Don’t Despair There’s Always Someone That Cares

We may think that people aren’t paying attention or are uncaring but there’s always someone that cares. The more people see the more they’ll believe. A person could tell them anything but once they see it for themselves then they’ll believe it. Eventually that one person will turn into thousands. When we keep going, we’ll develop more and more, people care. Even when there’s doubt. Someone somewhere will be supportive.

We may have people come up against because they’re envious or they don’t understand our “vision.” Our visions aren’t for everyone to understand. Some may become angry and then get others to feel the same way. This is what we need to do. Give people the benefit of the doubt. We never know what people are capable of. Not showing love can but us in a bad place. Even those close to us will doubt us and they will even spill hate but as long as we have God and Jesus with us then that’s all that matters. There will always be someone that cares. Someone besides our Creator and His Son.

We should believe in ourselves. That will help motivate us. If we don’t have confidence within then we won’t succeed. We can accomplish great things by being determined, motivated, and filled with love. Love moves about and can change people’s hearts. Don’t despair when it seems as if the world has turned on you. Sometimes they turn just so they can turn around. Even if a mother comes up against her daughter. If the daughter is connected with God then she will be alright. I’m alright.

Keep striving for that vision. A vision can come true by speaking, working on it, and believing in it. We should love one another but of course there will always be someone who wants to hate on another for whatever reason. Our passion drives us to make positive changes. A good heart can be broken but it can also mend. Have a heart. “Love!”


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Be Kind but Firm

People may take our kindness as a weakness. It’s far from that. Being kind doesn’t mean a person is a whimp. People seem to think that they can take advantage of people because they’re nice or some may seem them as being too nice. Well, a nice person can put their foot down, it’s like being a boss. No boss should allow their employees to walk all over them. If they allow that to happen then they’re not using “Effective Leadership Skills.”

People need to know where we stand. If we allow them to stomp on us then they will. We don’t have to go balistic but we should be firm. We should mean business. Being compassionate is a good thing. People shouldn’t perceive it as a weakness. A lot can be accomplished with compassion. Stand up for yourself and others. It’s sad that people aren’t displaying kindness but not everyone will display kindness.

Some may try to come off as tough. We can’t treat people any kind of way. We should try to assist one another and love seeing others do well. Every has right to live their lives as they see fit whether we agree or not. Stand form and refuse to be a victim of any sort of bullying.

No one should be taken advantage of. Every human being deserves respect. It doesn’t matter how tough a person thinks they are. They can not beat God. There’s way too much bullying because people think they have a right to treat others in disrespectful ways because they perceive them as sensative. Well, it’s time that we learn that it’s alright for us to stand up for ourselves, we do not have to accept mistreatment. Be kind but stop others from being pushy. No amount of bullying shoould be tolerated. Take up and speak up.

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Where’s the Compassion is it Lost

There’s countries, cities, and states that are filled with people who need assistance. There’s the under privileged and the poor who really need help. No one person can do it all. Each day it seems the world is becoming crueler. No one cares to stop and lend a helping hand to their fellow brother or sister. The compassion seems to have faded away.

If more felt the joy of giving then perhaps we would see the positive effects of such a gracious act. A giving heart is a blessing and we should all have it but that’s not always the case. Some may not have to desire to reach out their hand to help someone to help anyone. Should we have the homelessness problem that we have? There’s even hard working people who have fallen on hard times trying to battle homelessness. There seems to be more cruelty than compassion.

Where’s the love for one another. Is this world consumed with hate? It appears so at least most of the time. When we come across helping hands we may be stunned because it appears compassion has ran off somewhere. Everyone can use some help at some point and wouldn’t we want to receive the help that’s needed?

Some have  big hearts and feel empathy for others and Empathizing isn’t a bad thing is a good thing. No one should be ashamed to feel it. We should be cheerful givers. We love one another. There’s a lot of malice and hate which won’t solve one problem but create a whole lot more.

Removing compassion does a adds no value to our lives. There’s great suffering all over the world and we have to feel something. We have to care about more than ourselves. Of course all won’t have the same heart but at least a,little compassion may make a large difference. We won’t have the same causes and we won’t act on the same assignments but if we just add some more love then this place we live in would be better.

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Surrendering to Love

The pain and the moments where suffering was great. It leaves us, it may not leave us right away, but eventually it will. The heartache and the thoughts of closure. Does love hurt? Well it can. The love that one may consider love. It can feel like there’s no room to breathe. Love isn’t suppose to be painful. It’s not suppose to control and abuse. It doesn’t  belittle or fade. Love stays. It grows and it produces. Should we call a man a man when he harms a woman? Yes, he’s still a man, maybe a broken one.

Sometimes we have to spend our getting to know ourselves better. Finding that common ground. If we allow so called love to knock us down then we become slaves to it. No love will chip away at the mind. Love is compassionate, understanding, and kind. It listens and it goes the extra mile. Love doesn’t if it does then it was never there. Some fall in love with love. The idea of love. The thoughts a fairy tale. A long walk on the beach and a vase full of roses. How can anyone deny love?

