Someway and Somehow Better Ahead

There will be some changes. Some may not be pleased with the changes because they’ll want things to stay a certain way. We shouldn’t sit in self pity and feel despaired. There’s hope and where there’s darkness there’s light. We’ll get there and of course getting there may take some time. Up, up, and up! We should feel victorious. Love conquers and the world would be filled with darkness is there was no “light.” Shinning a light in a dark and hateful place will be the work of “peacemakers.”

We should believe that brighter days are ahead. Troubles don’t last always. There’s a time for everything. A time to laugh and cry and a time to “rise up.” If people want to do better and want to “prosper.” Then those things can be done. Have the faith and the blessings will pour in. Far too long people have tried to hold others down. Why? Because of fear. The fear of certain people getting ahead is scary for some. “Brighter Days Ahead.” Through continuous action and faith. The changes that so many want to see will come fourth.

Those who refuse to shine a light. Oh well. Those who want to shine their lights should do so. Share with the world. Demonstrate that there is good even in a dim situation. The sun will rise and sunshine will be spread all about. There will be smiling faces and happy people being expressive. When light is shinning some become offended. Shine your lights anyway. There will be so much light that darkness will run away.

One day the troubles will fade. Those who are trying to cause others to stay in the same place because of their own securities will be surprised. They’ll wonder how some grew in such an unstable place or grew within a troubled society. Yes indeed, better days are ahead, and when the time comes. There will be so much “abundance” and some will wonder how those who were at the bottom. Reached the top. Shine, shine, shine.

“Shine a Light in a Dark Place and Watch and see What Happens.” (Tanikka Paulk)


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Stand up for the People

We all know that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a man that stood for equality. He believed that everyone deserved to be treated fairly. Where are those beliefs today? Do we just turn away from those things that could help us grow and prosper? Leadership seems to be tossed out while everything goes hay wire.

People all across the world are becoming victims of injustice and bullying. Whether it’s authority figures or citizens but lives are being affected by the tormenting related to bullying. Shouldn’t everyone be considered to have worth? Why are some treated unfairly and others treated with respect? Lots of questions that no one wants to answer. The sad part is no one wants to deal with the issues that plague our society. Sweeping those issues under the rug won’t make them go away. We had to deal with inequality, civil rights violations, and threats amongst a group of people. Today those issues exist but things have deepened.

People are becoming too fearful to speak out about important issues. Youth violence, black on black crime, and injustices within the justice system. We can yell, “Take a Stand” but until the fear is removed. There will be silence. Not only people are afraid to speak out but some may not be concerned about many of the issues that create a more dysfunctional society. The concern doesn’t hit home until it hits home. Too many lives are being affected by not dealing with issues before they become gigantic. We can nip some of the issues in the bud before hand and other issues will take a little more work.

We need church leaders to be more active within the communities. There certainly needs to be more leadership. The police are continuously asking for assistance with matters that plague our communities. We can’t just think that those issues will just go away.

We’re in a time where youth are no longer respecting one another or respecting anyone who disagrees with them. Youth violence is at a all time high. Shootings occur everday and a young life is taken due to ignorance. The youth seem to be enraged but enraged about what? That’s what we need to find out. We can overcome a lot of these issues if we stop pretending that they don’t exist.

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Be who you Were Designed to be

We are who we are and not who people say we are. God created us in perfect inage because God is perfect He’s flawed free. When we enter this world. We may change but we’re still the person God created. We may make mistakes, have bad judgement, and make bad choices but those things don’t make us.

We all have our own set personality. We can “grow” and we can change somethings about us but we’re still God’s creation. Lots may not accept us for who we are and that’s something we have no control over. We shouldn’t hold it against them if they’re unwilling to accept us. If everyone is thrilled with us then we’re doing something wrong. Although we’re suppose to love one another. It won’t happen. Some will love us unconditionally and others may hate us to the core. As long as we love ourselves that’s what truly matters. We have to be accepting of ourselves.

We don’t live for the world. We live in it and we must understand that we won’t be able to please everyone and we should try. Some will be disappointed with who we are. They may not accept our flaws. We become flawed through actions. Entering a troubled world and allowing it to control our thoughts. Flawed or not. Someone will “love” us for who we are. They’ll love us for our flaws and all.

We can get better.That’s if we want to do so. It may take continuous efforts to be who we desire to become. We’re still who we were but when we make changes. We become a better form. If a person is unwilling to accept you for who you are then that’s their choice. We can recommend that people change but we can’t force them to do so. We have to desire change.

