There’s Good in bad Situations

There’s good bad. Positive and negative. In’s and out’s. Ups and downs in life. Even when it looks gloomy, there’s hope, there’s something to look forward to. Where there’s pain. There’s joy. It won’t rain always. There will be some sunshine. Appreciate the sunshine. When we’re going through. It can be hard to imagine a “breakthrough.”

Life is difficult at times. It can sometimes get messy. When it does. It’s important that we find a way to get through. A positive way that is. There will be stress but all of our days doesn’t have to be filled with stress. We have to have some downtime. Imagine if hope didn’t exist. What would it be like? Quickly get that out of your mind. We must remain “hopeful” even when we experience pain. Pain doesn’t last. There will be that “open door.” Things will continuously change.

Life doesn’talways go the way we plan but we should allow God’s “organized plan” to be apart of our lives. We should take risks and experience new things. There’s joy in it all. Tears dry up and life goes on. There will be sadness but happiness isn’t far behind.

The birds will chirp, the sky will look amazing, the rain drops will create music upon one’s window pane. We’ll travel some tough Journeys but it’s worth it. There’s a reason why we go through certain things. There’s a lesson in it all. Anything that’s worthwhile won’t be easy. There will have to be some work put in.

We should enjoy those who listen to us. Who respect us and who truly care. No matter what we go through. We shouldn’tgive up. Giving up should never be an object. Trials are about of life and we’ll battle something but through courage, prayer, and understanding. We shall overcome. What ever you go through. Stay hopeful. There will be a “breakthrough.”

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