Sometimes we may want to believe that love has found us but love starts with us. If one doesn’t love themselves then they won’t be able to love others. The love we feel for ourselves will grow into others areas and when people see how well the love flows then they’ll want to be apart of it. Love conquers. It doesn’t harass or attack. It attracts and it can travel near or far. Once we love ourselves then love will find us.

It can’t be hidden. It’s expressive and it encourages. Love doesn’t discourage. It’s continuous and it’s felt in all kinds of places. Who doesn’t want to be apart of love? Even if they behave as if they could care less about love. They’re displaying falsehood. Everyone wants to be loved. If we displayed more love then we would be happier people. Bitterness takes the love away and it can cause so much damage. Bitterness destroys and it can make people disconnect. Move further and further away.

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Don’t Forgo Compassion

This world could use more compassion. There’s a lot of destruction and devastation. Children are going through more than ever and certain groups of people are suffering from discrimination. In some ways things have gotten better in other ways it’s gotten worse. People will pass by someone helplessly asking for assistance. Those who can actually help may refuse to do so because of selfishness or because they may feel as if the person or persons are undeserving.

Being compassionate is a blessing. It proves that we’re humanitarians and not bad beings. Where’s the compassion? Why isn’t it more relevant today? There’s enough to deal with as it is but yet people are being outright hateful. That could be a result of issues they’re having to deal with but we must think about how we would feel if we we’re treated with the lack of compassion. It wouldn’t feel could.

Imagine yourself stranded somewhere and your phone’s battery is dead and you’re injured. Wouldn’t you want someone to come by and save the day? At the very least you would want someone to call for help. What if every car passed by and no one stopped and you’re unable to help yourself? Sounds pretty horrific doesn’t it? I wonder if those who lack compassion ever consider something like that.

It appears that compassion has gone out the window. The lack of it is apparent online and off. People are being mean to one another for whatever reason. We’re refraining from embracing one another due to pain that we’re feeling or other issues. There’s people in need and there’s a lot of people who are in positions to assist them and refuse to do so. Where’s the love? We’re suppose to love one another but of course not everyone feels that way.

Although compassion isn’t always demonstrated, there’s a lot of people who show it, we may not always hear about them but they do exist. A lot of law enforcement officers are going beyond their duties and embracing people within their communities. There’s strangers who are willing to give families food for their nourishment. Compassion exist. It often seems as if it’s far away. We have to do better and that includes each and everyone of us.

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What About Giving

God wants us to be “cheerful givers.” Give from the heart, care about people, and also give to yourself. There’s no room for selfishness. Helping others is a blessing and those who do will be blessed themselves. Not everyone has to live in a mansion but of course we should want to live comfortably.

Having lots of money isn’t anything to rave about if there’s no giving involved. There has to be something that we all can donate. Contribute something. If one isn’t willing to give to others then they will be miserable. They may think all their riches will make them happy but it won’t. It amazes me how people that have more than enough can pass a homeless person but yet those who have very little can reach in their pockets and give.

Are we uncaring? I hope not but lets be real. The poor seems to give more. Why? Perhaps it’s because they know what it feels like to go without. We have to start caring and share even a little. It’s up to people to do what they want but does it make sense spending thousands of dollars at a club but won’t help your brother or sisters? Doesn’t seem fair does it?

This world could use more “givers.” We could use more love. Loving one another will help things run smoother. We can’t just allow people to suffer and not assist in some way. If we can’t give money, there’s something we can offer, for some it’s time. We can’t forget about people. Some have fallen and need some help getting back up. We need to be compassionate.  Where has the compassion gone. When someone gives to you. You should give in return.

We need love. Everyone wants to be loved. So love is something we can give. We can give clothes, food, money etc. Helping our brothers and sisters is something “we should be doing.” Put love in all you do. Be a loving giver.

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Bye Bye Social Media

People are deciding to take a hike when it comes to social media. There was a time when social media was a hang out for teens. The teens have migrated to other sites like Kik, Instagram, and Vine. They’re no longer interested in Facebook. I know this because I have teenagers. They think Social Media has gone to the dogs. Well, they at least think this about Facebook, they’re curious about adult behavior. Although some of them are young adults, they’re puzzled about adult attraction to some of these Social Media sites, I can understand their views.

Social Media seems to have no rules. Some add more protection than others. Of course we could use some moderating on Social Media. It seems no one really cares what goes on in the Social Media scene. Maybe some do but either are afraid to show it or just don’t want to get involved. Social Media can be a great place, a loving atmosphere, and a real way to connect.

Some adults have admitted to taking long breaks from Social Media. They either became bored or annoyed. It seems family connections and frienships have suffered through Social Media use. Being exposed to anything for long periods of time can be damaging, especially if the environment is chaotic. Those environments are unhealthy.

Cyber bullying seems to make it’s way on every Social Media site. Some sites are set up in a way that some may not attempt to be aggressive. Some users have felt disrespected when it comes to Social Media. It’s not the sites but the users. If compassion floated all around these sites then there would be less issues. Until founders jump in and stop the chaos, it’s possible it could continue, hopefully people will want to get along because they’re tired of the battles. What does Social Media offer you?

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