Our love for self will help us love others. We must first love who we are in order to embrace others. We shouldn’t even desire for everyone to be accepting of us. We should expect to be respected and although it doesn’t always happen which is dissappointing. We should expect it because even a person who has sinned a 1000 times deserves respect. We musr remember when we judge another. We’ve opened the door to be judged as well. Be who you are but if you want to change somethings about yourself then feel free to do so. We should want to become a better version of ourselves. That version before we allowed the world to change us.

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Understanding is Apart of Transforming the Mind

There will be times when we think the same things but for the most part we all think differently. What one may perceive to be one way another may perceive it to be another. Sometimes we become in contact with misunderstandings that can create havoc. There’s a whole lot of people misunderstood. People who are bullied are misunderstood in some way. That’s why the bible talks about transforming the mind. Our mindsets can cause us to behave dysfunctional.

Romans 12:2 says,, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing, and perfect.”

Colossians 3:10 says, “and have put on the new self which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator. Creator (Our Father in Heaven).

When there’s misunderstanding there’s ignorance and we’ve all misunderstood something at some point. Our thoughts could control our reality. if we think about something long enough we may create our own reality. That’s why it’s so important that we think positive. negative thinking will cause all sorts of issues for us. If we focus on the negative things in life then our lives impacted by the negatives.


Our speech is also apart of transforming. If we speech negatively then we will create negative environments. A negative environment is a stressful one. We must protect our speech as well as our minds. They go hand and hand. When we speak something into existence then that will be our reality. There’s power in our tongue. Sometimes people misunderstand our speech. They may think we said this but we really meant that.

Sometimes we will have to elaborate. Say things more than once in order to get an understanding. Some may say that they refuse to repeat themselves but sometimes repeating ourselves is necessary. We can’t expect people to understand us if we’re not speaking clearly. It’s as if we’re speaking in a low tone and the person says, “I didn’t hear you.” So then you’re repeating what you said because you want the person to understand.

Transform our mind and our tongue will create a better life for us. We should use compassion and kindness when dealing with people. Oh, it’s not always easy to do, but it’s God and Jesus want us to do. Loving one another will help us with understanding and creating a positive environment. If we’ve experienced a whole lot of negativity then we should find a positive environment.

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Words Hold Value

Some may say that words can do no harm. That’s not true. There’s power in our tongues. When we speak negatively, we send out those negative vibes, and through the negatively our day is formed. Sometimes it’s beneficial to hold back. Think before we speak and of course that doesn’t always happen but we should at least make attempts to speak positively. It would be unrealistic to think that we’ll always be positive but if we can generate more positivity then negativity then things will work out better.

When we encourage others. We help ourselves as well. Doesn’t it feelgood to help others and to make someone’s day? You never know who may need your encouraging words. There’s always someone going through a tough time and words can heal. Soothing words can encourage the meanest person. When we through hateful words around we build a world filled with hate. Hate destroys and it causes people to behave erratic.

If we practice inspiring others then we’ll continue on that path and we’ll create a better world. That should be one of our goals. We should practice thinking positive thoughts and supplying people with positive words. The world has enough issues and why should we put more out there? There’s always someone who feels hopeless and our words could generate “hope” within them once again!

There will be some days where we may not feel like saying something and those days should incur quietness. When we’re not in the mood and we speak. Those words will come out wrong and then we’ve picked up the negativity again. We have the ability to make someone’s day better. If we love ourselves then we can love others.

When we’ve been exposed to a negative environment we tend to become negative. That’s why it’s important to surround ourselves around positive people and encourage one another to use positive words. I’ve been negative before, being exposed to negativity encouraged me to use negative words, but each day I continue to get better. Being positive doesn’t always mean that we will be positive or that we’ll always say the right things but if we can practice saying positive words then things will go smoother.

It’s time that we encourage one another to be positive. Demonstrate positivity within our communities and within our homes. There’s someone that needs our “words of encouragement.” There’s people out there who are vulnerable to the challenges of the world and they may not know how to deal with life. If we try we may be able to turn things around for them. We all have a lot to offer and why should we want to see others suffer. Our words have a whole lot of meaning. If we project good and kind words then that will be returned to us but if we project bad and harmful words then that too will be returned to us.

“Allow Those Positive Words to Flow From Within”

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