Competitors Just Can’t Handle It!


It appears as if competition just can’t get a grip on it. They’re unable to try and cause discouragement and the tactics used are some of the most ridiculous tactics ever. Competition can become quite risky when individuals are addicted to competing or are overly competitive. Some will tell all sorts of lies in order to stop their competition from excelling. No matter how many attacks there are Tanikka Paulk will continue as long as God the Father of Jesus Christ permits. A rough journey of course but also a learning process. The very ones who may think that they’re able to bring me=(Tanikka Paulk) down will find that I’m no ordinary. That’s Right! Chosen and that’s why so many work so hard to come up against me=(Tanikka Paulk).

The competitors may continue to take many risks because either they’re insanely disturbed or they’re just not pleased with their own potential. If the journey is meant to be then the person will continue. Despite what has occurred and may continue to occur. I’m not intimidated by all of the hecklers who continue to try to cause distractions. My journey was ordained and it is good. To be frank what they’re doing proves just where I (Tanikka Paulk) stand. My position is what so many want to be. I’m being everyday that I’m here. “What Causes so Many to Become so Disturbed? Greatness, Higher up, Envy.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

Not all will be able to tolerate hearing or seeing individuals get ahead. Some will become so angry and want to cause harm to their competition. The best thing to do is to keep moving. Don’t allow what’s being said to cause a cease. So many have been challenged on their journey but continued on and then there are some who stopped their journey because of all the pressure. They wouldn’t bother with the mediocre. It’s the one who has achieved and continues to achieve in which so many are so interested in. “No Matter how Many Lies are Told. God Knows What is What Anyway.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

It’s unfortunate that so many think that claiming the work will actually create a gain. Their character will be exposed. The true colors will come out. The ones who continue to try and knock me=(Tanikka Paulk) down are low life’s. “Yes, they’re not even worth wasting my time on, they’re behavior is an indication of just where I’m headed.” (Tanikka Paulk). As I’m continued to be watched which is another indication of just how important my journey is. I’ve gotten used to the watchers of course some will declare that they’re observing but really?

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We Live in a Competitive World

It doesn’t matter what we do. There will always be someone who challenges us. There always be someone who want us to stop what we’re doing but we shouldn’t stop. We have to expect to be challenged. We may not like it at times but it helps us “grow.” Of course there will be times where the competing gets out of hand. We should focus more on improving our lives and the lives of others.

We should be concerned with helping others. Rising above all the mess. If people focused on the fact that all of us can reach the top then we would be in a better place. A lot of competitiveness comes from insecurities. One may view another as a threat and that might not necessarily be so. If we encouraged one another and showed compassion then we would fair better.

There’s men feeling insecure because women are stepping up their game. They want to feel macho and think that women are trying to take over. Not so. Women just want to be respected and accepted. There’s nothing wrong with anyone wanting to get better and do better. There’s no reason why we should feel defeated because another is trying or has advanced.

Of course we should be surrounded by those who will push us. We should make strides. Improve each day. It’s a tough world. Some will try to pound us into the concrete because of their insecurities. We certainly have to develop thicker skin. We will come across some mean ones. Yes, they may not care at all about being prissy and all, they just want to win.

Will some go to the extreme? Yes they will. They will take it to the highest level. It can seem like madness and a lot of times it is. Some days oneay feel like pulling out their hair but don’t. Keep grinding and working towards those goals. We should want to advance. Succeed in every way. Well of course there will be times when we may have setbacks. Setbacks occur and even those who reached their “greatness” have suffered some sort of setback. “Don’t Worry About the Challenges. Just get Over the Hurdles” (T. Paulk).

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Stop Wasting Time Trying to Compete

If we’re confident enough then we won’t be focusing on competing against others. Too much competitiveness can be dangerous. We should focus on bettering ourselves and doing what we love. Spending our lives trying to compete against others will leave us feeling inadequate. We’ll feel unhappy and miserable.

