How am I Proceeding? Confidently

Confidence is so very important. How many truly have confidence? It certainly takes confidence in order to live a dream or dreams. There’s more than a reason why I’m proceeding and yes there are so many who’ve tried to prevent the movements from occurring but God already ordained that=Tanikka Paulk path. Alright! The surprises have surely caused some to behave oddly. They’re unaware of what is exactly occurring. Perhaps they’d like to know. This is my path and all aren’t invited.

The ones who’ve tried to remove my purpose aren’t receiving an invitation. “There are some who’ve encouraged me=Tanikka Paulk to keep living my dreams and I’m grateful.” (Tanikka Paulk). Where will “Tiki” end up? Some could be thinking of just where I’m headed wanting to know what’s happening here. There’s a lot of goals to accomplish and when some have visioned that some were out of their purpose. They’re wrong. The ones who are suppose to come along will and the rest will have to be left behind.

There is a smile on my face because I’m aware of what is suppose to occur and I’m making many efforts to get there,. So therefore there are so many willing to cooperate with my mission. It’s so nice to be able to keep going. There are and were some wanting to see my downfall but I’m uplifted and I truly appreciate the ones who’ve provided their encouragements. Thanks! I’m still praying and hoping and what some have thought could possibly be an altered perception. What’s for “Tanikka Paulk” is for me=Tanikka Paulk. 

I’m certainly avoiding focusing on what others are saying. It’s time to just move forward. No matter what’s been said there are many reasons why my vision is continuing. Looking ahead The ones are moving and what about the rest? Oh! They’ve made their decision to turn away and one=Tanikka Paulk will proceed to the next stages. In the future there will be an addition what addition? Have to wait and see.

Some could be confused about what’s really occurring. They’ve caused some setbacks but have they stopped that this purpose? No! Here I am making more moves. It’s about “you.” I’m elevating and I’m bring along some of the most successful individuals. There are some refusing to notice the success. Although they’ve stated that I Tanikka Paulk was and is headed nowhere. They’re wrong. Headed somewhere. Look up!

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Changing Paths can Occur

We never know when we’ll have to travel a path we never would’ve considered traveling. Some paths will help us grow and others can stunt our growth. Sometimes our paths will change so quickly that we barely have time to think. Some have traveled dark paths and others have traveled paths filled with light.

Sonetimes we have to make a decision to turn around when the road gets rocky. It doesn’t mean that we’ve given up. It just means that we decided to protect ourselves and others. Life can be unpredictable. We may receive a sign that we need to stop altogether or that we should proceed with caution.

We shouldn’t feel bad if we have to change paths. Sometimes it’s for the best. If we feel right about a path and it’s the best thing for us then we should consider stayinh on that path. It’s not easy to travel on a path that’s filled with hurdles but it just may be worth it. Some paths are built to make us stronger and to mold us. Those are the paths that we should cherish.

Don’t be afraid to take a path that will take long. There’s a reason that a long path is created. We want something quick to occur but quickness doesn’t mean better. As we close our eyes, we may see some of the things within our path, whether good or bad. We should appreciate it.

We may laugh. We may cry. All in all it should be worth it. We won’t go through anything that we’re unable to bare. Our loads may be heavy but those heavy loads could teach us a lot. We should be “thankful” for the lessons. It doesn’t matter how many tears fall. We should be encouraged and continue fighting to accomplish something worth accomplishing. Don’t feel despaired when you’re chosen for a rough path. Be grateful because you’re being prepped for something great.

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