What About Giving

God wants us to be “cheerful givers.” Give from the heart, care about people, and also give to yourself. There’s no room for selfishness. Helping others is a blessing and those who do will be blessed themselves. Not everyone has to live in a mansion but of course we should want to live comfortably.

Having lots of money isn’t anything to rave about if there’s no giving involved. There has to be something that we all can donate. Contribute something. If one isn’t willing to give to others then they will be miserable. They may think all their riches will make them happy but it won’t. It amazes me how people that have more than enough can pass a homeless person but yet those who have very little can reach in their pockets and give.

Are we uncaring? I hope not but lets be real. The poor seems to give more. Why? Perhaps it’s because they know what it feels like to go without. We have to start caring and share even a little. It’s up to people to do what they want but does it make sense spending thousands of dollars at a club but won’t help your brother or sisters? Doesn’t seem fair does it?

This world could use more “givers.” We could use more love. Loving one another will help things run smoother. We can’t just allow people to suffer and not assist in some way. If we can’t give money, there’s something we can offer, for some it’s time. We can’t forget about people. Some have fallen and need some help getting back up. We need to be compassionate. ¬†Where has the compassion gone. When someone gives to you. You should give in return.

We need love. Everyone wants to be loved. So love is something we can give. We can give clothes, food, money etc. Helping our brothers and sisters is something “we should be doing.” Put love in all you do. Be a loving giver.

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Inspire to be an Uplifter

If people continue to tear others down then we will continue to experience a downfall. Some people refuse to be positive at anytime and in anyway. The more one grows the more one comes in contact with people who aren’t “happy” about what they’re doing. Those who lift others up will find themselves in stronger positions to move ahead.

Sometimes we’ll come across people who do nothing but try to drag us down and that isn’t healthy. If they have nothing positive to offer and they’re in constant competition then it’s best to remove those people from your life. Only insecure people will try to tear others down. Allow your “uniqueness” to shine.

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There’s a lot of motivation out there. We have to seek it out because being surrounded by negativity will only make us feel bitter. There’s people who are willing to life others up and we should be apart of those communities. The best way to encourage others is to offer them “hope.” Anyone who can uplift others in negative environments are “heaven sent.” Those who believe in seeing others do well are blessed.

No one can tear us down if we don’t allow them. Of course it will shock anyone to think that there’s so many negative people out there. Be thankful for those who at least try to uplift others and aren’t concerned about competing with others. We should want to build others up and be happy that people are trying to do “good.”

Helping others in even the smallest ways are important. We should help one another grow and be proud of it. Uplifting our our community is a way to help build lives. It’s necessary, we could use some more positive figures, inspiring people. Sounds awesome! Spreading love all around helps us stay lifted up. Perhaps all of us should try it.

“There’s Always Hope. Never Think Hope has Left us.”