When Will it end

We’re losing so many. Every single day there’s a report of anothet child murdered. Their lifeless bodies lay in the streets. So many where have the leaders gone? People may want to turn and point fingers at parents but it runs deeper than that. There’s hurt, despair, and hoplessness in the air.

Mothers crying and having to bury their children. We’re losing them. We should be furious about this epidemic. The shootings near and around schools. Where are the strong voices? The mentorships should be presented. It’s so sad to hear the screams of the victims parents and relatives.

The pain runs deep. I too have lost lots of relatives to gun violence. One was like a brother to me. It’s insane. Why are our children so angry? Desputes aren’t settled through communications. The bullets scatter all around. The noise from the gun shots wake up neighborhoods. What are we to do.

Prayers and continuous action should occur. No one wants to touch the sensitive topics but we can’t sweep them under the rug. Youth violence and black on black crime is real. Turning our heads and covering our ears won’t do. When it hits home then there’s a wake up call. The future looks bleak. So many of those children could have been lawyers, doctors, and law enforcement officers.

We need more than rallies. We need voices touching the youth. They need to be heard. There has to be a way that they can release their frustrations. We have to turn their hopelesdness around. Why are they so angry? Why are they afraid to smile? There’s no way that we can turn away.

Evey time we open our eyes and turn to the news. There will be another shooting and another life gone. Law Enforcement is working overtime. So many of them are shedding tears because they feel the pain. They have children and it pains them to see a child laying on the hard concrete with no life. It’s mournful.

What are we to do? The leadership has to grow. We have to find a way to reach the youth. We may not be able yo reach all of them but if some can be reached then we have to try. It’s not easy hearing about all of the tragedies that surround our youth. The tears flow every time there’s a report. Prayer plus works.

Featured Image Belongs to Tiki33 T.Paulk