There is More to What the Eyes Have Seen

Some may have difficulties trying to figure out exactly what’s occurring. There’s no need for all to know because there are some without the ability to understand just how life should proceed rightfully. The challenges are annoying but they’re also forms of motivation. I’m refusing to allow individuals to cause discouragement there is way too much to accomplish and in fact there has already been accomplishments in which some aren’t recognizing. The greatest ability is to have the ability to recognize others. There are some focused on their own selfish motives. What will occur in the next few month? They will have to wait and see,

The riders will be along the true continues and yes the adversities have produce fatigue but there is rest. There is the Higher Power and some have tried to defeat the Higher Power. Why? Mankind seems to think that they’re more powerful than the “Creator.” Boy are they wrong. My journey has incurred some of the most troubling of things. That’s right. There are and were persons trying to sabotage my vision. Oh yes indeed my determination is way too strong and some are unable to handle Tanikka Paulk.

My vision is beyond what they’ve thought. Where is my focus? My focus is currently here. Yes they’ve tried to use me=Tanikka Paulk and some have abused me=Tanikka Paulk. Guess the person who refuses to give up on me? Look closer to find. As I close my eyes I’m able to visualize the in depth degrees which are certainly for me=Tanikka Paulk. My conquering continues to be and there seems to be so many avenues to travel and I’m going to receive what I’m purposed to receive. Indeed!

My flows continue to glow and I’m inspired by self. I’m a self motivator and I’m capable of recognizing others isn’t that what God wants His children to do? What Jay Z. Some may wonder what Denzel Washington is proclaiming. Remember the movie Forrest Gump?  Tom Hanks was marvelous and Mykelti Williamson acted awesomely. Perhaps Beyonce was telling some of the fellas to “put a ring on it.” Lil Kim told Brooklyn to put their lighter up.

Katy Perry seemed to want to roar like a lion. Did Tupac say, “Shorty Wanna be a Thug?” Bank of America helped me=Tanikka Paulk. What was Eminem speaking about? The Real Slim Shady. Oh! I was listening. Mic check one. My rap included, My name is Baby T, here to rock the mic. Rock the mic right. Really! My stage name my rappin stage name is Baby T. You certainly do know me=Tanikka Paulk.

The revealing of but of what? Here, she is saying right now, Barack Obama pushed me=Tanikka Pualk up! What about the .Gov .gov? The Government pushed you=Tanikka Paulk up! What? What I’ve stated before and stating now is that I Tanikka Paulk love men. Adam and Eve meaning Man and Woman. Where will the song Maxwell Whenever Wherever Whatever? Oh how Amazon has really delivered yup Jeff Bezos. Ashanti seemed to want to be stuck on Foolish.

SWV was once calling out “Rain.” Why? Why was Nas speaking about Get Down? Get Down on what and why? Sometimes we’re able to hear the music but the music could be unseen. What is there to focus on? I’ve tried to project “appreciation” and have recognized some groups of People but are the groups appreciative? The sounds are facing the music. The listeners continue to listen. The ones left behind had to be left behind because of their actions. I’ve witnessed the foolishness first hand.

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