Competitors Just Can’t Handle It!


It appears as if competition just can’t get a grip on it. They’re unable to try and cause discouragement and the tactics used are some of the most ridiculous tactics ever. Competition can become quite risky when individuals are addicted to competing or are overly competitive. Some will tell all sorts of lies in order to stop their competition from excelling. No matter how many attacks there are Tanikka Paulk will continue as long as God the Father of Jesus Christ permits. A rough journey of course but also a learning process. The very ones who may think that they’re able to bring me=(Tanikka Paulk) down will find that I’m no ordinary. That’s Right! Chosen and that’s why so many work so hard to come up against me=(Tanikka Paulk).

The competitors may continue to take many risks because either they’re insanely disturbed or they’re just not pleased with their own potential. If the journey is meant to be then the person will continue. Despite what has occurred and may continue to occur. I’m not intimidated by all of the hecklers who continue to try to cause distractions. My journey was ordained and it is good. To be frank what they’re doing proves just where I (Tanikka Paulk) stand. My position is what so many want to be. I’m being everyday that I’m here. “What Causes so Many to Become so Disturbed? Greatness, Higher up, Envy.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

Not all will be able to tolerate hearing or seeing individuals get ahead. Some will become so angry and want to cause harm to their competition. The best thing to do is to keep moving. Don’t allow what’s being said to cause a cease. So many have been challenged on their journey but continued on and then there are some who stopped their journey because of all the pressure. They wouldn’t bother with the mediocre. It’s the one who has achieved and continues to achieve in which so many are so interested in. “No Matter how Many Lies are Told. God Knows What is What Anyway.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

It’s unfortunate that so many think that claiming the work will actually create a gain. Their character will be exposed. The true colors will come out. The ones who continue to try and knock me=(Tanikka Paulk) down are low life’s. “Yes, they’re not even worth wasting my time on, they’re behavior is an indication of just where I’m headed.” (Tanikka Paulk). As I’m continued to be watched which is another indication of just how important my journey is. I’ve gotten used to the watchers of course some will declare that they’re observing but really?

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Challenges will Build us up

People will challenge us and some will do it non stop but we can’t give up. We will go through those storms but it gets easier. We have to believe that. How wouls we grow ithout adversity? Good things won’t come easy. We must “keep going” and be strong. Some of us experience more challenges then we would like. There’s a reason for it.

Don’t feel as if you’ve been dealt a bad hand because you’re facing adversity. In order to get to the top of the mountain, you will need strength to climb, you can’t gain strength if you have no reason to do so. Go ahead and shed some tears. It’s alright. We’ve all been through trials. Crying doesn’t make a person weak.

Pray through those tough times. Prayer and meditation will relieve some of that stress. Of course we should refrain from worrying and prayer will take care of that. Sometimes we’re going through so much and we don’t feel like praying. Times like that causes us to move. Move in the right direction. We may get off course but if we’re determined. We can get through it and be thankful for it.

We may not be fond of challenges but we’re build “strong.” It doesn’t matter how much one tries to puts on us. We’re fierce and God will take care of it. If we cast our cares upon Him. He will guide us through and move people who shouldn’t be in our lives. Don’t feel bad about going through storms. You’re not the only one and we’ll all deal with it differently. We have to renew our minds so that we will be able to get through without breaking down. Some people want to see us broken, we may fall, but that doesn’t mean that we have to stay down.

Get up and do what you’re “purposed” to do. God doesn’t forsake us and we’re good enough, tough enough, and bold enough. It doesn’t matter who tries to stop us. They will be unsuccessful because God has something special for us and He wants us to complete our assignment.

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