Work get it Done

We should have fun. Enjoy life and living but when there’s work to be done. Thoughts should be on the tasks at hand. It doesn’t matter what’s going on. We have to work. Well, not everyone, but for those who do. We have to grind. When there’s work to be done. We have to put the play away.

Working may require noise reduction. If we can work through the noise that simply up to us. If we work alone then we may not have to deal with so many distrations. It doesn’t matter whether we work alone or as a team. Work will get us to where we want to be. Work doesn’t mean that we have over do it. In order to get things done we have to act. Action needs to take place. With “action” there is no progress.

If we want something done we may have to do it ourselves. Performing tasks alone isn’t a bad thing. It’s amazing how much work can be done when faced alone. Sometimes we’ll receive assistance with our tasks and other times we will do it alone.

Don’t fear having to do a lot of tasks at once. If it becomes to stressful then the pace may have to decrease. As long as the work is complete that’s the important thing. Unless there’s a timeframe or deadline we shouldn’t be concerned. Making progress with our tasks should be something we desire.

Don’t feel unsettled if your work isn’t what others expect. We all work differently and work on tasks that suit us or tasks that have been chosen for us. No matter how small or large your work load is. Work is work. When we have to perform tasks we should do it knowing that we will live better. Without work there’s no pay. No pay won’t produce “progression.”

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