Keep on the Path That’s Been Given to you

Journeys are made to take us to a place where we can shine, laugh, and accomplish. Some journeys are filled with rockiness and attacks but those things shouldn’t prevent us from walking or running on a path that was designed for us. People will become angry at us and will try to chase us down for doing something they’re probably afraid to do or can’t do. It doesn’t matter how many spears are thrown at you. “Keep Moving and Keep Believing.” Even if you have to travel alone it’s worth it.

No one can live another person’s life and too many people are busy trying to live people’s lives when they need to live their own. The ones who try to stop someone’s assignment are wasting their precious time. Time that could’ve been spent on polishing their craft or getting better. The dreamers and the ones with vision will learn how to keep moving about. They will fight and find techniques that will help them cope with wolves. Don’t despair when the hurdles are placed before you. Move more, grow, and refuse to give up.

Not everyone is pleased with those who are on a path to something great. They may feel uneasy and envy may come into play but don’t allow it to detour you from what instilled within you. We can do some awesome things if we try but if some are unwilling to try then they may try something else. They may try to get you down. They may try to make it difficult for you. It will be difficult. It won’t be easy but it’s certainly worth going through if it will make a better life for you.

We should be encouraged and know that the adversity will come. No successful being have avoided going through adversity. Some are still facing challenges but they’ve learned how to deal with them better. Some have chosen to give up because they felt as if things were out of control and they didn’t want to deal with it anymore. As long as we believe that we can achieve then we can. We shouldn’t give up just because we face adversity.

Sometimes we’ll have to constantly encourage ourselves on the path we’re taking. We may have eliminate some people from our lives. Those who try to weigh us down shouldn’t be involved in what we’re trying to accomplish. We will lose friends or perhaps people we thought were friends, So what. We shouldn’t be concerned with that because we’ll gain the right connections and we’ll learn to surround ourselves with those who have similar interests. “Don’t Give up on Your Journey Just Because People Want you to.”

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Embracing the Visionaries

We should try to spend time with those who have the same or similar goals as we do. They’re more likely to embrace and encourage those on the same path as them. If you have a “vision” then you should nurture it and be very careful with sharing it. There’s always someone somewhere waiting to sabotage your vision. Visionaries are compassionate about their dreams. They usually dream big and are determined to make sure that the dreams become reality. If we’re constantly surrounded by those who want to see us fail then we may start to believe everything that they feed us.

We should focus on our goals and help others achieve theirs.  A vision can become reality with consistent action. If we want to achieve something then we will need to have the drive to do so. Stay close to those who are dreamers. They will believe in you because someone believed in them. They will give you the pep talks and help you along the way. We must learn to tune out somethings. Every word shouldn’t be embedded in our heads. Some people will try to get us off task and they will want to use the crab mentality.

We must remain vigilant and keep going stronger then we did yesterday. We have to do more and grow but we must surround ourselves with those who believe that we can do it. Those who want to see “progress” occur. If a person refuses to accept that you’re capable of doing great things then they shouldn’t be in your space. Visionaries want to see others achieve great things. They want to be apart of “growth.”

We shouldn’t allow anyone to kick our dreams to the curb. We’re all capable of accomplishing a lot of things. We all can make a positive difference. Instead of trying to knock others down because they have contributions to offer. We should embrace them and encourage others to “make things happen.” We should especially encourage our youth. They’re visionaries as well. In fact a lot of have and are coming up with some great ideas. We should encourage them to let their gifts flourish.

If we don’t surround ourselves with those who want to see us do better then we may be hindered with our visions and dreams. If people are trying to tell us to push our dreams aside then those are the people we may want to refrain sharing our ideas and dreams with. Our visions hold value and they deserve to “shine.” We shouldn’t try to hide our gifts just because people aren’t pleased with them. We should want to rise up and continuously get better. Put those ideas into action and be very determined.

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