Life should be filled with joy and happiness not filled with low self esteem. We should be confident in ourselves. Believing that we can be apart of awesomeness. Our lives aren’t complete when we focus on who has who has what. We will do things differently so we should desire to be “different.” We never know what someone had to go through to obtain what they have or are trying to obtain. We all can’t have the same things.

Trying to compete will leave us fatigued. There’s nothing wrong with bettering ourselves but if we’re doing it to out do our brothers and sisters then we will be dissatisfied. In order to feel complete we must be happy with ourselves. We can’t put ourselves down by focusing on what others have. Our focus should be on creating a better life for ourselves. Competing can wear us down. A little competition could be healthy but if competing is non stop then there’s a problem.

We should want to stay mentally healthy and if we’re so focused on competition then we could suffer mentally. We are who we are. We can make changes but we can not change who God created us to be. Too many people lose themselves by thinking they’re not adequate. We can perform better by focusing on what we need to do to create a better living. Wasting time on being a competitor for too long will not only drain us but it will keep us unbalanced. There’s so many opportunities awaiting us but we will end up missing them by focusing on competition.

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It’s a Very Competitive World

People are constantly competing for this or that. Although we have games, we’re not suppose to compete, but competition exist and there’s nothing we can do about it. Competition can get out of hand. Those who have competitive spirits will do just about anything to win. They’re not concerned who they step over.Winning is embedded in their minds so they refuse to let that mindset go.

Some people are unable to accept that they don’t have to compete. If a person is better at something then that’s alright. We’re all different and we have different talents. Everything isn’t a serious matter. People will go to extreme measures to win at something. When competition isn’t necessary and competing still takes place. That could result in continuous unhealthy actions. There’s nothing wrong with displaying our talents but if we feel obsessed with wanting to beat someone at something then there’s a problem,

Some people spend their lives wanting to win. They may drive themselves crazy trying to prove that they’re good at something. Insecurities take over and they begin to behave erratic. A little competition isn’t harmful but too much of it can destroy. When a person becomes in tuned with competing. They don’t care who they knock down. They just want to win.

The best thing to do when it comes to a competitor is to keep doing whatever it is that you do. Don’t egg them on. Just continue with your tasks and let them compete if they want. Even if they declare that they’re winners. Smile and proceed. Dealing with those who have competitive spirits isn’t easy but in order to keep your sanity. You will have to stay clear of the competition and do whatever it is that you do best.

Don’t allow competitors to run you away. They may try to intimidate others but people shouldn’t be intimidated. Some competitors suffer from conditions that cause them to feel as if they need to compete. They may not listen to anyone telling them that there’s no need to compete. One shouldn’t waste their time trying to get them to understand something that they may not be willing to understand. Don’t allow competition to get the best of you.

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Are Toxic Friends Really Friends

Have you ever came in contact with someone or people who are really toxic? They drain your energy but you try to give them chance after chance. Sometimes you have to close the door because no matter what you do, they will come up with something that will give you a migraine, it’s unfortunate but it’s in their character and personality.

It could stem from their childhood or it could just be that they have a dangerous competitive spirit. Anyone who has a friend like that needs to sever the friendship in order to protect their mind. The deeper the friendship, the larger the exposure to the toxicity, that sort of friendship is so unhealthy. You can try your best to assist them but it won’t work. They want what they want at any cost.

Don’t feed into their tactics, they may set traps for you or others, due to their selfishness. Imagine coming in contact with a large group of toxic people. It can make someone feel depressed if they allow it. Toxic people may not care that they’re that way and some of them are that way because there’s no one around to give them the desire to change. They remain toxic and they continue to lose good friendships.

If you have a loving heart then you’ve probably came in contact with some toxic people, it’s as if they seek those who are “giving,” and those who will tolerate a lot. No one has to put up with that, if the person or persons are unwilling to change, it’s best to walk away. Life should be enjoyed and we have enough to deal with so dealing with toxic people can be avoided. Of course you won’t always avoid them but you can avoid them most of the time.