Someway and Somehow Better Ahead

There will be some changes. Some may not be pleased with the changes because they’ll want things to stay a certain way. We shouldn’t sit in self pity and feel despaired. There’s hope and where there’s darkness there’s light. We’ll get there and of course getting there may take some time. Up, up, and up! We should feel victorious. Love conquers and the world would be filled with darkness is there was no “light.” Shinning a light in a dark and hateful place will be the work of “peacemakers.”

We should believe that brighter days are ahead. Troubles don’t last always. There’s a time for everything. A time to laugh and cry and a time to “rise up.” If people want to do better and want to “prosper.” Then those things can be done. Have the faith and the blessings will pour in. Far too long people have tried to hold others down. Why? Because of fear. The fear of certain people getting ahead is scary for some. “Brighter Days Ahead.” Through continuous action and faith. The changes that so many want to see will come fourth.

Those who refuse to shine a light. Oh well. Those who want to shine their lights should do so. Share with the world. Demonstrate that there is good even in a dim situation. The sun will rise and sunshine will be spread all about. There will be smiling faces and happy people being expressive. When light is shinning some become offended. Shine your lights anyway. There will be so much light that darkness will run away.

One day the troubles will fade. Those who are trying to cause others to stay in the same place because of their own securities will be surprised. They’ll wonder how some grew in such an unstable place or grew within a troubled society. Yes indeed, better days are ahead, and when the time comes. There will be so much “abundance” and some will wonder how those who were at the bottom. Reached the top. Shine, shine, shine.

“Shine a Light in a Dark Place and Watch and see What Happens.” (Tanikka Paulk)


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Another Blessed day

Even when we feel weary. We must show thanks. Tomorrow isn’t promised and we should try to accomplish one more goal or task. Sometimes we feel that we can put off things and leave it for tomorrow. We can’t do everything in one day but we should at least do something productive.

Some may not consider today or any other day a blessing. If you’re able to get out of bed then you should be “thankful” for that. Some people are unable to get out of bed. Give thanls to kindness. Sometimes we’re not exposed to it. Some rarely receive kindness. It wouldn’t hurt to perform a kind act.

It’s a cool morning. Quite early I might add. I thank God He allowed me to see another day and have a morning prayer. We can spend time meditating on our Creator. He’s good to us. My prayers flow to those who don’t know how to live. Don’t understand how kindness works. Hoping that the peace continues to flow about.

There’s times of trouble and when they make their way in our lives. We must remain hopeful and believe that they will pass us by. It’s still dark out but beautiful. We’re supplied with the light and the darkness. There has to be a balance. A day and night. A morning and evening. We have to deal with some good and some bad.

We shouldn’t give up. Yes, there will be days when we feel defeated but that doesn’t actually mean that we are. If we believe that we can overcome then we can. Even if there’s moments when we feel confused and doubt comes into play. We can quickly get rid of it and keep moving.

Those who refuse to give up will reap their rewards. We can’t think that all hope is gone. We’re blessed to be loved. To feel inspired in some way. Blessings will arrive if one is willing to embrace them. Have a beautiful day!

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It Will Get Better Just Believe

We will go through challenges but those challenges will strengthen us if we allow them to. We can’t give up and we can’t give in. We can overcome the pain, heartache, ¬†anything that weighs us down. Believe that it will get better. Focus on the good and you will see how things will change in the most magnificent ways.

We won’t be without trouble but we can learn how to deal with those troubles in the right manner. The world is filled with tormoil but that doesn’t mean that we have to be filled with it. Joy comes in the morning. Tears can be wiped away. That “smile” will develop on your face when you allow the sunshine in. It won’t be easy all of the time but it does it easier.

We should keep those who will “upliftt” us in our lives. We all could use some uplifting don’t you think? We don’t have to continuously surround ourselves around the negatives but some negativity will help us embrace the “positivity.” Change within us will generate a better world. Change may not occur right away but in due time it will.

Think about the path to enjoyment. Consider yourself blessed if you can hear, see, and speak. That means you can see change. You can hear testimones and you can share them. Not everyone is in a position to do so but even if they’re unable to tell their story. You could be the chosen one to do it for them.

Lift up your hands and be “thankful” for a new day. Another day to improve. We should want better. We don’t have to sit in a corner and be down in the dumps. There’s always something to be thankful for. Appreciating the small things is a wonderful feeling. We don’t miss those small things until they’re gone. That’s why it’s so important that we learn to be appreciative. “Continue to spread some love.” Be blessed and smile.

