Prayer is Necessary in Order to Proceed Towards Prospering

Yes trying to grow can make some not too pleased with progressing. Not all individuals will want to see the rise occur. No matter how many choose to try and pull down there will be the way too determined. Unfortunately every person will have to deal with haters. There are some having to deal with their antics on a daily basis. I’m not sure why so many would enjoy wasting their time but I’m so determined to continue to head “somewhere.” Although there will be so many wanting to cause destruction and not wanting to see more success occur. My journey and path was already chosen. The competitors can take a back seat.

So many aren’t considering the spiritual journey, they’re focused on using the fleshly way of thinking, there’s many reasons why individuals continue. “There has to be some time meditating in order to deal with a lot that goes around the globe.” By: (Tanikka Paulk). So many may create their own decline. When the blessings are stored there is no way to take the blessings that God stores for His Children away. There should be many accomplishments but some aren’t understanding just how prosperity will help create a stronger economy. So many are focused on areas which won’t provide the necessities needed in order to incur further growth.

When we’re allowing the success to move then there will be more of what’s needed. There is no reason that I Tanikka Paulk need to focus on trying to make sure that individuals aren’t prospering. So many invaders and if they’re confident enough then they won’t need to try to sabotage what was already set fourth. Just thinking about how so many are time wasters. Focused on what a person is accomplishing every minuet of the day. Gosh! No wonder there’s so many standing in positions which will offer no further growth.

“Continuing Demonstrates That is so.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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It Will Surely Come

With patience our time to obtain what we’ve worked so hard for will come. It may not come today, it may not come tomorrow, but it will come. We have to believe that our pain, struggles, and hard work isn’t in vain. We don’t go through trials for nothing. We have to go through in order to gain. Patience will offer us what we need.

We may want things to happen quickly but rushing the process could be a big mistake. If it goes a bit slow that’s alright. Slow can help us gather what is needed for the next level. Time will tell whether we’ve done well enough to obtain whatever it is we’re going after. No matter what one says. Going a little slower isn’t a bad thing.

Sometimes more can be done through slowness. A slow pace requires “patience.” We all can use some of it. Everything doesn’t have to be a rush deal. Rushing something that needs care could result in it falling apart. If there’s no deadline then we can pace ourselves. Good things take time. Great things take more time.

Our work doesn’t go unoticed. We will reap the rewards and benefits but we must wait for them. Some will come right away and the larger rewards take time. In the meantime we must continue working through a patient attitude. For some it may take sometime to learn how to he patient. For others something occurs in their lives that required them to be patient.

Yes, they’ll be chuckles about how slow we’re working, but that’s isn’t of importance. What we need to concentrate on is getting there. “A long road is better than no road to travel.” (T. Paulk). We don’t have to do things like everyone us. We can do things the way that work for us. We shouldn’t fret about going slow. Slow work. It gets the job done.

Everything isn’t a race. If you want something crisp then it’s best to get it just right with patience. Not everyone has it. Some despise patience because they’re always in competition mode. We work to earn. We perform to be rewarded. We give to bless others. Forget about the crowds. A great job can certainly be conducted when we work at a slower pace.

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