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Unexpected Things Could be the Best Thing

All we have to do is “wait.” Wait on something that will give us what we need and want. We never know what can occur from day to day. We should appreciate the blessings that head our way. Sometimes we’re so focused on the things that went or go wrong but those things that go right are what we really need to focus on.

Some unexpected occurences could occur sooner than later. Sometimes people take advantage of things and people in their lives so they don’t expect the unexpected until it finds them. There will be times when things don’t fall the way we invisioned them to. Not all unexpected things are meant to be a downfall for us. We may not understand why certain things occur but what comes could be what’s best for us.

If we focus on the negative things then it would be hard for us to embrace the unexpected. Life forever changes. Things won’t stay the same people won’t stay the same. Changes will occur. If we expect less than that’s what we’ll receive. We should expect more, greater, better. Settling for just enough won’t do. If things unexpectedly occur, there’s a reason, and we should accept what comes.

In order to accept the unexpected we have to make some changes. Changes within us. Changes wih our way of thinking. We may say, “I didn’t expect that to happen.” That’s what the unexpected is all about. It will happen in our lives. Those tough times will prepare us for those unexpected occurences. What we may preceive as a nusiance may actually be a blessing in disguise.

We’re continuously learning and growing. We will move from one position to another. Growth is suppose to occur and with “that” it will prepare us for those unexpected blessings. Even if others think that we don’t deserve them. Only God knows but we may not expect them but we should embrace them.

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Those Challenges are Strength Builders

We will go through trials and we’ll have to face somethings that will require us to go the extra mile. There will be those days when we’ll sob because we don’t know what to do. We’re not facing adversity for nothing. We have the capability to “overcome.” Although it won’t be easy. God won’t put more on us than we can bear.

Of course it will feel as if the world is on our shoulders but the more we go through the stronger we become. If we feel broken. We can receive healing. Things will come together. It may not happen right away but it will happen. We never know how our testimones will “inspire” others.

“It’s not where you’ve been but it’s where you’re going.” Not everyone will understand you and there’s nothing wrong with that. Everything isn’t for everybody. We should share how good God and Jesus has been to us but we must understand thar not everyone will want to hear it. If you haven’t been through a storm than you haven’t grown.

Adversity helps us grow. Those hecklers help us advance. It won’t feel good to be laughed at but it’s a process so many of us must face. Don’t pursue for everyone to like you. They should already know thar we’re suppose to love one another but if they show no love. Don’t despair. There’s always someone who cares.

All those tears are apart of the journey. If you weren’t meant to face it than God would’ve allowed it. What’s designed for us will come into our lives. We will face tests and even if we fail a few. We can recoup from it. Our actions may not be perfect but that doesn’t mean that we’re hopeless individuals. It doesn’t matter how many people turn their backs on us. God never will and he has a “purpose” for our lives. Understand that there will be some pain but it won’t last always.

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Better Days Ahead of us

There’s a time to laugh, cry, and a time to transform. Sometimes we find ourselves in a mess and we have to do something to fix it or we’ll continue to be in a mess. Have you ever wondered about all the sadness in the world? Why are people so sad and depressed. It appears that being in harsh environments for long periods of time can make us feel sad and not feel good about ourselves. We don’t have to feel defeated. Our environments can either make us or break us. We have a choice whether we want to be happy or not.

Starting right now, if you want to be happy, then you should feel that way. Yes, listen to music that makes you happy, listen to people who bring out the best in you. Surround yourself with those who want to see you do better, feel better, and make a difference. We have to believe that our situations will get better. We’ll be freed from agony and despair. We don’t have to settle for less when more is offered to us.

A lot of times we give people power over our lives and we shouldn’t. God created us and Jesus died for our sins so why should we allow people to make us feel bad? The sad reality is, there will always be someone that can make us feel a strong emotion, but we must learn how to control them and yes that may take some time. Once we figure out that we don’t have to accept certain things and that we’re incapable of pleasing everyone then we’ll feel 100 percent better. We’ll enjoy life more and we’ll know who deserves to be in our lives and who doesn’t.

In order to have better days. We must wake up loving ourselves. Embrace ourselves and allow those people who mean us well in. If it makes us unhappy then it’s something we can do without. Now, not saying that if your spouse or friends make you unhappy about something that you should remove them, not everyone will make us happy all the time but if it’s constant unhappiness then we don’t need that. We should enjoy life and feel good about what we’re accomplishing and what’s ahead of us. It will get better but we must believe it will and accept that it will. Be thankful for those “better days ahead.”

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